What Are The Different Orthodontic Treatment Types In Surrey?

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November 20, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Orthodontists diagnose, prevent, and treat facial irregularities and other dental issues. They are dentists with advanced training in correcting bites, misshapen teeth, aligning the jaw, etc. Surrey, a city in British Columbia, Canada, has a low population density in urban areas. This city is the only community in the province with two border crossings.

As of 2021 estimated data, the population of Surrey is 568,322. The median cost of living in Surrey is around $2,567, which is relatively affordable compared to other areas in Canada. The skilled orthodontist surrey will promptly treat all dental issues related to jaw and teeth alignment and assist in smile rejuvenation. For instance, braces are involved in orthodontic treatment, which helps improve the alignment of misshapen teeth and corrects the bite.

Different Types Of Orthodontic Treatment

Everyone loves a beautiful smile, so a perfect set of teeth is the start. An experienced orthodontist in Surreyspecializes in dental treatments like correcting bite issues, straightening teeth, Invisalign, aligning teeth and lips correctly, etc. Surrey is well-recognized for using advanced techniques, especially in the field of dentistry.

In Surrey, you are likely to pay anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 for orthodontic treatment that lasts about 16 to 24 months. The median salary of a dentist in Surrey is C$101,736, while the hourly wage of an orthodontic assistant is C$29.48.

Position Of Tooth

Before starting the treatment, the clinic ensures that the patient has good oral hygiene. The treatment starts with checking a patient’s tooth position to assess how they will change. To come to the correct analysis, an orthodontist may suggest an X-ray, making a dental impression model, and taking photographs of the entire mouth.

After that, an orthodontist suggests a treatment to treat the problem, which involves the use of appliances.

Dental Appliances Used

The treatment involves using different appliances to correct the positioning.

Fixed Braces

They are the commonly used braces. It is a brace made of steel or ceramic brackets and bands fixed onto the teeth with glue. They are noticeable in front, especially when opening the mouth. A wire joins it, and its flexibility allows the movement of the teeth. The patient cannot remove these braces by themselves. Over time, the orthodontist will adjust the wire to straighten the tooth one by one.

Removable Braces

If a minor treatment could correct the positioning of the teeth, then this is a good option. These braces, made of plastic plates and wire, can easily be removed while eating or brushing. This brace covers the inside of the mouth and gets clipped onto the tooth. Limited movement will be there while using this brace. Sometimes it is put on children to discourage the sucking of their thumbs.


There are different types of headgear. An orthodontist recommends this for children. Worn partially outside of the mouth, it helps correct the bite and supports the proper alignment of the jaw.

Headgear corrects the back teeth’ positioning while the front is getting fixed. It is used in the evening or at night, as one cannot eat or drink while wearing it.


After digital scanning of the mouth, the teeth aligners get manufactured using moulds. They are clear plastic mouthpieces worn in the mouth and help put pressure to align them.


Toward the end of orthodontic treatment, retainers come into use. It is a small customized appliance made of plastic and metal worn in the mouth. Different types of retainers help keep the teeth in the correct place after bracing. They hold the already straightened teeth correctly as the gums and bones in the mouth adjust.


Depending upon the treatment, perfect results will show after a few months, and all teeth and gums should have been adequately cared for properly. Make sure not to play rough sports like rugby, football, hockey, etc., for a few months at least. Ensure to follow an orthodontist’s advice while eating or drinking after the cure, and wear retainers as per the instructions.

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