How To Watch What Is A Woman Documentary?

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June 5, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

To watch “what is a woman?” Documentary, simply go to the film’s website and follow the instructions.

This groundbreaking documentary explores the complex and controversial topic of gender identity, and features interviews with prominent figures in the trans community. Directed by journalist and filmmaker maria newhall, the film delves into the science, politics, and personal experiences that shape our understanding of gender.

With its thought-provoking content and engaging storytelling, “what is a woman? ” Is a must-watch for anyone interested in the ongoing dialogue around gender identity and expression.

How To Watch What Is A Woman Documentary?


What Is A Woman Documentary And Why You Should Watch It?

Overview Of The Documentary’S Premise

“what is a woman? ” Is a groundbreaking documentary exploring the complex and controversial topic of gender identity. Directed by award-winning filmmaker maria schrader, the documentary delves into the experiences of various women, including scientists, activists, and feminists, who have been silenced and ignored by mainstream media due to their unconventional opinions.

The film seeks to answer the question of what it really means to be a woman, and to challenge the societal norms that have been imposed on women. By examining the issues associated with gender identity, the documentary aims to educate and inform viewers on this important and often-misunderstood topic.

Explanation Of The Significance Of The Documentary In The Current Social Climate

In today’s society, debates surrounding gender identity and the experiences of individuals who do not conform to traditional gender roles have become increasingly prevalent. With the rise of the #metoo movement and other progressive social movements, there has been a growing awareness of the need to examine and challenge the institutionalized biases and discrimination that women face.

“what is a woman? ” Is a crucial contribution to this ongoing conversation. By giving voice to marginalized women, the documentary sheds light on the ways in which gender norms and stereotypes have been used to limit and diminish the experiences of those who do not fit into traditional categories.

Insight Into The Filmmaker’S Motivation And Inspiration Behind The Documentary

As a filmmaker, maria schrader has always been drawn to stories that explore the complexities of the human experience. She was inspired to create “what is a woman? ” After realizing that the voices of many women who do not conform to traditional gender roles were being silenced or ignored.

Schrader’s goal was to create a film that would challenge viewers to consider the ways in which societal norms shape our perceptions of gender, and to encourage conversations around the need for greater acceptance and understanding of diverse gender identities.

Through her work on this documentary, schrader hopes to contribute to a greater understanding of the human experience in all its diversity.

Where Can You Watch What Is A Woman Documentary?

If you’re looking to watch the “what is a woman” documentary, you’re in luck! The film can be easily accessed via various online streaming platforms. In this section, we will go into detail about each of these platforms, including pricing, subscription options, and a step-by-step guide to accessing the documentary.

Detailed Overview Of Online Streaming Platforms Where Users Can Watch The Documentary

  • Vimeo: Vimeo is an online video sharing platform that offers users access to a wide variety of films, including “what is a woman.” The documentary can be rented for $4.99 or purchased for $9.99, allowing for unlimited viewing.
  • Amazon prime video: Amazon prime video allows subscribers to access a wide variety of films, including “what is a woman.” The documentary is available for rent or purchase with prices ranging from $2.99 to $9.99.
  • Apple tv: Users can rent or buy “what is a woman” on apple tv for $3.99 or $9.99, respectively.
  • Google play: Google play also offers users the option to rent or buy the documentary, with prices ranging from $2.99 to $9.99.

Pricing And Subscription Options For Each Platform

  • Vimeo: Users can either rent the documentary for $4.99 or buy it for $9.99, which includes unlimited viewing.
  • Amazon prime video: The documentary can be rented for as low as $2.99 or purchased for $9.99, depending on the platform.
  • Apple tv: Users can rent the documentary for $3.99 or purchase it for $9.99.
  • Google play: The prices for renting and buying the documentary range from $2.99 to $9.99.

Step-By-Step Guide On Accessing The Documentary On Each Platform

  • Vimeo: Simply visit the “what is a woman” page on vimeo and select the “rent” or “buy” option. You will be prompted to enter your payment information, after which you can begin watching the documentary.
  • Amazon prime video: To access the documentary on amazon prime video, simply search for it on the platform or navigate to the “documentaries” section. From there, select the rental or purchase option and enter your payment information.
  • Apple tv: On apple tv, search for “what is a woman” and select either the rental or purchase option. Follow the prompts to enter your payment information and start watching the documentary.
  • Google play: Locate the “what is a woman” page on google play and select either the rental or purchase option. Input your payment details to gain access to the documentary.

“what is a woman” can easily be accessed on a variety of streaming platforms, including vimeo, amazon prime video, apple tv, and google play. Users can choose to rent or purchase the documentary, with prices ranging from $2. 99 to $9.

99, depending on the platform. By following our step-by-step guide, you can easily access and start watching the documentary in no time.

Understanding The Key Themes And Takeaways From What Is A Woman Documentary

What is a woman is a documentary film (released in 2019) about the controversy surrounding the definition of womanhood, in the context of gender and sexuality. The film has sparked impactful debates and discussions, both online and offline, since its release.

