Real Estate Investment Tools In Thailand For 2023

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April 7, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

To avoid overpaying for properties in Thailand, you must utilize the tools available for lucrative and positive investments. One of the biggest mistakes that some investors make is to buy off any website they find and hope to make a profit in the future. This is a terrible investment procedure because you may end up paying a high price for a property and spend years trying to recover your capital. Instead of spending valuable time to recover your capital, you should make money off your investments through profits!

Investor’s hack and advice from experts

According to Thailand-Real.Estate, you can triple your investment’s returns by buying at the correct value. How, then, do you buy at the correct value, and what is the best method to get a property that is not overpriced? Here are two significant ways to do that:

Number one tip

You can check out properties in Thailand for sale and multiple listings from at least three to five independent websites and consider their statistical data to discover a range of properties. However, implementing this method needs to be more watertight and stressful. More so, you can end up with a price range, but that does not guarantee that it is the best price you have discovered. There are hundreds of property websites in Thailand offering projects and properties to foreigners and locals alike. It could be quite a tussle to preview all websites to find the correct value for a property. Moreover, you can only try to get a range; those properties will have varying facilities and qualities that may not be considered in your analysis. This leads to the following most accessible and more straightforward tool to get real estate at the most value-giving quote.

Number Two tip

Thailand-Real.Estate is an aggregator real estate website that gives you access to the best prices and the best real estate options in Thailand with zero charges. This website allows you to surf through a comprehensive database of listings across the country, where you can find condos, villas, and bedroom apartments at the most affordable rate—The estate gives room for more accessible and more reliable realty decision-making because the database sieves the most trusted and affordable options in the market and places them up for sale (as opposed to you having to work through the stacks of websites to find a property that may be unverified. The properties here are well-verified and double-checked for suitability. Additionally, you get an opportunity to inspect the properties (as is often advised) before closing the deal.

Quiet islands for a solitary holiday in Thailand

There are days when the crowd on a beach makes sense, but there are other days that one may prefer to lounge on the soft sands of a lonely beach, perhaps gazing into the ocean water or relaxing the mind with a slow thought. Here are some beaches where you can enjoy some private time and open nature: 

Koh Phangan and Koh TaoDue to their seclusion, these two neighboring Islands served as home to many private tourists during the covid 19 pandemic. Only a handful of visitors visit this area of the country, and you will get ample private time.
Koh LantaThe Hilly Koh Lanta is the jewel of the old town and home to Muay Thai, a Martial Arts community, and a lighthouse tower. Koh Lanta is known for its hilly roads and beautiful serene landscape. Its beaches are on of the loneliest.
Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao NoiThis twin Island is pristine for its personal touch and hot sand during the day. The water is also superbly clean and receives many hikers, swimmers, and kayakers in hot seasons. Compared to other famous beaches, the twin Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi are very secluded and less crowded.
Koh KoodThe Koh Kood is one of the most naturally preserved forests with bluish and holy waterfalls, clean internal water, and smooth, clean air. You can find some holiday houses that stand out for all.
Koh LipeKoh Lipe is a trendy Island, yet it is one of the most isolated beaches in Thailand. Voted as one of the country’s quietest beaches of all time, you are set up for a lovely time in the area.
Koh Phi PhiKoh Phi Phi is not isolated because people need to learn it. It is isolated because not everyone can ferry over 2 hours to get there for a beach experience. There are a couple of rich villas in the area, but you are guaranteed peace there.

A recap

If you feel alone on the waterside, you have to look away from the busy beaches of Thailand and try out the secluded and solitary locations in the country listed above.

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