How To Become A Foster Parent In Ny?

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October 16, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Foster parents play a vital role in the lives of children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, or other difficult circumstances. If you live in New York and are interested in becoming a foster parent, there are some important things you need to know. First and foremost, you must be at least 21 years old and have a stable income.

You will also need to pass a criminal background check and complete training courses on child development and parenting. Once you have met all of these requirements, you can then contact your local foster care agency to begin the application process.

  • The first step is to contact your local county department of social services or child welfare agency and inquire about foster care
  • The next step is to attend an orientation meeting
  • After that, you will need to complete a home study which includes fingerprinting, background checks and interviews
  • Once you are approved, you will be able to start fostering children

Foster Care Ny

When a child is removed from their home by Child Protective Services, they become a ward of the state. In New York, that means they are placed in foster care. While in foster care, the state becomes responsible for their well-being and safety.

The goal of foster care is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children until they can be reunited with their families or, if that is not possible, placed in a permanent home through adoption or guardianship. There are nearly 50,000 children in foster care in New York State. The average length of time a child spends in foster care is about two years, but some children remain in foster care for much longer.

Foster parents play a critical role in the lives of these children. They provide them with a temporary home and love and support during a difficult time. Foster parents receive training and support from the state to help them meet the unique needs of each child in their care.

How To Become A Foster Parent In Ny?


How Much Do Foster Parents Get Paid in Ny?

In New York, the average foster parent receives a stipend of $18.72 per day to help offset the costs of caring for a foster child. The stipend amount may vary depending on the specific needs of the child, such as if they require special medical care or have other unique circumstances. Additionally, some counties in New York offer additional financial assistance to their foster parents beyond the state-mandated stipend.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Foster Parent New York?

The process of becoming a foster parent in New York can vary depending on the county in which you live. However, there is typically a four- to six-month timeframe from beginning the application process to being approved and licensed as a foster parent. The first step is to attend an orientation meeting, which are offered by most counties’ social services departments.

At this meeting, you will learn about the requirements for becoming a foster parent and what the expectations are. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. After attending the orientation meeting, you will need to complete an application.

This will include providing personal information, references, and undergoing a criminal background check and home study assessment. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will be contacted to schedule additional trainings required for all potential foster parents in New York State. These trainings cover topics such as child development, safety planning, and working with birth families.

Once you have completed all of the required steps and trainings, you will be ready to welcome a child into your home!

How Much Does It Cost to Foster a Child in New York?

There are a few different ways to become a foster parent in New York. The first is through the New York Foundling, which is a private agency. The second way is through the Administration for Children’s Services, which is the public agency.

And the third way is through Catholic Charities. The cost of fostering a child in New York will depend on which agency you use and what type of foster care you choose. For example, if you use the New York Foundling, it will cost you $2,500 to become a certified foster parent.

If you use ACS, it will cost you nothing to become a certified foster parent. If you choose to foster through Catholic Charities, they have two programs: one for infants and one for toddlers. The infant program costs $3,500 per year and the toddler program costs $4,000 per year.

How Long Does a Parent Have to Get Their Child Back from Foster Care?

In the United States, a parent has up to one year to get their child back from foster care. After that, the child may be placed with another family permanently. The time frame varies from state to state, but is generally between six months and two years.

Become a Foster Parent in New York


If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent in New York, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old and have a clean criminal record. You’ll also need to complete a home study, which is an evaluation of your home and family life.

Once you’ve completed these requirements, you’ll be able to start the process of becoming a foster parent!

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