Can I Get A Chemical Peel While Pregnant?

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April 3, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

No, it is not advisable to get a chemical peel while pregnant. Chemical peels use strong chemicals which can be dangerous for the mother and unborn baby. The active ingredients in chemical peels, such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid, are known to cause skin irritation or sensitivity reactions on contact.

These reactions could potentially lead to birth defects or even miscarriage if used during pregnancy. Furthermore, due to hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, some women may experience increased sensitivity to these agents which could worsen pre-existing skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. In addition, using any topical product containing retinoids should also be avoided since they have been linked with certain health risks when used by pregnant women.

For these reasons it is best to avoid getting a chemical peel while pregnant and wait until after delivery if you wish to do so.

  • Schedule a Consultation: The first step in getting a chemical peel while pregnant is to schedule a consultation with an experienced dermatologist
  • During the consultation, they will review your medical history and current health status, as well as discuss any potential risks associated with getting a chemical peel while pregnant
  • Choose the Appropriate Peel: Depending on the severity of skin concerns and desired results, you may decide on one or more of various types of peels such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid or lactic acid peels
  • Your doctor will help determine which type of peel is best for you depending on your unique needs and situation
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  • Discuss Safety Measures: Before undergoing any procedure during pregnancy it is always important to discuss safety measures with your doctor including avoiding sun exposure after the treatment and using protective clothing when outdoors afterwards
  • It’s also important to be aware that some medications can cause adverse reactions during pregnancy so make sure to inform your doctor if you are taking any prescription drugs before undergoing a chemical peel procedure
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  • Prepare Skin: Prior to beginning the treatment it is recommended that patients prepare their skin by cleansing thoroughly beforehand and abstaining from exfoliating agents for at least two days prior to receiving the peel
  • This helps ensure optimal results following treatment while minimizing risk factors associated with performing this kind of procedure while pregnant
  • 5 Follow Up Care: Aftercare instructions should be provided by your healthcare provider immediately following completion of the chemical peel session including how long post-treatment redness may last (typically 3-7 days) along with further advice about protecting against UV rays and what products are safe for use during recovery time

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What Chemical Peels Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy?

When considering chemical peels during pregnancy, it is important to be aware of certain types that should be avoided. The main type of chemical peel to avoid during pregnancy is a TCA peel or trichloroacetic acid peel. This type of peel uses strong acids and can penetrate deep into the skin, which can cause potential harm to both mother and baby if done incorrectly.

It may also increase the risk for birth defects or other complications associated with pregnancy. Other types of peels such as glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid are typically considered safe but should still be discussed with your doctor before use, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions related to your pregnancy.

What Facial Treatments Can I Get While Pregnant?

During pregnancy, it is important to be mindful of the types of facial treatments you should and shouldn’t get. While pregnant, some safe treatments include light exfoliation with a gentle cleanser or scrub, moisturizing masks made from natural ingredients such as honey or avocado, hydrating facials using products like hyaluronic acid or glycerin-based serums that penetrate deep into the skin, and massages that encourage lymphatic drainage. It is important to avoid any product containing salicylic acid (BHA), retinol (Vitamin A) and chemical sunscreens as these can harm your developing baby.

Additionally, always consult with your doctor prior to getting any type of facial treatment while pregnant.

Can I Get a Chemical Peel While Breastfeeding?

Yes, you can get a chemical peel while breastfeeding. However, it is important to discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor first. Chemical peels may contain ingredients that could be absorbed through the skin and transferred into breast milk, so it’s important to ensure that any product used during treatment is safe for both you and your baby.

Additionally, some chemical peels can cause redness or irritation in the area treated which could potentially affect breastfeeding if there is contact between the area of skin treated and your baby’s mouth. It’s best to speak with a health care professional before proceeding with any type of cosmetic procedure while breastfeeding.

Is It Safe to Get a Facial When Pregnant?

When considering whether or not to get a facial while pregnant, it is important to understand that certain treatments and products may be unsafe for you and your baby. Generally speaking, facials are safe during pregnancy as long as the esthetician uses only non-toxic products and avoids any treatments involving electric currents. Additionally, some spas offer special pregnancy facials that use natural ingredients like aloe vera gel and chamomile extract to help soothe skin irritation.

To ensure safety, make sure you communicate with your esthetician about any allergies or health concerns before getting a facial treatment.

Can I Get A Chemical Peel While Pregnant?


I Had a Chemical Peel While Pregnant

Having a chemical peel while pregnant is generally not recommended, as the effects of this treatment on an unborn baby are unknown. However, if you feel that a chemical peel is necessary or beneficial during your pregnancy, it’s important to speak with your healthcare provider first and make sure they approve. Additionally, be sure to look for salons that use natural ingredients in their products when considering a chemical peel during pregnancy.


Overall, it is not recommended to get a chemical peel while pregnant. Even though there is no scientific evidence that proves this procedure can harm you and your baby, it is better to err on the side of caution. The best thing for any woman who is considering getting a chemical peel during pregnancy should seek advice from a qualified healthcare practitioner before making any decisions about their health and wellbeing.

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