Who Are Lokis Parents?

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December 10, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki is one of the most popular villains. He is cunning, manipulative and always seems to be one step ahead of his enemies. But who are Loki’s parents?

In the comics, his father is Odin and his mother is the giantess Angerboda. However, in the MCU, it is not clear who his parents are. This has led to much speculation among fans about their identity.

Some believe that Loki’s father is actually Thanos, while others believe that he could be a Frost Giant or even an Asgardian god. There has been no confirmation from Marvel about who Loki’s parents are, so we can only speculate at this point.

Who are Lokis parents? This is a question that has been asked by many Marvel fans over the years. While we may never know for sure who his parents are, there are some theories out there that are pretty interesting.

One theory is that Loki’s father is actually the Frost Giant king, Laufey. This would explain why Loki is so comfortable in Asgard and why he has such a hatred for Odin and the other Aesir gods. It would also explain his powers and ability to shape-shift.

Another theory suggests that Loki’s mother is actually the giantess Angrboda. This would explain his connection to Hel and Jotunheim. It would also explain why he is often referred to as the “God of Mischief”.

So, who are Lokis parents? We may never know for sure, but it’s fun to speculate!

Loki Norse Mythology

Loki is a Norse god and trickster who is known for his mischief. He is the son of giants, but he was raised by Odin and Frigg. Loki is often portrayed as a villain in stories, but he is also sometimes a hero.

In Norse mythology, Loki is associated with fire, chaos, and deception. He is also known for his ability to change his appearance. Loki first appears in the Prose Edda, written by Snorri Sturluson in the 13th century.

In this text, Loki is introduced as a cunning trickster who causes problems for the gods. He tricks Thor into going on a dangerous journey to Jotunheim, the land of giants. He also steals Freya’s precious necklace and gets her husband Baldr killed.

Because of his mischievous nature, Loki is often seen as a villain in stories. However, he does have some heroic moments. For example, he fights alongside Thor against the giant Utgard-Loki.

He also helps Thor get back his hammer Mjolnir from the giant Thrym after it was stolen. In Norse mythology, Loki is often associated with fire. This is because he was born from two giantess sisters who were turned into snakes when they bathed in flames (this story is told in the Poetic Edda).

Loki can turn himself into different animals like a fish or bird whenever he wants to travel secretly or quickly between places. Deception and chaos are also linked to Loki in Norse mythology. For example, he tricked Hodr into killing Baldr even though Hodr didn’t want to do it (Baldr’s death caused all plants and flowers to wilt away).

In another story, Loki turns himself into a mare so that he can mate with Sleipnir (Odin’s horse). This results in Sleipnir being born with eight legs – something which causes great chaos among the gods!

Who Are Lokis Parents?

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Who is Loki’S True Father?

In Norse mythology, Loki is a trickster god known for his cunning and deception. His father is unknown, but there are several theories about who he might be. One theory suggests that Loki is the son of the giant Farbauti and the goddess Laufey.

Another theory proposes that he is the son of the giantess Angrboda and the god Odin. Loki’s true parentage remains a mystery, but there are many theories about who his father might be. One popular theory suggests that Loki is the son of the giant Farbauti and the goddess Laufey.

Another theory proposes that he is the son of the giantess Angrboda and the god Odin. Whichever story is true, one thing is certain: Loki is a complex figure whose actions often have unforeseen consequences.

Who is Loki’S Biological Mother?

Loki is a character in Norse mythology who is known as the “trickster god”. He is the son of Odin and the giantess Angrboda. Loki’s biological mother is unknown, but he was raised by Odin and Frigg.

Who is Loki’S Parents in Norse Mythology?

Loki’s parents in Norse mythology are the jötunn (giant) Farbauti and the goddess Laufey. Loki is thus sometimes referred to as “son of Farbauti”. He is also said to have two brothers, Býleistr and Helblindi.

Loki is a complex figure in Norse mythology and his parentage is just one aspect of his interesting backstory. As a giant, he doesn’t really fit in with the other gods and this sets him apart from them right from the start. His relationship with his parents is also not a straightforward one.

Loki is born into a world of giants but he quickly becomes more interested in the company of the gods. He starts to play tricks on them and causes all sorts of trouble. This eventually leads to him being bound by Fenrir, another giant, as punishment for his crimes.

Despite all this, Loki still has some good qualities about him and he does come to the aid of the gods on occasion. In fact, it’s because of Loki that they are able to defeat their enemies on several occasions. So while he may be troublesome, he’s also an important part of Norse mythology.

Is Loki Odin’S Brother Or Son?

Loki is one of the most popular and enigmatic characters from Norse mythology. He is known as the trickster god, and his exploits often caused problems for the other gods. But what was Loki’s relationship to Odin, the all-father?

Was he Odin’s son or brother? The answer may surprise you. In some sources, Loki is indeed said to be Odin’s brother.

This is because they share a father – Borr – who was born from two giantess sisters. However, in other sources Loki is said to be Odin’s son. His mother is usually listed as either Angrboda (a giantess) or Sigyn (a goddess).

So which is it? The truth is, we don’t really know for sure. The sources are conflicting, and there isn’t any definitive answer.

It’s possible that both versions could be true, with Loki being both Odin’s brother AND son. Or maybe he was just a close friend or companion of Odin who happened to cause a lot of trouble!

Norse Mythology Family Tree


Loki is a god in Norse mythology, and he is the son of Odin and Frigg. He is also the stepson of Thor. Loki is known for his trickster ways, and he often causes trouble for the gods.

He is also responsible for the death of Baldur, which leads to his own downfall.

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