Supplement Pills vs Nutri-Strips: What’s the Difference?

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With so many supplements on the market, it can be difficult to decide what works for you. Supplements come in different forms, from liquid or powder based to pills. These forms can be inconvenient at times, especially if you don’t have water to mix with the powder or to drink with pills. If you’re tired of taking pills, you may want to consider using supplement strips with science backed formulations. Here’s how Nutri-Strips differ from pills.

Potency Variations

Pill supplements are sensitive to extreme temperatures, which can cause them to lose potency over time. Exposure to moisture, light and bacteria can cause pill supplements to breakdown. Pill supplements can also be difficult to digest, which impacts the dose of the supplement you receive once you take pills. Nutri-Strips are individually packaged, to eliminate potential breakdowns of the potency of the dose. Instead of being digested in your stomach, these supplement strips are placed on your tongue to deliver the supplement. There’s no degradation of potency, so you get the intended dose. Combine Nutri-Strips with Nicole Kidman gleaming product for a self-care routine that benefits you inside and out.

Pros and Cons

Nutri-Strips come in a range of fruity flavors that taste great. They’re easy to take when you’re on the go because you can put one portable sachet in your purse or wallet to use when you need it. Nutri-Strips fit into your lifestyle, whether you need an on-the-go energy boost or just want a quick assist of a sleep supplement before bed. No one else has to see you throw your head back to take supplement pills, keeping your health issues secret from friends or colleagues.

Formulations To Meet Your Needs

Make Nutri-Strips part of your selfcare routine along with Seratopical radiant glow facial oil for a complete program that takes care of all your needs. Nutri-Strips are an efficient way to get nutrients and vitamins that support your busy lifestyle. The ImmuneD3 Nutri-Strips give your immune system a boost during winter or when you’re stressed. The Sleep A.S.A.P. formulation is a fast-acting strip that you can place on your tongue just before you turn out the lights for a good night’s sleep. Need to get through the mid-day slump at 3:00 pm before work ends? Try the Energy strip that won’t give you the jitters like coffee or an energy drink. Energy is a healthy alternative that is sugar and calorie free. RecoverB gives you a boost of minerals and electrolytes following an exercise session or a night of indulgence. These strips won’t upset your stomach if you’re already experiencing nausea. They’re easy on the digestive system.

Full Potency For Your Health

Supplement strips are changing the way you can get your supplements. There’s no bulky pill box to carry with you. You can feel good knowing that you’re getting the full potency of the supplements you’re taking when you use the supplement strips that don’t degrade over time or from heat or moisture. Learn more about Nutri-Strips and how they can fit into your routine.

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