How Far Will A Mother Cat Move Her Kittens?

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July 6, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

A mother cat will move her kittens to a new location if she feels they are in danger or if she is looking for a more suitable place to raise them. She will usually carry them one by one in her mouth to the new location. If the kittens are too heavy for her to carry, she may drag them along by their necks.

When it comes to moving her kittens, a mother cat will usually only go as far as she needs to in order to find a safe and suitable location. This could be a few feet away from where she gave birth, or it could be several miles. In either case, the mother cat will carefully carry her kittens one by one to their new home.

There are a number of reasons why a mother cat might move her kittens. She may want to find a place where there is more food or water, or where there are no predators. Sometimes, a mother cat will move her kittens if she feels like they are in danger.

Whatever the reason, a mother cat is very protective of her kittens and will do whatever she can to keep them safe. So, if you see a mother cat moving her kittens, don’t worry – she knows what she’s doing!

Mother Cat Moves her Day Old Kittens! Why?

How often do cats move their kittens?

Most cats will move their kittens at least once during their first few weeks of life. Some cats may move them more often, while others may only do it once or twice. It is thought that this behavior helps the kittens learn to hunt and survive on their own.

Will a mother cat come back for kittens?

A mother cat will usually only abandon her kittens if they are sick or if she herself is sick. If the kittens are healthy and she is healthy, she will most likely stick around and take care of them.

Do feral kittens stay with their mother?

Yes, feral kittens stay with their mother until they are old enough to fend for themselves, which is typically around 6-8 months of age. After that, they will disperse from the group and live on their own.

How do stray kittens survive?

Stray kittens are born outdoors and are not socialized to humans. They are at a high risk of injury or death because they don’t know how to avoid predators or cars. Stray kittens also don’t have access to proper nutrition and shelter.

The best way to help a stray kitten is to bring them to a local animal shelter. The staff at the shelter can socialize the kitten and get them started on proper nutrition. They will also be able to find the kitten a good home.

How Far Will A Mother Cat Move Her Kittens?


Where do cats hide their kittens outside?

When it comes to finding a hiding spot for her kittens, a mother cat is usually very strategic. She will often choose a place that is secluded, yet still close enough to her own territory so she can keep an eye on them. Some common places where cats will hide their kittens outside include:

1. Under a Porch or Deck One of the most popular places for a mother cat to hide her kittens is under a porch or deck. This provides them with plenty of shelter from the elements, while still allowing the mother cat to keep an eye on them.

2. In a Shed or Garage Another common hiding spot for kittens is in a shed or garage. This is especially true if the area is not frequently used by humans.

The kittens will have plenty of space to move around and the mother cat will be able to keep an eye on them from a distance. 3. Under a Bush or Tree Another popular hiding spot for kittens is under a bush or tree.

This provides them with some camouflage from predators, while still allowing the mother cat to keep an eye on them. 4. In a Hollow Log A hollow log is another great hiding spot for kittens.

It provides them with plenty of shelter and the mother cat can still keep an eye on them. 5. In a Hole in the Ground A hole in the ground is another popular hiding spot for kittens.

Why would a feral cat move her kittens?

There are many reasons a feral cat may move her kittens. One reason may be because she is looking for a new and safer place to raise them. Another reason may be that the area she is currently in does not have enough food or resources for her and her kittens.

She may also move them if she feels threatened or if there are too many other animals in the area. Whatever the reason, a feral cat will usually only move her kittens when she feels it is absolutely necessary.

Can a mother cat find her kittens if moved?

Yes, a mother cat can find her kittens if they are moved. If the kittens are moved far away, the mother cat may have a more difficult time finding them. The best thing to do if you need to move the kittens is to put them in a carrier and take them with you when you move.


In this blog post, the author discusses how far a mother cat will move her kittens. The author cites a study that found that mother cats will move their kittens an average of 12 meters away from the nest. The author also notes that mother cats will typically only move their kittens if they feel that the kittens are in danger.

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