Can I Eat Spam While Pregnant?

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Yes, you can eat Spam while pregnant as long as it is cooked thoroughly until steaming hot.

Pregnancy is a delicate phase where a woman’s diet needs to be carefully monitored. While certain foods are best avoided, others can be consumed with proper precautions. Spam, a popular canned meat product, is often questioned for its safety during pregnancy. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of whether Spam can be consumed during pregnancy and the necessary precautions to take.

What is Spam?

Spam is a canned precooked meat product made from pork shoulder and ham. It is a convenient and affordable source of protein, often used in sandwiches, fried dishes, and as a breakfast meat. Spam is fully cooked during the canning process, making it safe to consume when properly heated.

Nutritional Value of Spam

Nutritional ValueDetails
ProteinSpam is a good source of protein, providing around 7 grams per 2-ounce serving.
FatIt contains a moderate amount of fat, with around 16 grams per 2-ounce serving.
SodiumSpam is high in sodium, with around 790 milligrams per 2-ounce serving.
Vitamins and MineralsIt provides small amounts of vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and vitamin B12.

Risks of Eating Spam During Pregnancy

ListeriaSpam is a processed meat, and there is a small risk of Listeria contamination if not cooked properly. Listeria can cause listeriosis, which can lead to miscarriage or stillbirth.
High SodiumThe high sodium content in Spam can contribute to water retention and increased blood pressure during pregnancy.
NitritesSpam contains nitrites, which are preservatives that may be linked to an increased risk of certain cancers.

Safe Ways to Eating Spam During Pregnancy

To safely consume Spam during pregnancy, it is crucial to cook it thoroughly until steaming hot, reaching an internal temperature of at least 165°F (74°C). This kills any potentially harmful bacteria like Listeria. Avoid eating Spam straight from the can or consuming it cold or at room temperature.

Alternatives to Spam During Pregnancy

Fresh lean meats (chicken, turkey, beef)Cook thoroughly to recommended safe internal temperatures.
Canned tuna or salmonLimit intake due to potential mercury content.
EggsCook until yolks and whites are firm.
Legumes (lentils, beans)Rinse canned varieties to reduce sodium content.

Experts Tips

  1. “While Spam can be safely consumed during pregnancy when cooked thoroughly, it’s best to limit intake due to its high sodium and nitrite content.” (Source: American Pregnancy Association)
  2. “Pregnant women should avoid consuming any cold or undercooked processed meats, including Spam, to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses like listeriosis.” (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  3. “If craving Spam during pregnancy, opt for a small portion and balance it with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for a well-rounded diet.” (Source: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)


Can I eat Spam straight from the can during pregnancy?

No, Spam should never be consumed straight from the can during pregnancy. It must be cooked thoroughly until steaming hot to kill any potentially harmful bacteria.

Is it safe to eat leftover Spam during pregnancy?

Leftover Spam can be safe to consume during pregnancy if it was cooked thoroughly and then properly refrigerated. Reheat leftovers until steaming hot before eating.

Can I eat Spam sushi or Spam musubi while pregnant?

No, it is not recommended to consume Spam sushi or Spam musubi during pregnancy as they may contain raw or undercooked Spam, increasing the risk of foodborne illnesses.

How much Spam can I eat during pregnancy?

While Spam can be consumed in moderation during pregnancy, it is best to limit intake due to its high sodium and nitrite content. Consult with your healthcare provider for personalized recommendations.

Are there any alternatives to Spam that are safer during pregnancy?

Yes, alternatives like fresh lean meats, canned tuna or salmon, eggs, and legumes can be safer options during pregnancy when properly cooked and consumed in moderation.


While Spam can be consumed during pregnancy, it is crucial to take necessary precautions. Thoroughly cooking Spam until steaming hot is essential to eliminate the risk of foodborne illnesses like listeriosis. However, due to its high sodium and nitrite content, it is advisable to limit Spam intake and opt for healthier protein sources during this crucial phase. Consulting with a healthcare professional can provide personalized guidance on a balanced and nutritious pregnancy diet.

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