Who Is Reys Parents?

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June 5, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Rey’s parents are revealed to be nobody of significance in the star wars sequel trilogy, as confirmed by the filmmakers themselves. Despite fan speculation and theories, it is ultimately revealed in the movie the rise of skywalker that rey is not of any significant lineage and her true power comes from within herself.

The mystery surrounding rey’s origin and family history created a lot of buzz and anticipation among star wars fans leading up to the release of the rise of skywalker. However, the revelation that her parents were not significant characters in the franchise caused a bit of controversy.

Some fans were disappointed, while others appreciated the idea that anyone can be a hero regardless of their family background. The character of rey represents hope and inspiration for everyday people who aspire to do great things, which remains a central theme in the star wars franchise.

Who Is Reys Parents?

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Theories Regarding Rey’S Parents

The identity of rey’s parents has been a subject of speculation ever since she was introduced in the star wars universe. Here are some popular fan theories and the evidence for and against each one:

1. Rey Is A Skywalker

  • Evidence for: The skywalker family is the central focus of the star wars saga, and it’s only fitting for rey to be a part of that family. Additionally, rey has a strong connection to the force, similar to other members of the skywalker family.
  • Evidence against: In the last jedi, kylo ren tells rey that her parents were “nobodies” who sold her for drinking money. This seems to contradict the idea of rey being a skywalker.

2. Rey Is A Kenobi

  • Evidence for: Obi-wan kenobi is an important character in the star wars franchise, and his lineage has not been explored in depth. Rey’s fighting style is also reminiscent of obi-wan’s.
  • Evidence against: There is no clear evidence in the movies to suggest that rey is related to obi-wan. Additionally, obi-wan was portrayed as a celibate jedi, which makes it less likely for him to have children.

3. Rey Is A Palpatine

  • Evidence for: Emperor palpatine is a major villain in the star wars universe, and it would be a fitting twist for rey to be his granddaughter. Rey’s fighting style is also similar to palpatine’s.
  • Evidence against: There are no clear hints in the movies that suggest a connection between rey and palpatine. Additionally, palpatine was shown to be very secretive about his family, and it’s unlikely that he would have had a child.

4. Rey Is A Clone

  • Evidence for: In the rise of skywalker, it is revealed that rey is a clone created by emperor palpatine. This explains her powerful force abilities and her strange vision in the last jedi.
  • Evidence against: This theory was dismissed by fans before the release of the rise of skywalker, as it seemed too far-fetched. Additionally, it negates the idea of rey having a true lineage within the star wars universe.

While there are various theories about rey’s parents, the evidence for and against each one is inconclusive. This leaves plenty of room for speculation and discussion among star wars fans.

The Significance Of Rey’S Parentage In The Star Wars Universe

The question of rey’s parents has puzzled star wars fans ever since her character was introduced in episode vii: the force awakens. Although there were many fan theories surrounding her parentage, it wasn’t until the rise of skywalker that we were given an official answer.

In this section, we will discuss the significance of the reveal of rey’s parents in the star wars universe and explore how it will shape her character.

Discussion Of How The Revelation Of Rey’S Parents Will Shape Her Character

  • Rey’s parentage was a key part of her character arc throughout the trilogy. The revelation that her parents were nobodies and that she wasn’t destined for greatness was a significant moment for rey.
  • This revelation gave her the freedom to choose her own path and make her own destiny. It allowed her to become the hero of her own story, rather than being defined by her lineage.
  • The reveal also helped to reinforce some of the themes that have been present throughout the star wars franchise, such as the idea that anyone can be a hero, regardless of their background or upbringing.
  • Going forward, rey’s lack of a “special” lineage will likely continue to shape her character. It will be interesting to see how she navigates her newfound freedom and what choices she makes as a result.

Analysis Of Why The Reveal Of Rey’S Parentage Was Delayed Till The End Of Episode Ix

  • One possible reason for the delay in revealing rey’s parentage was to build up suspense and keep fans guessing. The mystery surrounding her parents was a key part of the marketing campaign leading up to the release of the rise of skywalker.
  • Another reason may have been to give rey’s character more time to develop before revealing her parentage. By the time the rise of skywalker rolled around, we had gotten to know rey fairly well and were invested in her character arc.
  • Additionally, by saving the reveal for the final installment in the trilogy, the filmmakers were able to tie together threads from all three films and provide a satisfying conclusion to rey’s story.
  • It’s also worth noting that the reveal of rey’s parentage wasn’t the only surprise in the rise of skywalker. The film also featured the return of emperor palpatine, which was another major twist that took fans by surprise.

The reveal of rey’s parentage was a significant moment in the star wars franchise, and one that will continue to shape her character moving forward. By breaking free from the expectations that came with her lineage, rey was able to become a hero in her own right and forge her own destiny.

The decision to delay the reveal until the end of the trilogy helped build suspense and provide a satisfying conclusion to rey’s story.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Who Is Reys Parents?

Who Are Rey’S Parents?

Rey’s parents were revealed to be “nobodies” in “star wars: the last jedi,” and her true heritage remains a mystery.

Is Rey Related To Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Rey is not related to obi-wan kenobi, according to the “star wars” franchise’s latest films and novels.

Why Did Kylo Ren Lie About Rey’S Parents?

Kylo ren lied about rey’s parents to manipulate her into joining him and to prevent her from finding her true meaning.

Will Rey’S Parents Be Revealed?

The “star wars” franchise has not yet confirmed whether rey’s parents will be revealed in future films.

What Is The Significance Of Rey’S Parents?

The significance of rey’s parents lies in the fact that she was abandoned by them on jakku, leading to her becoming a self-sufficient survivor.


After analyzing all the clues and hints from the star wars movies, we still cannot say for sure who rey’s parents are. However, it is clear that her parents, whether they were significant characters or not, played an important role in rey’s journey.

Rey’s struggle with her identity and her search for her place in the galaxy has been a central theme in the sequel trilogy. The mystery surrounding her parents adds suspense and depth to her character, making her journey even more compelling.

While some fans may be disappointed that they were not given a definitive answer to this question, it also leaves room for interpretation and speculation. Ultimately, whether rey’s parents were nobodies or someone significant, her journey and growth as a character are what truly matter.

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