Tarot Spread For Love: Three Simple Options

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July 18, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Tarot cards have won our hearts. Today, every second person knows about them, and even the most convinced skeptics turn to the cards with questions, if only out of curiosity.

We are waiting for their advice on what to do, we are interested in the future. We ask you to suggest what actions should be avoided so as not to mess things up. We count on help in various areas: from career to romantic relationships.

It is important to note that the Tarot does not solve anything and cannot independently influence your life. The alignment gives clues, sets the direction, and everything that happens next depends solely on you. All changes happen only because of our sincere desire to make positive adjustments in our lives. Accordingly, we provoke negative changes ourselves.

Despite the importance of layouts for career, finances and success, the most exciting issue for each of us is the love sphere. Especially now, in spring, when the desire to fall in love is literally ringing in the air.

“Before you start any love divination with tarot cards, you need to correctly put the question to the cards. Always remember the rule: what is the question – such is the answer.

The question should be open, that is, not yes or no, otherwise you can easily make a mistake in the interpretation and not get the full picture.

The question should contain terms (now, in a day, a week, a month, a year).

There must be names of partners.

Here is a list of possible questions to the cards in order to understand what is happening:

  1. What does Jack feel for me at the moment?
  2. What is happening now in the relationship between me and Jack?
  3. What are my prospects for relations with Jack for the next six months?
  4. What are Jack’s intentions in our relations for the next three months?

A triplet

One of the simplest layouts is the triplet (a layout of three cards). We ask a question that interests us and lay out three cards in a row.

We begin to interpret from the second card – the main trend, event or process that occurs in a relationship on your issue.

The first card will indicate the reasons that we have in the second position (early circumstances).

The third card sums up the whole issue.


We ask: “What is NOW happening in the relationship between Kate and Jack?” Cards: 7 of swords, Tower, 6 of swords

  1. What is happening now? The Tower – the relationship collapsed, there was some kind of quarrel, a crisis, everything in the relationship collapsed, perhaps they even broke up.
  2. What is the reason for this? 7 of Swords – deceit, lies, cunning of one of the partners.
  3. What is the result? 6 of Swords – partners either parted, or broke up, or took a break and are still apart from each other.

Oracle of love

For this alignment, the question is well suited: “What is happening in our relationship with Jack?”

We lay out the cards as follows.

The first card will indicate the underlying problem in the relationship that is causing you to ask the question.

The second card will tell you what worries you in this relationship, what you see as the problem of your relationship.

The third card will tell you how your partner treats you, what he feels.

The fourth card is advice on this situation, what is the best thing for you to do now.


He will help you understand the relationship and tell you what is best to do.

For this scenario, the question is suitable: “What is happening in the relationship between me and Jack?”

We lay out the cards as follows.

The first card shows what is at the heart of your question (what is the problem in the relationship, what is the foundation of the misunderstanding or disagreement), and most likely you already know this.

The second card will indicate how in this situation you cannot act, by what method you will not achieve anything in the relationship and will only make things worse.

The third card will give advice on how to act, what to do to solve the problem.

The fourth card will indicate the prospect of a relationship with a partner in the next three to four months.

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