Who Is Rey’S Parents?

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June 6, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Rey’s parents are revealed to be unimportant in the star wars sequel trilogy. This decision by the filmmakers allowed the character of rey to stand on her own and not be defined by her lineage.

Rey’s parentage was a hotly debated topic among star wars fans leading up to the release of the rise of skywalker in 2019. Many theories were put forth, with some speculating that rey was related to famous characters such as luke skywalker or emperor palpatine.

However, the truth turned out to be much simpler: rey’s parents were nobodies, junk traders who sold her off for drinking money. While some fans were disappointed by this reveal, it allowed rey’s character to break free from the skywalker legacy and become a hero in her own right.

Who Is Rey'S Parents?

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How The Reveal Of Rey’S Parentage Affects The Story

The star wars franchise has always been known for its intricate plotlines and intriguing characters, and rey is no exception. Her backstory has been a topic of debate since she was first introduced in the force awakens, and the reveal of her parentage in the last jedi only added fuel to the fire.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Rey’s character arc: The revelation that rey’s parents were “nobodies” had a significant impact on her character arc. It showed that anyone can be a hero, regardless of their lineage or background. This subversion of expectations challenges the traditional hero’s journey and makes rey a more relatable character.
  • Implications for the wider star wars universe: The reveal of rey’s parentage also has wider implications for the star wars universe. It challenges the idea that characters are defined by their family ties and opens up the possibility for new and exciting stories to be told.
  • Audience reactions and expectations: Naturally, the reveal of rey’s parentage sparked a lot of reactions from fans. Some were disappointed that she wasn’t linked to a pre-existing character, while others were thrilled with the idea that anyone can be a hero. The expectations for the final installment of the trilogy were also affected – fans were eager to see how rey’s story would conclude.

Overall, the reveal of rey’s parentage was a bold move on the part of the filmmakers. By challenging the conventions of the hero’s journey and expanding the possibilities of the star wars universe, it has created a more complex and compelling storyline.

Contextualizing Rey’S Journey

Rey, the central character of the star wars sequel trilogy, has undoubtedly captured the attention of fans worldwide. From her debut in ‘the force awakens’ to her conclusion in ‘the rise of skywalker,’ rey’s journey has been one of the most fascinating and intriguing storylines in star wars.

Exploring Rey’S Abandonment And Life On Jakku

Rey’s origins are shrouded in mystery. From the outset, viewers saw her living on jakku, a desert planet, without any parental figures. Some vital points to contextualize rey’s journey in terms of abandonment and life on jakku include:

  • Rey’s abandonment on jakku is an essential plot point that defines her character’s emotional struggles throughout the trilogy.
  • Rey’s time living alone on jakku taught her to be self-reliant, independent, and street-smart, traits that helped her throughout the series.
  • The scavenger life rey led on jakku gave her essential skills, such as repairing and flying ships, enabling her to navigate the galaxy with ease.

The Significance Of Her Connection To The Force

Rey’s connection to the force was a game-changer in the star wars universe. Her power and her journey to discover it is an essential aspect of the sequel trilogy. A few key points that show the importance of her connection to the force include:

  • Rey’s power makes her a significant player in the star wars world, and her abilities are crucial to the trilogy.
  • Rey’s quest to understand the force is central to her journey as a character, guiding her decisions and character development throughout the series.
  • Rey’s connection to the force sets her apart from other characters and allows her to be the central figure in the star wars sequels.

The Role Of Mentorship And Parental Figures In The Star Wars Franchise

Throughout the star wars franchise, parental figures and mentorship play an essential role in character development. For rey, her journey includes various characters fulfilling the role of parental figure and mentor. Key points to note about this include:

  • The importance of non-traditional parental figures in rey’s journey, such as maz kanata and leia organa.
  • Rey’s relationship with characters such as han solo, luke skywalker, and kylo ren, who also fulfill roles as mentors and parental figures.
  • Rey’s experience with mentorship and parental figures shows the importance of guiding figures in character development in the star wars universe.

Examining The Evidence And Clues

Who Is Rey’S Parents? Examining The Evidence And Clues

Rey’s parentage has been one of the most controversial topics in the star wars fandom. While some believe that her parents were revealed in the last jedi, others continue to speculate about her lineage. In this blog post, we’ll examine the evidence and clues surrounding rey’s parents and explore popular fan theories.

Analysis Of The Force Awakens And The Last Jedi

Here’s an analysis of the clues presented in the force awakens and the last jedi that might hint at who rey’s parents could be:

  • The force awakens reveals that rey was left on jakku by her family and has been waiting for their return. She has a deep connection with the force and displays an extraordinary level of skill without any formal jedi training.
  • In the last jedi, kylo ren tells rey that her parents were “nobodies” who sold her for drinking money and were buried in a pauper’s grave on jakku. However, as a fan theory suggests, kylo could be lying to rey or at least telling her only part of the truth.

Consideration Of Jj Abrams Vs Rian Johnson’S Directorial Styles

Jj abrams directed the force awakens and introduced rey’s character, while rian johnson took a different approach for the last jedi. Here are some points to consider with regards to their directorial styles:

  • Jj abrams loves to create mystery and explore hidden meanings. He has a history of leaving clues and hints for the audience to decipher.
  • Rian johnson likes to subvert expectations and surprise audiences. He takes a different approach to storytelling, focusing on character development rather than plot twists.

