Who Are Thanos Parents?

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December 11, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

In Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos is revealed to be the father of Gamora and Nebula. But who are Thanos’ parents? In the comics, his mother is named Sui-San and his father is named Mentor.

Thanos was born on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, and grew up to be a powerful and feared warrior. His parents were appalled by his actions and eventually banished him from Titan. He then set out into the universe to find new worlds to conquer.

Along the way, he met and fell in love with Death herself. She granted him immense power, but it was not enough to save their relationship. Death eventually rejected Thanos and he vowed to destroy all life in the universe as a way to win her back.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos is the Mad Titan who seeks to collect all six of the Infinity Stones in order to achieve his goal of erasing half of all life in the universe. But who are his parents? Thanos was born on Saturn’s moon, Titan, to Mentor and Sui-San.

His mother died when he was very young, and his father soon remarried. Thanos grew up with his stepmother, Zuras, and his half-brothers Eros and Starfox. While most of Thanos’ early life is a mystery, we do know that he was fascinated by death from a young age.

He would often sit alone in contemplation, wondering why some beings die while others live on. This fascination led him down a dark path, and he eventually became one of the most feared villains in the universe.

Marvel: The Family Tree Of Thanos Revealed

A’Lars And Sui-San

A’Lars, also known as Thor, is the Asgardian god of thunder and one of the most powerful beings in the Nine Realms. He is the son of Odin and Freyja, and the husband of Sif. A’Lars was born on Asgard, but he was raised on Earth by his father after Freyja’s death.

When he was a young man, A’Lars became involved with Sui-San, an Inhuman woman from China. The two fell in love and were married. They had a son together named Torunn.

A’Lars is a founding member of the Avengers and has fought alongside them many times against threats to both Asgard and Earth. He is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe and has been described as “the god who walks among men.” A’Lars And Sui-San are one of Marvel’s most popular couples.

They first appeared in The Avengers #1 (1963) and have been featured prominently in many Marvel stories over the years. A’Lars And Sui-San are an example of a mixed-race couple that has succeeded against all odds. Their relationship has been a source of strength for both characters and they have remained devoted to each other throughout their adventures.

Who Are Thanos Parents?

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Who is Thanos’S Father And Mother?

Thanos is the son of A’lars, a member of the Eternals, and his second wife Sui-San. Thanos was born with Deviant Syndrome, which caused him to have physical features that differed from the average Eternal. As a result, Thanos was often shunned by other members of his race.

However, he was still loved by his parents, who did everything they could to make him feel comfortable in their home. A’lars eventually came to accept Thanos for who he was and even took pride in his unique appearance. However, Sui-San struggled to do so and she became increasingly resentful of her son.

Over time, this led to her becoming mentally unstable and she eventually attempted to kill Thanos when he was just a child. Thankfully, A’lars intervened and stopped her before she could do any real harm. Although Sui-San never truly accepted Thanos, A’lars continued to love him unconditionally.

This likely played a role in shaping Thanos into the man he would eventually become: a powerful and ruthless being who desired nothing more than death and destruction.

Who is the Mother of Thanos?

The Mad Titan Thanos was born on the planet Titan to Mentor, the leader of the Titanian Eternals, and his wife Sui-San. Thanos’ mother died when he was young and his father remarried. Thanos’ stepmother was a woman named Ebony Maw, who Mentor had rescued from slavery.

Ebony Maw raised Thanos as her own son and he came to love her dearly. However, when Thanos was an adult, Ebony Maw betrayed him and tried to kill him. She was unsuccessful and Thanos killed her in self-defense.

Who is Father of Thanos?

Thanos is a Marvel supervillain who first appeared in Iron Man #55 (February 1973). He is the son of A’lars, also known as Mentor, and his second wife Sui-San. Thanos grew up on the planet Titan where he was constantly ridiculed by his peers for his deformities.

When he came of age, he began to study the universe and quickly learned that life was meaningless. In order to achieve peace, Thanos believed that half of all life in the universe must be destroyed. Over the years, Thanos has repeatedly tried to carry out his plan but has been thwarted each time by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers.

However, with the recent release of the Infinity Stones, Thanos now has the power to wipe out half of all life in the universe with a snap of his fingers. A’lars is Thanos’ father and Mentor is his birth name. He was born on Saturn’s moon Titan and was one of its original inhabitants.

A’lars was a great leader and warrior who fought against many foes including Enceladus and Hyperion. After many years of battle, A’lars decided to retire from fighting and instead focus on raising his family. It was during this time that he met and married Sui-San.

Together they had two children: Thanos and Gamora. While A’lars did love his children, he always felt disappointed in Thanos due to his physical deformities. This led to a strained relationship between father and son which eventually resulted in Thanos leaving Titan forever.

Despite their differences, A’lar still cares for Thanos deeply and even helped him obtain the Infinity Stones so that he could carry out his plan of destruction.

Are the Eternals Related to Thanos?

The Eternals are a race of super-powered beings that were created by the Celestials. They have often been referred to as “god-like” beings because of their immense power and long life spans. There is no clear connection between the Eternals and Thanos, although it is possible that they are somehow related.

Thanos is an Eternal himself, and he does have ties to the other members of his race. However, there is no definitive answer as to whether or not the Eternals are related to Thanos.


Thanos’ parents are actually a pretty big mystery in the Marvel Universe. While we know that his father is A’lars, also known as Mentor, Thanos’ mother has never been revealed. This has led to a lot of speculation over the years about who she could be.

Some believe that she is actually the Marvel Universe’s version of Death, while others think she may be an Inhuman or even a Skrull. However, there has never been any definitive answer as to who Thanos’ mother really is.

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