Understanding Tooth Decay: 4 Reasons Why It Happens

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December 24, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

There is a high prevalence of tooth decay in the Middle East, with almost 65% of the people having permanent caries. Hence, it shows the lack of oral education has led to poor oral health in people. Consequently, it increases the chances of tooth cancer and puts your life at threat. 

That is why you need to understand tooth decay. It generally refers to the point of time when bacteria release acid on the tooth’s surface, and it erodes the outer layer. Simultaneously, it leads to severe infections in the tooth and also in the gums. 

Therefore, it is important for you to know why it happens. For that, you need to shift your attention over to the next part – 

Reasons For Increase Of Tooth Decay In People 

As discussed earlier, there are several reasons for the increase in tooth decay in the people of Arabia, especially with the rise of fast food chains in the state. Besides, there are some other reasons that impact the development of tooth decay for a prolonged time. 

Here are a few of the reasons given by the dentist of ArabiaMD for why you are having tooth decay – 

Eating Pizza And Burger 

One of the greater disadvantages of modernism is that it moves people away from their roots. Mostly, it comes in terms of food habits. Hence, you see a rise in the consumption of Pizza and burgers in the UAE. This leads to an increase in tooth decay in people, as they are made of flour. 

That contains carbohydrates, which is the true source of high sugar, and that makes up the best food for plaque to eat. Consequently, that releases acid on the outer layer of the teeth and erodes the outer layer. That is why dentists tell people to have healthy hygiene to avoid compromising oral health. 

Poor Oral Hygiene 

Another thing that determines the increase in the formation of decaying teeth is poor oral hygiene. This means you don’t brush your teeth twice a day, which is a basic requirement for good oral health. Consequently, it leaves food residues resting on the teeth and allows bacteria to feed on them. 

Eventually, it leads the teeth to decay and leave a pungent smell in the mouth. Hence, it would help if you used fluoride paste and water to limit tooth decay. Lastly, look to use mouth rinse to avoid tooth decay and have healthy oral hygiene. 

Consuming Too Many Sugary Drinks 

Our lives are incomplete without the consumption of Coke and Pepsi, which determine our life standards. At least we realize these drinks are the embodiment of sugar. Also, they contain some acidic elements that eventually lead to tooth decay. 

Even sports like Red Bull and Gatorade have a high concentration of sugar and caffeine, which harms oral health. It impacts the outer layer of the teeth and slowly affects its conditioning over time. Therefore, you should refrain from consuming such drinks and start taking homemade fruit drinks for good health. 

Consumption Of Alcohol And Cigarettes 

Alcohol is one of the major sources of tooth decay in people. They are the reason for tooth decay in people. This is because alcohol contains acid and sugar that affect the outer layer of the tooth. Furthermore, it will decrease the production of saliva in the mouth and dry your mouth. Consequently, it leads to an increase of bacteria in the teeth and decays the outer layer. 

Another thing that people take is cigarettes, which is the reason for the increase in teeth blackening. Moreover, it leads to poor gums and increases the chances of oral diseases in the mouth. Therefore, you should avoid the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. 

Good Life, Healthy Teeth!

In the end, we can say that there are many reasons for the increase in tooth decay, but we have enlisted a few of them. This will surely help you to lead a conscious life and maintain good oral health.  In that way, you can reduce the chances of diseases affecting your long-term health. Also, it ensures that you avoid the risk of tooth cancer. Therefore, what you should do is lead a healthy life and consume healthy food. This way, you can have great white teeth and get yourself ready for Christmas and New Year.  

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