Papa Johns Delivery Specials To Take Advantage Of

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June 21, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Having food delivered right to you is great, and it is even better when you save money on your order. At Papa Johns, not only can you get delicious food at your door, but you can also take advantage of a wide variety of discounts and perks. For example, the mix and match deals is one way to try something new and not break the bank. However, there are many other ways to get deals.

Deliver Anywhere

It is pretty easy to find a Papa Johns, as they are all over the country. The easiest thing to do is search for delivery pizza near me, and your local Papa Johns will pop up. Go to that store’s website and click on the ‘Specials’ button, as this shows you all the discounts and deals this location offers.  

You may find specials on family meals, carry out pizzas, dinner for two, or on a large specialty pizza. Most locations offer Papa Pairings, also referred to as mix and match meal deals. Pick from two or more items offered on the menu and pay only $6.99 each. Choose among Papadias, pizzas, wings, sides, and desserts.

How To Schedule A Delivery

If you are planning a family dinner or sports-watching party, you may want to do some planning. With the order ahead option, you can schedule a delivery for a time that is convenient for you. Just go online and scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will click on ‘ordering.’ Then go to ‘future ordering’ and pick your menu and date and time for delivery. When you pay with credit card, you can order up to three days ahead. This feature is also available 24 hours a day.

The order ahead feature is perfect for big get-togethers, but it also works for smaller orders. Perhaps you know you just have a short time for lunch one day. Order ahead so your food arrives right on time!

Where To Find Specials

Along with searching your neighborhood store for specials, you can be proactive and sign up to receive discounts. You can sign up for text or email notifications, or you can download the app and get app-only deals when you order with your phone.

What kinds of discounts will you find? The specials can change, but you can ensure you will get delicious food. For example, the New York style pizza is a common special. If you have never had this style of pizza before, perhaps it is time to try. It consists of original dough that is stretched by hand to make a thin and oversized pizza. After it is topped with your choice of toppings and baked, it is cut into eight large slices that are perfect for folding in half and eating on the go.

It is easy to find deals on pizzas, but it is also common to find discounts on wings, Papadias, and sides. Beverages and desserts may also be a part of a meal deal or dinner for two.

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