Debunking Or Supporting Popular Fan Theories

Fans have come up with various theories about who rey’s parents could be, some more credible than others. Let’s explore a few of those theories:

  • Theory one: Rey is a skywalker. This theory suggests that rey is luke skywalker’s daughter and could explain her powerful connection to the force. However, rian johnson’s reveal in the last jedi seems to debunk this theory.
  • Theory two: Rey is a kenobi. This theory suggests that rey is obi-wan kenobi’s granddaughter, which would account for her skill with a lightsaber. There are some hints in the force awakens that support this theory, such as rey’s accent and obi-wan’s voice in her vision.
  • Theory three: Rey is a palpatine. This theory suggests that rey is related to emperor palpatine somehow, as evidenced by her power with the force and her ability to use force lightning in the rise of skywalker.
  • Theory four: Rey is a clone. This theory suggests that rey was created rather than born and could explain her unique abilities and lack of knowledge about her family.

While we may never know for sure who rey’s parents are, the evidence and clues suggest that her parents were insignificant to the larger star wars story. We can appreciate rey for who she is – a powerful jedi in her own right.

Theories And Discussion

Possible Resolutions And Explanations For Rey’S Parentage

One of the most controversial topics among star wars fans is rey’s parentage. Since the release of the force awakens, fans have been trying to figure out who rey’s parents are. Here are some possible resolutions and explanations about the topic:

  • Rey’s parents are insignificant characters: Some fans believe that rey’s parents have no significance in the star wars universe. They were just ordinary people who sold rey to unkar plutt for drinking money.
  • Rey’s parents could be jedi: Some fans speculate that rey’s parents could be jedi. Perhaps they left her on jakku for safekeeping from kylo ren and the first order.
  • Rey’s parents could be someone new: Another theory is that rey’s parents are completely new characters. They might not have any connection to the skywalker or solo family.
  • Rey’s parents are members of a group: Some fans believe that rey’s parents are members of a group or organization that has been actively working against the first order. This group could be the knights of ren or a new entity altogether.

The impact of the reveal on future star wars projects ###

It’s safe to say that the reveal of rey’s parents will have a significant impact on future star wars projects. Here are some possible impacts that the reveal could have:

  • It could change the course of the trilogy: If rey’s parentage is revealed to be a significant plot point, it could change the course of the entire trilogy. It could also change the way we view the characters and their motivations.
  • New characters could be introduced: If rey’s parents are revealed to be new characters, it could open up a whole new world of possibilities. We could get to know these characters and their motivations in more detail and see how they fit into the star wars universe.
  • It could create new storylines: The reveal of rey’s parents could create new storylines that explore their past and their connections to the star wars universe. It could also create new conflicts that the characters must overcome.

Controversies And Debates Among Fans

As with most things in the star wars universe, the reveal of rey’s parentage has sparked many controversies and debates among fans. Here are some of the most significant ones:

  • Should rey be related to the skywalker or solo family? Some fans believe that rey should be related to the skywalker or solo family to keep the connection between the trilogies. While others believe that it would be refreshing to see a new character who isn’t related to these families.
  • Is it important to reveal rey’s parentage? Some fans believe that it’s not important to reveal who rey’s parents are, while others believe that it’s essential to the plot and characterization of the character.
  • Will the reveal live up to the hype? Many fans are wondering if the reveal of rey’s parentage will live up to the hype and expectations set by fans. There’s a lot of pressure on the filmmakers to get it right and satisfy fans who have been speculating since the force awakens.

The reveal of rey’s parentage is one of the most highly anticipated moments in the star wars franchise. While there are many theories and debates, it remains to be seen who rey’s parents are and how it will impact future star wars projects.

Frequently Asked Questions On Who Is Rey’S Parents?

Who Are Rey’S Parents?

Rey’s parents were revealed to be nobody special, just junk traders who sold her for drinking money.

Were Rey’S Parents Force-Sensitive?

It’s unknown if rey’s parents were force-sensitive or had any connection to the force.

Did Rey’S Lineage Matter In The Story?

Rey’s lineage was significant as it fueled her desire to find her place in the galaxy.

Why Was There So Much Speculation About Rey’S Parents?

Fans speculated about rey’s parents because of her strong connection to the force and mysterious past.

How Did Rey’S Parents Impact Her Character Development?

Rey’s abandonment by her parents drove her to become self-sufficient and motivated her to find her own destiny.


Rey’s parentage has been a long-standing mystery in the star wars franchise, and while some theories suggested that she may be related to known characters, others insisted that she was just an ordinary scavenger from jakku. However, the release of “the rise of skywalker” finally provided an answer, revealing that rey was the granddaughter of emperor palpatine.

While some fans were satisfied with this explanation, others found it lacking in creativity and a bit too convenient. Regardless of personal opinions, it’s clear that rey’s story has resonated with many audiences, inspiring admiration and empowerment. As a character who came from humble beginnings and rose to become a powerful and independent jedi, rey represents hope and resilience.

Her journey has been a thrilling and emotional ride, and it will undoubtedly continue to be a beloved part of the star wars franchise for years to come.

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