Discussion Of The Primary Themes And Issues Explored In The Documentary

The documentary explores several core themes and crucial issues. Here are some key takeaways from it:

  • The film outlines tensions between the trans community and feminists, who disagree on the definition of womanhood.
  • The film delves into the concept of biological sex, gender identity, and the rights of trans people.
  • The role of social media and the online world is also discussed in-depth.
  • The documentary provides a platform to hear the views of both transgender people and feminists, to foster understanding, and prompt conversations about gender identity.

Analysis Of The Impact Of The Documentary On The Gender And Lgbtq+ Community

Since the release of what is a woman, the documentary has caused significant upheaval in the gender and lgbtq+ community. Here are some takeaways that show the impact of the documentary:

  • The film has encouraged rigorous debate, dialogue, and greater understanding between trans activists and feminists.
  • The documentary has also led to important conversations about the visibility of trans women in public spaces, and how trans women can coexist with other women in these spaces.
  • The documentary has contributed to revisiting essential human rights and the perception of gender in modern times.

Expert Opinions And Insights On The Significance Of The Documentary In Contemporary Society

Opinions from experts and society as a whole could not be absent from this documentary:

  • Some experts in this field argue that the documentary perpetuates harm and damaging misinformation.
  • Many have praised the director for their bravery in opening up a conversation that many consider taboo, and some suggest it has helped to articulate a conversation that would have gone unspoken earlier.
  • The work has sparked a healthy debate on how language, human rights, and equality are interwoven.

Ultimately, what is a woman is a thought-provoking and compelling work of art that has generated valuable dialogue and controversy. The documentary heightens discussions on a timely and sensitive topic- gender and sexuality.

How To Support The Advocacy Behind What Is A Woman Documentary

As a powerful documentary that shines light on the experiences of women, what is a woman has generated a lot of buzz and interest. To fully support the advocacy behind this informative film, there are several ways you can help keep the conversation going.

Here are some suggestions:

Highlighting The Activism And Advocacy Behind The Documentary

  • One of the key themes of the documentary is activism, and the powerful voices of women. You can support this advocacy by sharing your views on social media and various platforms to remind everyone of the importance of women’s issues.
  • Highlighting the work of feminists in the public eye, and providing a space for conversation, can help to ensure that this advocacy remains visible.
  • Participating in organized events and non-profit groups that center support for women can help to further empower the movement.

Suggestions On How Viewers Can Engage With The Advocacy Surrounding The Documentary

  • Engage with the advocacy and activism surrounding the documentary by joining hands with a community working to promote change.
  • Available media generate numerous avenues to listen to experts, learn more about the issues, and engage in conversations with people who share your beliefs.
  • Share your results and thoughts about the topics presented in the documentary with like-minded people, fostering a space for conversation that can spark future changes within the society.

Ways To Contribute To Social Change And Continue The Conversation Prompted By The Documentary

  • Elevate conversations around women’s rights by participating in offline events such as marches, speeches or discussions, and making donations to organizations that fight for women’s emancipation.
  • Use your skills, especially in writing, to engage in grassroots outreach, e.g. Articles, blogs, and tweeting, to inform yourself and your followers on women’s experiences, triumphs and fights.
  • Promote the documentary and issues it highlights among your friends, family, and local community. A simple way to do this is by recommending the film to friends and holding conversational spaces.

What is a woman documentary serves as an educational tool to spur conversations and encourage the public on conferring the challenges women face. By staying active and educating others about why the advocacy is necessary, we can continue the conversations about women’s issues and secure social changes for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Watch What Is A Woman Documentary?

What Is What Is A Woman Documentary?

‘what is a woman’ is a documentary about the definition and experiences of womanhood in trans-inclusive feminism.

Who Made The What Is A Woman Documentary?

The ‘what is a woman’ documentary was made by a british filmmaker, maria maclachlan.

Where Can I Watch The What Is A Woman Documentary?

You can watch the ‘what is a woman’ documentary on vimeo with a rental fee.

What Is The Running Time Of What Is A Woman Documentary?

The ‘what is a woman’ documentary has a running time of 72 minutes.

Why Was The What Is A Woman Documentary Made?

The ‘what is a woman’ documentary was made to explore the issues trans-inclusive feminism poses to the broader women’s rights movement.


After streamlining on the various ways on how to watch what is a woman documentary, it’s appreciated how times have changed, and women have been empowered. The film is a voice for the voiceless, giving women a chance to express what they go through and their contribution to societal growth.

There are several ways to watch the documentary, depending on your location and preference, making it readily available and accessible to everyone globally. Streaming sites like netflix and amazon prime have the movie in their database for their subscribers, while others might consider renting or buying it online on sites like google play or apple itunes.

With the growth in technology and society’s shift towards gender equality, this documentary comes at the perfect time and should be watched by everyone to realize the power and contributions that women bring to society.

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