How Long Do Baby Raccoons Stay With Their Mom?

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October 15, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Baby raccoons stay with their mother for about a year before they strike out on their own. During that time, the mother teaches her young ones how to find food and shelter, and how to avoid predators. The babies also learn social skills by playing with their littermates.

Once they’re ready to leave the nest, they disperse in different directions to find mates and establish their own territories.

Most baby animals are born helpless and need their mothers to care for them until they can fend for themselves. This is especially true of baby raccoons, who are born blind and rely on their mothers for food and protection. So, how long do baby raccoons stay with their mom?

The short answer is that baby raccoons stay with their mother until they reach maturity at around 18 months old. However, some young raccoons may remain with their mother for up to two years before striking out on their own. During this time, the mother raccoon will teach her offspring how to find food, build dens, and avoid predators.

Once the young raccoon has learned these essential skills, it will be ready to live independently in the wild. So if you see a cute little raccoon running around on its own, chances are it’s not lost or abandoned – it’s just grown up and ready to start its life in the great outdoors!

How Long Do Baby Raccoons Stay With Their Mom?


Can a 3 Month Old Raccoon Survive on Its Own?

A three-month old raccoon is still very dependent on its mother and would not be able to survive on its own in the wild. It takes several months for a young raccoon to learn all of the skills it needs to survive, such as finding food and shelter, avoiding predators, and dealing with extreme weather conditions. If a young raccoon is orphaned or separated from its mother, its chances of survival are very slim.

Do Raccoons Stay Together As a Family?

A family of raccoons is typically made up of a mother and her offspring. Although the father may sometimes be present, he generally does not play a role in raising the young. Once the baby raccoons are old enough to fend for themselves, they will leave their mother and strike out on their own.

Raccoons typically live for around two to three years in the wild.

Do Mother Raccoons Leave Their Babies During the Day?

No, mother raccoons do not leave their babies during the day. The young are born blind and helpless, and rely on their mother for warmth, food, and protection. The mother will stay with her young until they are old enough to fend for themselves, typically around 3-4 months of age.

Once the offspring are independent, the family unit will disperse and each member will go off to find their own territory.

Do Baby Racoons Stay Together?

Raccoons are interesting creatures. Though they typically live alone, they will form small groups when it comes to raising their young. It is not uncommon to see a mother raccoon with her two or three offspring following close behind her.

The baby raccoons will stay together until they are old enough to fend for themselves, which is usually around the age of one year old. After that, they will go their separate ways and find their own homes.

How Long Do Baby Raccoons Take To Grow Up?

Baby Raccoon Age Chart

When it comes to baby raccoons, there is no one definitive age chart. This is because different factors can affect a raccoon’s growth and development. For example, if a baby raccoon is born in captivity, it may not reach the same size or weight as one born in the wild.

Additionally, male and female raccoons often differ in size, with males typically being larger than females. That said, there are some general guidelines that can be used to estimate a baby raccoon’s age. One common method is to look at the animal’s teeth.

Baby raccoons have 26 temporary teeth, which they will start to lose around 4 months of age. By 6 months old, most baby raccoons will have lost all their temporary teeth and replaced them with 42 adult teeth. Another way to estimate a young raccoon’s age is by its weight; on average, newborns weigh between 3-5 ounces (85-140 grams), while 6-month-olds weigh between 2-4 pounds (900-1800 grams).

If you come across a baby raccoon and are unsure of its age, your best bet is to contact a local wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian for help. They will be able to assess the animal and provide you with more specific information about its age.


A baby raccoon, or kit, spends the first few months of its life with its mother. After that, it’s time for the young raccoon to strike out on its own.

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