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Luana Lucci’s parents are Jeanette Lucci and Victor Lucci. This duo has provided Luana with a supportive background, likely nurturing her interests and talents from a young age.

While specific details about Jeanette and Victor’s lives and professions may not be widely known, their roles as Luana’s parents are crucial in her personal and possibly professional development. The influence of a nurturing family environment can significantly impact an individual’s growth and achievements.

Luana Lucci's Early Life

Luana Lucci’s Early Life

Born into a family that values privacy, Luana Lucci’s parents have managed to keep a low profile, thereby shielding their identities and professions from the public eye. This level of discretion extends to many details about Luana’s early life, which remains shrouded in mystery, allowing her the freedom to carve out her public persona independent of her family background. What is known, however, is the supportive nature of her family environment, which has undoubtedly played a role in her pursuits and achievements.

Luana Lucci’s Father: Victor Lucci

Victor Lucci, Luana’s father, is a figure who has likely instilled in her the importance of determination and hard work. Though the specifics of his career and personal interests are not widely publicized, the role of a father in providing guidance and support cannot be understated. Victor’s influence on Luana might encompass imparting life lessons, resilience, and the pursuit of one’s passions with integrity and dedication.

Luana Lucci’s Mother: Jeanette Lucci

Jeanette Lucci, Luana’s mother, embodies the nurturing and supportive role that has likely played a crucial part in Luana’s development. Jeanette’s contribution to Luana’s life extends beyond mere care and love; it involves imparting wisdom, emotional strength, and encouragement to explore and fulfill her potential. The bond between Luana and her mother, Jeanette, undoubtedly forms a foundational aspect of her character and aspirations.

Luana Lucci’s Wiki-Style Biography

Luana Lucci’s biography, much like her early life, is a mosaic of public appearances, social media snippets, and the work she has chosen to share with the world. Her activities span various domains, from modeling and fashion blogging to environmental advocacy and digital content creation. Luana’s presence in these spheres is marked by a consistent effort to blend aesthetic appeal with meaningful content, aiming to influence and inspire her audience positively.

Luana Lucci’s Age

Luana Lucci, born in 1999 in Brazil, is currently 25 years old as of 2024. Her exact birthday date is not publicly shown.

Luana Lucci’s Height

Luana Lucci is estimated to be about 5 feet 7 inches tall, a height that complements her modeling and fashion endeavors. Luana Lucci stands out not only for her professional achievements but also for her striking physical appearance. Her physical attributes, coupled with her sense of style, contribute significantly to her brand, allowing her to model various fashion trends and advocate for body positivity and self-confidence.

Luana Lucci’s Career

Luana Lucci and Chad Duell’s Relationship

Chad Duell, known for his role in “General Hospital,” and Luana Lucci, have been in a relationship that quickly captured the hearts of fans. Their romance became public in October 2022, marking a new chapter in both their lives. By April 2023, the couple announced they were expecting their first child, a milestone celebrated across social media platforms. Their journey into parenthood culminated with the birth of their baby boy in September 2023. Throughout, they’ve shared snippets of their life, from adorable home dance videos to candid moments of family joy, showcasing a deep bond and mutual support amidst their new adventures as parents.

Luana Lucci’s Career

Luana Lucci’s career, while still in what might be considered its early stages, boasts several notable highlights. Her work as a model has seen her collaborate with various brands, both on the runway and in print or digital campaigns. Additionally, her role as a social media influencer has allowed her to reach a broad audience, leveraging her platform to discuss important topics such as environmental sustainability, mental health, and the importance of self-care.

Luana Lucci’s Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Luana Lucci’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. This figure suggests that Luana has achieved a significant level of success and financial stability through her endeavors. Whether her wealth comes from a career in entertainment, business, or another field, reaching a net worth of $1 million is a notable milestone. It reflects not only her hard work and dedication but also the smart management of her talents and resources. As Luana continues to build her career and explore new opportunities, her net worth is a testament to her achievements and the potential for further growth and success in her future endeavors.

Luana Lucci’s Instagram

Luana Lucci, a Brazilian model and flight attendant, has gained attention not only for her professional achievements but also for her personal life, particularly her relationship with “General Hospital” star Chad Duell.

Her Instagram account showcases a blend of her work-related posts, personal adventures, and significant life events. Notably, in 2024, Lucci used her platform to share the joyous news of her pregnancy and the subsequent birth of her and Duell’s baby boy, Dawson, in September. Her Instagram serves as a window into her life, reflecting her journey through motherhood, her career, and her moments with Duell.

FAQs: Luana Lucci’s Parents

Who are Luana Lucci’s Parents?

Luana Lucci’s parents are Jeanette Lucci and Victor Lucci. Their support and upbringing have played a crucial role in Luana’s personal and professional development, providing her with the foundation needed to pursue her passions and achieve success in her endeavors.

When is Luana Lucci’s birthday?

Luana Lucci was born in Brazil in 1999, the specific birthday of Luana Lucci is not public. For personalized greetings or celebrations, knowing her exact birth date would be essential, but this information remains private, reflecting her choice to keep certain personal details out of the public domain.

What is Luana Lucci’s nationality?

Luana Lucci is Brazilian. Her nationality plays a significant role in her identity, potentially influencing her cultural perspectives, opportunities, and the unique blend of experiences she brings to her professional and personal life.

There is no public information available to suggest that Luana Lucci is related to Susan Lucci, the American actress famous for her role in “All My Children.” Any connection between Luana and Susan would be speculative without concrete evidence.

How old is Luana Lucci?

No, Luana Lucci is not related to Susan Lucci. Despite sharing the same surname, there is no familial or blood connection between them. This has been confirmed by multiple sources, emphasizing that any perceived relation is merely coincidental.


The story of Luana Lucci and her journey, significantly supported by her parents, Jeanette and Victor Lucci, highlights the foundational role of family in shaping an individual’s path. Jeanette and Victor’s influence is evident in Luana’s achievements and her approach to life and career. As a Brazilian native with a promising future, Luana’s endeavors are underpinned by the values, support, and encouragement her parents have instilled in her. While details about her personal life, such as her birthday and relationship with other notable figures, remain private, what’s clear is the impact of her upbringing. As Luana continues to navigate her career and personal growth, the lessons and love from her parents will undoubtedly remain a guiding force.

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