How To Make Your Bitmoji Pregnant?

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March 22, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Making your Bitmoji pregnant is a fun and easy process. First, open the app on your device and log in to your account. Once you have logged in, tap on the avatar icon located at the top left corner of the screen.

Next, select ‘Customize’ from the list of options presented on-screen. Now scroll down until you find ‘Pregnant’ under Body Type section and select it. You can now choose between two different body shapes; one with a baby bump or no baby bump at all.

Depending upon what you want to create, pick an option accordingly and move onto further customization steps like hairstyle, clothes etc., Finally press ‘Done’ when finished creating your Bitmoji mommy!

How to Make your Bitmoji’s Pregnant

  • Step 1: Download the Bitmoji app
  • The Bitmoji app is available for free on both Apple and Android devices
  • Step 2: Log in to your account or create a new one if you don’t already have an existing profile
  • Step 3: Tap on the “Edit My Avatar” button at the top of your screen
  • This will open up a variety of customization options, including clothing and accessories that you can add to your avatar
  • Step 4: Scroll down until you find the “Pregnancy” option under clothing categories and tap on it to select it as an item for your avatar
  • You will be able to choose from different styles of pregnancy outfits when this option is selected
  • Step 5: Once you have chosen a pregnancy outfit, press save at the bottom right hand corner of your screen and then exit out of the edit mode by pressing done in the top right corner of your screen once again
  • Your Bitmoji should now appear pregnant!

How to Remove Pregnant Bitmoji

Removing a pregnant Bitmoji is easy and can be done in just a few steps. First, open the Bitmoji app on your device and select the “Me” tab at the bottom of your screen. From there, click on “Edit Avatar” and then choose “Pregnancy Status.”

Finally, select “Not Pregnant” to remove the pregnancy from your avatar. Once you have completed these steps, you will no longer see a pregnant version of your Bitmoji!

Pregnant Bitmoji Iphone

The Pregnant Bitmoji Iphone app is a fun way for expecting parents to keep track of their pregnancy and share the exciting news with family and friends. It allows users to create customized avatars that represent them in different stages of their pregnancy, from the first trimester through to delivery day. With this app, users can easily customize outfits and accessories, set reminders for doctor’s appointments or baby showers, check out helpful tips and articles related to prenatal care, record special moments in a timeline format, as well as find support groups nearby.

How to Make Your Bitmoji Pregnant 2022

Making your Bitmoji pregnant in 2022 is an easy process. First, open your Bitmoji app and select the ‘Create’ button. Then, scroll down to find the ‘Pregnant’ option under the ‘Appearance’ tab.

Once you have made your selection, click on it and follow the instructions to customize your avatar however you’d like! You can choose from a variety of skin tones, hair styles, clothing options and more to make your character look just how you want them to before finally clicking ‘Save’. After that’s done, congratulations!

You’ve successfully made your own pregnant Bitmoji for 2022.

How to Make Your Bitmoji Shirtless

If you’re looking to show off your beach bod in the virtual realm, making a shirtless Bitmoji is easy. All you need to do is open up the Bitmoji app and select “Edit My Avatar” from the main menu. Then tap on “Clothing” and scroll down until you find shirts and tank tops.

Once there, simply select any of these items and then choose either no shirt or no tank top from the options that appear below it; your avatar will be automatically updated with a shirtless look!

How to Make Your Bitmoji Look Like You

Creating a Bitmoji that looks like you is surprisingly easy! All you need to do is start by downloading the Bitmoji app and creating an account. Once you are in, you can customize your avatar’s facial features, hair color, clothing options, and more to make it look just like yourself.

You can also sync your Bitmoji with Snapchat so your friends can recognize who they’re talking to! With some time and effort, you’ll be able to create a customized avatar that will be an exact representation of yourself.

How To Make Your Bitmoji Pregnant?


How Do I Make My Bitmoji Look Like Me?

To make your Bitmoji look like you, start by selecting an avatar that resembles you in terms of facial features and body type. Then, choose the right skin tone, hair color and style to match yours. You can also customize your Bitmoji’s clothing with clothes that resemble what you would wear in real life.

Finally, add accessories such as glasses or a hat to complete the look! Once you have finished creating your own unique avatar, share it on social media or use it as part of a personalized emoji keyboard for messaging friends. With just a few simple steps, you can create a lifelike digital version of yourself!

Where is Bitmoji Deluxe?

Bitmoji Deluxe is a premium version of the popular Bitmoji app available for both iOS and Android devices. It was released in April 2017, with additional features such as hundreds of new hairstyles, skin tones, facial features and outfits to help users customize their avatar. The app also offers 3D-like animations that bring your avatars to life when chatting or sending messages.

To access Bitmoji Deluxe, you need to open the regular Bitmoji app on either an iOS or Android device and then tap the “Create” button at the top right corner of the screen. From there, you’ll be able to choose from dozens of deluxe options that will let you create a more realistic avatar than ever before!

Can You Have Two Bitmojis?

Yes, you can have two Bitmojis! With the launch of the app in 2014, it has become possible for users to create multiple avatars that they can use as virtual representations of themselves. This means that you are able to customize and design different characters or avatars within one account.

Once created, these Bitmojis can be used across various platforms including WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage – simply copy and paste your avatar into conversations with friends and family. Furthermore you can also link your Google account so that all of your Bitmojis are easily accessible from any device connected to the internet. So if you want more than one look for yourself online then having two or more Bitmojis is a great option!

How Do I Customize My Bitmoji Clothes?

Customizing your Bitmoji clothes is a great way to make sure that you are always dressed in the style and colors that you like. To customize your clothing, open the Bitmoji app, select “My Look” from the menu bar at the top of your screen, then choose which item of clothing you would like to change. You can browse through dozens of different items including shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and shoes.

Once you have selected an item to customize it will bring up a list of styles and colors for each piece of clothing so that you can pick out exactly what looks best for your avatar! When finished customizing, hit save and all changes will be applied to your avatar automatically.


Overall, making your Bitmoji pregnant is a fun and creative way to express yourself. With the easy step-by-step guide outlined in this blog post, you can easily create an accurate representation of what pregnancy might look like for you. You can also customize it further by adding accessories or changing up your outfit.

So go ahead and show off that baby bump!

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