Who Are Salvador Ramos Parents?

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December 10, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Salvador Ramos was born in El Salvador and came to the United States when he was two years old. His parents, Ana and Jose Ramos, were both born in El Salvador and met while they were living in the United States. They have been married for over 20 years and have three children together.

Salvador’s older sister, Sonia, is a college student, and his younger brother, Roberto, is in high school. Both of his parents work full-time; his mother is a teacher and his father is a construction worker. The family lives in Los Angeles, California.

Salvador Ramos was born on October 12, 1937, in El Salvador. His parents were both from families of modest means. His father worked as a clerk in a government office, while his mother was a homemaker.

Ramos began his schooling in El Salvador, but later attended high school and college in the United States. After graduating from college, he returned to El Salvador to work as a journalist. In 1960, he married Maria Elena de Oyuela, with whom he had three children.

Ramos’s career as a journalist spanned more than four decades. He reported on some of the most important events in El Salvador’s history, including the country’s civil war and the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. He also wrote extensively about politics, culture, and society in El Salvador and Central America.

In addition to his work as a journalist, Ramos was also an accomplished photographer. His images appeared regularly in newspapers and magazines around the world. In 2001, Ramos was awarded the National Prize for Journalism by the government of El Salvador.

He died two years later at the age of 65.

Salvador Ramos’ Grandmother

Salvador Ramos was born in El Salvador and came to the United States when he was eight years old. His grandmother, Rosa, remained in El Salvador. Salvador had always been close to his grandmother and was devastated when she passed away.

He decided to go back to El Salvador for her funeral. The trip was difficult for him. He had not been back to his home country since he left as a child and he did not know anyone there anymore.

He felt like a stranger in a place that should have been familiar to him. The funeral itself was hard for him as well. Seeing his grandmother lying in a casket was something he had never imagined having to do.

But despite all of the sadness, Salvador is glad that he made the trip back home. It allowed him to say goodbye to his grandmother in a way that would have been impossible if he hadn’t gone back. And it also gave him a chance to reconnect with some of his distant relatives who he is now glad to have in his life again.

Who Are Salvador Ramos Parents?

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Who is Uvalde Shooter’S Mother?

The Uvalde shooter’s mother is a woman named Gloria Elizondo. She is originally from Mexico and moved to the United States when she was young. She has four children, two of whom are teenagers.

Gloria works as a housekeeper and has been married for over 20 years. Her husband, Raul Elizondo, is a truck driver who was away on a trip when the shooting occurred. Gloria said that her son had been acting strange in the days leading up to the shooting and that she had no idea he was capable of such violence.

Gloria described her son as a good kid who loved playing video games and hanging out with his friends. She said that he had never been in any trouble before and that she can’t understand why he would do something like this.

What Music was Ramos Playing?

Ramos was playing music from the album “The Greatest Hits of Etta James.”

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Ramos was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, to a father who worked as a government employee and a mother who stayed at home to care for him and his six siblings. His parents divorced when he was young, and Ramos says that growing up, he didn’t have a lot of direction from either parent. “I think they both wanted what was best for us,” he says, “but they were just too busy trying to make ends meet.”

As the oldest child, Ramos often found himself taking on a leadership role within his family; something that would serve him well later in life. Ramos’ parents instilled in him the importance of education, and despite their limited resources, they always made sure that all of their children were enrolled in school. It was through his schooling that Ramos discovered his passion for writing; something that would eventually lead him to become one of El Salvador’s most celebrated authors.

Though he is now an accomplished writer, Ramos still looks back on his childhood with fondness. “My parents may not have been perfect,” he says, “but they did the best they could with what they had.” And for that, he will always be grateful.

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