Bathroom Styling Tips in 2023

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May 26, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Who doesn’t want a bathroom that looks and functions well? Whether you’re remodeling your space or just updating it, there are many ways to make your bathroom look stylish and modern. Even though many different styles and trends come and go every year, your choice of style and accessories depends on what you like.

In 2021, homeowners in the US increased their median spending on renovations by 20%, from $15,000 in 2020 to $18,000. This notable rise marks the first time since 2018 that homeowners have intended to spend more on home improvements than the previous year.

However, bathroom renovations can be expensive. For instance, if you are living in Tucson, Arizona, the cost of bathroom renovations ranges from $6,999 to $42,100. The cost depends on the qualities you choose and the size. Styling the bathroom in 2023 is all about creating a luxurious and stylish space with plenty of storage.

Here are some amazing bathroom design concepts for 2023, whether you want to change up your old bathroom or build a new one. Read the following creative tips to get ideas for designing a bathroom you’ll love spending time in.

Statement Bathtubs:

A statement bathtub is designed to make a beautiful look inside the bathroom. The primary emphasis of the space is almost always a big, attention-grabbing piece of furniture. The functionality of the statement tubs is just as important as their aesthetically pleasing appearance. Most of them are equipped with massaging jets or warmers so that you may enjoy a great long soak.

A wide variety of options are available for these tubs in terms of their designs, sizes, and materials, ranging from freestanding to built-in, plastic to stone. But whether or not you want to include a lavish bathtub in your bathroom decor is entirely up to you.

It is estimated that Tucson, Arizona, will experience the highest increase (23%) in home improvement spending this year. So, if your current bathtub is a bit old and outdated, you can hire a Tucson bathtub replacement company for a quick and efficient solution. By replacing your tub with one of the newest models, you can instantly upgrade the look of your bathroom and enjoy a more luxurious experience. We recommend Home Concepts Custom Remodeling as a reliable and experienced brand in the industry for all your bathtub replacement needs. 

Warm Tone Details:

The trend is to use warm-toned metallic elements for a bathroom design that shines out this year. Rose gold, bronze, copper, and matte gold are warm-toned metals that may be used as accents. These hues give the design a sense of coziness and richness that evokes the atmosphere of a calming spa.

They may be integrated into the design of your bathroom in various ways. For instance, you may install tiles made of metal, as well as faucets and sinks made of copper. You are free to use any metallic elements in your bathroom. Therefore, whether you renovate your bathroom or make a few modest adjustments, adding metallic accessories with warm tones will serve as the perfect finishing touch.

Glass Showers:

Glass Showers look spacious and trendy and are perfect for any bathroom. Enclosures for glass bathrooms are made of durable or laminated glass panels surrounding the shower area.

A frameless glass shower is the finest option for opening and enlarging your bathroom. The best thing about frameless shower doors is that water runs off them, so mildew and mold don’t grow on them. As a result, cleaning is a bit simpler and often lasts longer than a framed shower.

With various sizes and styles, these showers are easy to place in a bathroom corner, nook, or stand-alone unit. Putting glass showers in bathrooms makes the space feel clean and simple while keeping it airy and bright.

Contemporary Wall Lights:

Modern lights are a great choice to add glam to your bathroom design. These artistic wall lights are made of modern glass, metal, and acrylic materials. They are usually mounted on the wall. Modern wall lanterns are a stylish way to add light to bathrooms and are also good for the environment.

There are several options for bathroom lighting. It would be the best choice to put wall sconces near a mirror. Place bathroom lamps between 60″ and 65″ from the floor when putting them on either side of the sink.

Choose bulbs or LED lighting that give off bright white light with a high CRI (between 90 and 100) for the most accurate colors. For general bathroom use and for putting on makeup, bulbs in the “soft white” range of 2700K to 3000K are suggested.

Marble Finish:

Marble is a classic finish that can be used in any bathroom design to make it look subtle and elegant. The different colors and lines in marble are what make it so unique. The finish of marble works with almost all types of interior design, including modern, contemporary, and simple. The marbles are widely available in numerous colors, including green, pink, yellow, blue, grey, white, and black.

Marble is more porous than tiles because it is crystalline. When it is appropriately polished, marble shines. If you want a marble shower, ensure the floor tray is made of a single piece of marble and not put together from several pieces. For floors, you must seal the stone often and ensure that any extra water is permanently gone. Choose either a pattern or a large-format marble.

Add Plants:

Adding plants is one of the simpler methods to create a spa-like atmosphere. Place flowers in containers on the bathroom floor, counter, and other surfaces. Another option would be to hang a potted plant from the ceiling. Ensure your chosen plants will thrive in the bathroom’s light and humidity. Since bathrooms are frequently moist, the finest plants for bathrooms often prefer mist, such as ferns, mosses, air plants, bromeliads, and orchids.

Put a vase of fresh flowers on a shelf or desk if you don’t have space for or know how to care for natural plants, or use artificial plants and flowers to decorate if you don’t.

Natural Colors:

In the year 2023, bathrooms that have a white aspect to them are now deemed to be out of date. There is high anticipation that earthy hues like brown, grey, ocean blue, peach, and green will be more prominently featured in fashion this year. When utilized in the bathroom, these colors will offer you a feeling of tranquility and peace of mind, which will assist you in relaxing at the end of a stressful day.

Most interior designers use natural tones because they have a calming impact and it helps create a tranquil atmosphere in the home. These hues may be incorporated into a bathroom’s design in various ways, including flooring with earth tones, wood finishes, fresh green plants, and other elements. Utilizing hues seen in nature can help achieve the desired effect of making the space seem like an oasis.


All of the ideas above are top bathroom design trends for 2023. All you need to change the look of your bathroom is an open layout, marble counters, a statement tub, and warm colors. These trends give you various choices to fit your taste and preferences. Using one or more-bathroom design trends can make a useful, relaxing, and beautiful place.

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