Why Did Psyches Parents Leave Her On A Hill?

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October 13, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

As a child, Psyche was often left alone on a hill while her parents went off to tend the farm. It wasn’t until she was older that she realized they had been leaving her there to keep her safe from the monsters that lived in the woods below. While other children were warned about these creatures, Psyche’s parents never spoke of them, leading her to believe that they didn’t exist.

The tragic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice – Brendan Pelsue

When Psyche was born, her parents were faced with a difficult decision. Their daughter was so beautiful that they were afraid that the gods would be jealous and hurt her. They decided to leave her on a hill and hope that someone would find her and take care of her.

Thankfully, Aphrodite found Psyche and took her in, but Psyche’s parents must have felt terrible about their decision.

When Cupid Got Married What Happened to Psyche

When Cupid Got Married: What Happened to Psyche? It’s a question that’s been asked for centuries: what happened to Psyche after she married Cupid? The ancient Greek myth doesn’t give us a clear answer, but there are some clues that can be pieced together.

Psyche was a mortal woman who captured the heart of the god of love, Cupid. Their relationship was fraught with difficulties from the start, as Psyche was not supposed to look upon her husband’s face. But eventually, they fell in love and got married.

After their marriage, things seem to have gone well for a while. cupid continued to visit her at night, and she bore him two children: Pleasure and Pain. But then one day, Psyche made a fatal mistake: she looked upon her husband’s face while he was sleeping.

Cupid was so angry at this breach of trust that he left Psyche and never returned. She was left all alone in their palace, with only her children for company. Psyche wandered the world looking for Cupid, but she could never find him again.

Eventually, she gave up and returned home where she lived out the rest of her days alone and sorrowful.

Why Did Psyches Parents Leave Her On A Hill?

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Why Did Apollo Tell Psyche’S Father to Send Her to the Top of the Hill?

According to the story, Apollo told Psyche’s father to send her to the top of the hill because he wanted her to be safe. He was worried that she would be in danger if she stayed with him.

Why Do Psyche’S Parents Go to the Oracle?

Psyche’s parents go to the Oracle because they are worried about her future. Psyche is a beautiful woman and they worry that she will not be able to find a husband who is good enough for her. The oracle tells them that Psyche will marry a man who is not human and that they should not try to stop the marriage.

Who Fell off the Steep Cliff in Cupid And Psyche?

Cupid and Psyche is a story from Greek mythology about the power of love. Psyche was a beautiful mortal woman who caught the eye of Cupid, the god of love. Cupid secretly married her, but when Psyche’s sisters became jealous, they convinced her to take a peek at her husband while he was sleeping.

When she did, a drop of oil from his lamp fell on him and woke him up. Enraged that she had disobeyed him, Cupid flew away and left her alone. Psyche wandered the world looking for her lost husband until she finally came to Olympus, where she begged Venus to help her find Cupid.

Venus agreed, but only on the condition that Psyche complete three tasks for her. The first task was to sort a pile of seeds into different piles; the second was to collect golden wool from deadly snakes; and the third was to fill a crystal jug with water from the river Styx. With the help of ants, bees, and reeds respectively, Psyche completed all three tasks.

But when it came time for her to collect water from the Styx, she accidentally spilled some on Proserpina (the queen of the underworld) who then screamed in pain. Hearing this noise, Hades (Proserpina’s husband) came rushing over to see what had happened. He was so impressed with Psyche’s courage that he decided to let her return to Earth with some water from the River Lethe (which would make anyone forget their troubles).

Where was Psyche Taken When She Went to the Hilltop?

Psyche was taken to the hilltop by her mother in order to be sacrificed to the gods. However, when Psyche arrived at the hilltop, she was instead met by a beautiful butterfly who led her away to a life of safety and happiness.

Who Told Psyche’S Parents That Her Future Husband Awaits Her on the Top of the Mountain?

Psyche’s parents were told by an oracle that her future husband awaits her on the top of the mountain. The oracle did not give them any other information, so they had no idea who this husband was or what he looked like. Psyche’s father went to the mountain to find him, but he was unsuccessful.

What was Psyche’S Mistake That Nearly Broke Up Her Marriage?

Psyche’s mistake was to go against her husband’s wishes and peek at him while he was sleeping. This act angered him greatly and he nearly left her. She was only saved by the intervention of their mutual friends.


Psyche’s parents left her on a hill because they thought she was too beautiful for mortals and that she would be better off as a goddess.

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