4 Ways Women Can Achieve Financial Freedom After Marriage

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April 8, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Do you depend on your husband for your expenses? 

Do you have to ask for funds every now and then? 

While your husband may not be bothered by this it is still better to be able to handle your peckish desires yourself.

Obviously, major decisions such as purchasing a vehicle or property will require detailed discussion between yourself and your husband, but if it’s a financial decision that has no impact on your collective life then you should be able to attain it yourself.

Let’s share with you the secrets of achieving financial freedom after marriage.

1. Get A Source Of Income

No, a portion of your husband’s income set aside for you is not your income. Your income is the one you have worked for and have full rights over. 

On the off chance that your husband isn’t able to give you a proper share of money for whatever reason, you should have a source to rely on. 

In fact, you shouldn’t have to rely on anyone else’s income in the first place! 

Get a job or at least find a way to earn a sufficient sum of money to finance your lifestyle. 

There are various ways you can achieve this, refer to these money-making tips and tricks for further help.

2. Keep A Separate Bank Account

This is especially important when you have your own source of income, but want to receive and use it from your own account rather than a joint one. This helps in a few ways:

  • Your income stays as yours.
  • Your cash flow can be accurately assessed and will always be directly linked to you.
  • You will have an individual credit history to build upon.

Remember, your life may be going great and looking great but there can always be unforeseeable circumstances. Having separate accounts will help you be prepared for such events.

3. Save As Much As You Can

This doesn’t mean “do not spend at all”. This means spending wisely and making sure you are thinking of the future as well. 

When that paycheck reaches your account, save a chunk of it for emergency purposes. Save another chunk for a long-term time, one you will tap into once you have retired and need liquid cash available as you do not have any income option.

Look, you may have the most wonderful bond with your husband, kids, and other family members, but anything could happen. 

In the chance that no one is there to support you in your old age, you need to have a pool of funds that you can rely on. After all, your kids are not obliged to tend to your needs, no one is (except your spouse but if he is dead then there’s no one else left). 

4. Have A Financial Plan In-Play

You have a steady source of income and you have your own account. Now it’s time to have your money make money.

However, let’s quickly discuss why this is important

You are going to retire one day, you have to. When that day comes, your savings will not be enough to cover your living expenses. 

Sure, perhaps your children may send some funds for your expenses, but it is still better to have a plan in play.

This plan involves investments and insurance. Throughout your working life make sure to set aside funds as savings and as investing funds so that your money can grow instead of losing value. 

As well as that, set up insurance which will be helpful later in your life (health, property, etc).

It would be best to learn from a financial advisor who can guide you in accordance with your situation and goals. 


Financial independence – freedom – is very important and always has been. 

You cannot afford to be tied down to a marriage in hopes that all of your own personal aspirations will come true. You can also not expect one income to run an entire household in this day and age. 

As such, you must make sure you have a financial identity and that you can support yourself and those most important to you in any given circumstance.

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