Does Joe Keery Have A Child?

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October 26, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

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No, Joe Keery does not have a child. He is the second of five children and has never been married or engaged.

There is no information available about Joe Keery having any children.

Joe Keery’s Relationship Status And Children

Joe Keery does not have any children. He is the second of five children and has never been married or engaged. Keery is known for his role as Steve Harrington in the popular TV show “Stranger Things. “

When it comes to Joe Keery’s personal life, fans have been curious about his relationship status and whether he has any children. Let’s take a closer look at his marital and engagement status, past relationships, and the speculation surrounding his parenthood.

Joe Keery’s Marital And Engagement Status

As of now, Joe Keery has never been married nor engaged. The actor has remained private about his personal life, keeping details about his romantic relationships under wraps. However, there have been speculations about his past relationships, particularly with fellow actress Natalia Dyer.

Past Relationships Of Joe Keery

Prior to his rise to fame, Joe Keery was romantically linked to Natalia Dyer, who is best known for her role as Nancy Wheeler in the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things.” While neither Keery nor Dyer have publicly confirmed their relationship, they have been photographed together on various occasions, sparking speculation and rumors among fans.

Relationship With Natalia Dyer

Although the exact nature of their relationship remains unknown, Joe Keery and Natalia Dyer have often been seen together, both on and off-screen. Their on-screen chemistry in “Stranger Things” has garnered significant attention, leading fans to wonder if their connection extends beyond the show. However, both actors have maintained their privacy and have not addressed the rumors directly.

Speculations About Joe Keery Having Children

Despite the lack of concrete information about Joe Keery’s personal life, there have been no reports or evidence to suggest that he has any children. Keery himself has not made any public statements regarding fatherhood. As such, any speculations or rumors about him having children at this time are unsubstantiated.

While Joe Keery’s relationship status remains relatively unknown, it is clear that neither marriage nor fatherhood are part of his current life. Fans can continue to enjoy his performances on-screen and respect his desire for privacy off-screen.

Joe Keery’s Family Background

Joe Keery does not have any children at the moment. He is the second of five children and grew up with four sisters. Keery was raised in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and comes from a diverse ancestry of English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and French-Canadian.

Joe Keery, the talented actor known for his role as Steve Harrington in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” has a fascinating family background. Let’s delve into Keery’s upbringing, birthplace, siblings, and family life to get a better understanding of the person behind the iconic character.

Joe Keery’s Upbringing And Childhood

Keery was raised in the beautiful city of Newburyport, Massachusetts. As the second oldest of five children, he grew up in a loving and bustling household. It was during his formative years that Keery’s passion for acting and performing started to develop.

Keery’s Birthplace And Siblings

Born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, Keery was the second child in a family of five children. Growing up, he had four sisters, including twins Kate and Emma. Keery’s close relationship with his siblings undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping his character and sense of humor.

Keery’s Family Life And Background

Joe Keery’s family background is rich with diverse cultural influences. His parents, Nina (Barger) and David Grover Keery, have English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and French-Canadian ancestry. This blend of heritages undoubtedly contributes to the unique and captivating persona that Keery brings to his acting.

Despite being a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Keery keeps his personal life relatively private. As of now, he has never been married nor engaged, and he does not have any children. While he has been in relationships in the past, including a long-term romance with actress Maika Monroe, the couple has not welcomed a child together.

Joe Keery’s family background provides insight into the upbringing, values, and experiences that have shaped his career and personal life. With a supportive family behind him and a unique blend of cultural heritage, Keery continues to captivate audiences with his talent and on-screen charisma.

Joe Keery’s Connection With The Stranger Things Cast

Joe Keery’s role as a ‘mom’ to the younger cast members

One of the most endearing aspects of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things is the incredible chemistry among the cast members. Joe Keery, who plays the charming and lovable Steve Harrington, has not only forged strong bonds with his fellow adult co-stars but also with the younger actors on the show. In fact, his role extends beyond just being a co-star; he has been lovingly dubbed as a ‘mom’ to the younger cast members.

Since the first season, Joe has taken on a nurturing and supportive role off-screen, making it a priority to create a safe and comfortable environment for the younger actors. He provides guidance, offers advice, and ensures that they feel protected on set. His caring and protective nature has earned him the nickname ‘mom’ among his younger co-stars, highlighting the special bond he shares with them.

Joe’s role as a ‘mom’ figure is not just limited to his off-screen interactions with the kids. It transcends into his on-screen character as well. Steve Harrington’s journey from being a popular high school jock to a protective and caring older brother figure for the younger characters mirrors the real-life dynamic that Joe shares with the young actors.

The dynamic between Joe Keery and the Stranger Things kids

The dynamic between Joe Keery and the young Stranger Things actors is one filled with warmth, respect, and admiration. Through their time together on set, they have formed a unique bond that goes beyond the typical mentor-mentee relationship.

Joe’s nurturing nature and genuine interest in the younger cast members’ well-being have earned him their trust and respect. He takes the time to listen to their concerns, offer guidance, and make sure they feel comfortable in their roles. This dynamic fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that translates onto the screen, creating the authentic and heartfelt performances that fans have come to love.

Not only does Joe provide support and guidance, but he also cultivates a fun and lively atmosphere. His infectious energy and playful nature help create a positive working environment that allows the younger actors to thrive and showcase their talent.

Whether it’s engaging in playful banter between takes, sharing words of encouragement, or simply being there for his co-stars, Joe Keery’s connection with the Stranger Things kids is undeniably special. His role as a ‘mom’ figure both on and off-screen exemplifies his dedication to the craft and his genuine care for his fellow cast members.

Does Joe Keery Have A Child?


Frequently Asked Questions Of Does Joe Keery Have A Child?

Does Joe Keery Have A Family?

Joe Keery does have a family. He is the second oldest of five children and has four sisters. His parents are Nina (Barger) and David Grover Keery. He is of English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and French-Canadian ancestry.

Is Joe Keery Partner?

Joe Keery is not currently partnered. He has never been married or engaged and does not have children.

How Old Is Joe Leery?

Joe Keery is currently not married and does not have any children. He was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and is the second of five children in his family.

What Does Joe Keery Do Now?

Joe Keery is an actor known for his role in the hit series “Stranger Things. ” He is currently active in the entertainment industry, working on various film and television projects.

Does Joe Keery Have Any Children?

No, Joe Keery does not have any children at the moment.

Is Joe Keery Married Or Engaged?

No, Joe Keery is not married nor engaged.


Joe Keery, the popular actor known for his role in “Stranger Things,” does not have any children at the moment. Despite being in relationships, he has never been married or engaged. Keery was born as the second of five children in his family.

While he may be called a “mom” to the younger kids on the show, in real life, he is yet to become a father. Stay tuned for any updates on Joe Keery’s family life.

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