How to Wear Florals? Women’s Top 5 Secrets

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April 4, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Despite the ever-changing fashion trend, florals will never go out of style. The right mix and match of patterns and colors – coupled with an insightful understanding of your own body strength – will turn anyone into an elegant, graceful star in these lovely items! This article aims to lift beginner confusion and detail how to wear florals the right way. Let’s dive in!

How to Wear Florals? Important Tips to Keep In Mind

1. Experiment With Metallic

Sure, floral patterns alone are attractive enough; but why not spice them up and make yourself stand out even more with some metallic finishes? 

A dash of metallic emblazoned in florals gives more accents to an outfit, creating a three-dimension, lifelike impression for the fabric flowers!

Even luxury brands like Louis Vuitton or Dolce & Gabbana have adopted these styles in recent runway shows – though we do admit such items might look a bit too much for people outside the fashion industry.

Tone your attire by choosing only one floral metallic piece and keep the rest in neutral color/ texture. 

2. Eastern Influences Can Be Your Best Friend

Fashionistas are recently drawn to floral trends with pieces and patterns inspired by Eastern designs. They often comprise satin-like, shiny material with delicate prints in warm colors, such as orange, pink, and red. 

A critical note for Western women: wearing outfits influenced by other continents or countries is nothing problematic or inappropriate. Nevertheless, you should tread with caution to avoid being accused of cultural appropriation.

Only choose items with a dash of Eastern materials and colors, not culturally significant outfits like kimonos, hanboks, or ao dai. 

These outfits only work for the Japanese/ Korean/ Vietnamese or any person that finds meaningful messages in them. Do not flaunt those traditional pieces for your daily fashion. 

3. Get Bolder

Who says florals cannot be daring and bold? Quite the contrary, recent floral trends encourage women to spot the boldest colors and designs possible. 

Small flowery layouts have faded into the past, gradually replaced by huge flowers in vibrant colors! 

Worried that these brazen prints might make you look overcrowded and busy? We understand your concern, but that does not necessarily mean more subdued options are better. 

Simply choose to stick with eye-catching, large-flower central pieces and go with solid colors for the rest. The result is a gorgeous, bold outfit that manages to look just right without being overdone! 

4. Revive Embroideries 

Embroidered clothes have been overused to the point that a lot started considering them as “basic.” The same couldn’t be said about accessories, though; unlike embroidered bodysuits and jeans, they haven’t yet gone out of style! 

And, of course, how could one mention embroidery without sparing a second glance at floral patterns? 

Thousands of accessories, shoes, and handbags feature intricate, beautiful embroidered flowers, which easily transform a mediocre style into stylish and unique. 

You can even take a further step out of the box by adapting floral patterns with textured, beading fabrics! 

5. Go Full Retro

Distinctive retro flairs date back centuries ago to the start of “flower powers” in the 1970s, with crowded prints and cartoonish, oversized flowers in extremely bright themes. 

Note that all of those themes are friendly: yellow, orange, green, and neon blues are notoriously the most difficult colors to wear! If not done well, people might even assume you are wearing dated pieces or children’s costumes.

But when mixed right, retro styles can otherwise elevate your distinctive, stylish layout to a new level. Our advice is, again, to focus on just ONE floral retro piece and stick to modern styles for the rest. 

And consider the occasion for those outfits, too. 

For instance, in biblical meetings, you can never go wrong with flowery, bohemian white pants and simple T-shirts – found in every popular Christian clothing line like Creativity Faith

Spotting a polite yet fashionable look is never easier.

Am I Getting Too Old for Floral Patterns?

Am I Getting Too Old for Floral Patterns
Am I getting too old for it? (Source: Wallpaper Flare).

There is never a “too old” label for anything, including florals. We have seen a lot of women over 50 totally rocking their flowery outfits!

The only thing to pay attention to is the body type. Some petite women might not look so great in oversized flowers, while plus-sized ladies should think twice before picking a dress with tiny prints.

Can Men Wear Florals, Too? 

Yes, though we admit florals are never considered among the options for traditional, canon masculine style. Men will have to play it safer than women if they want to incorporate this tasteful trend into their classic wardrobe.


Learning how to wear florals doesn’t take much effort, really. Pay more attention to your body size and color scheme – while keeping other accessories from getting overcrowded – and you are good to go! Write to us if you still need more advice.

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