What Makes IB World Schools Stand Out From The Rest?

International Baccalaureate or IB is a diploma program that started in Geneva and has since been recognized internationally for its curriculum with schools offering the diploma in many countries around the world.

The IB program is considered an advanced program similar to AP programs in the US or A-level programs in the UK.

With so many different types of advanced programs to choose from, it quickly gets confusing what makes them different from each other. This further complicates the decision-making process of choosing which program to enroll in.

Here is what you need to know about IB World Schools and what makes them stand out from the rest:

1. Comprehensive Curriculum

The most unique thing about an IB diploma program or IBDP is that the curriculum is quite different from what you would see in AP classes or A levels. 

IB world schools excel at teaching in a way that keeps in mind intercultural maturity and attempts to fix real-world problems with the theory that students learn. Intercultural maturity is hard to learn without doing something like a study abroad program so being able to learn it in school is a major plus point.

The IB diploma program consists of three core elements that all students have to complete: ToK (Theory of Knowledge), EE (Extended Essay), and CAS (Creativity, Activities, Services).

These core elements ensure that students gain a comprehensive understanding of the world around them and solve problems that matter. The skills developed through these core elements are also heavily valued by universities around the world.

2. Quality Control

One of the most unique qualities of IB world schools is the sheer amount of certifications and qualifications schools have to pass to become an IB world school.

The IB authorization is achieved in phases that include milestones that schools have to reach. The authorization process can be excruciatingly long for some schools if they don’t meet some of the basic requirements.

This authorization process makes IB schools stand out because you can be guaranteed that you are getting quality education because of the rigorous standards that schools have to meet.

Additionally, schools are required to maintain these standards as their accreditation with the IB organization is evaluated every five years thus, ensuring quality.

3. Exclusivity

Another aspect that works in the favor of an IB education and the institutions that offer this diploma is the fact that demand for the program is high and availability is pretty exclusive.

While there are many IBDP granting institutions around the world with more than 5000 schools offering this diploma, that number is quite small compared to the number of schools in the world.

There are more than 100,000 schools in the US alone so getting an education from an IB world school still puts you in an exclusive and prestigious group setting you up for success.

4. Resources

Just because the program is exclusive does not mean that there is no support for students going into this program.

Recognizing the popularity of the program and the demand for resources to aid in getting an IB diploma, organizations have started offering specific resources that pertain only to IBDP.

World schools will often have tie-ups with organizations that specialize in these resources. However, you can also find resources online if the world school near you does not have these tie-ups.

You can easily find resources such as ToK writers or other IB-specific curriculum writers online to help those students who might be falling behind.


IB world schools provide an international level of understanding and education that local schools just are not able to provide. 

Indeed, IB world schools stand out from the rest because they produce students that stand out from the rest.

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