How Do You Say Mom in French?

In French, you say “mom” as “maman.” It is a conversational term for mother.

When speaking French, you’d commonly refer to your mother as “maman,” akin to how you’d use “mom” in English. This term conveys warmth and familiarity in the French language, reflecting a close bond within families. It is a simple yet endearing way to address one’s mother, highlighting the universal love and respect for mothers across cultures.

The word “maman” is deeply rooted in the French language and culture, embodying the cherished relationship between a child and their mother.

Different Words For Mom In French

In French, there are several words for “mom,” including “maman,” “mère,” and “ma mère. ” Informally, “maman” is commonly used to address one’s mother. These words are feminine nouns, and they express endearment and respect toward the mother figure in French-speaking cultures.


In French, when referring to their mothers, many people use the word “maman,” which is the informal way of saying “mom” or “mommy.” The term carries a sense of affection and closeness. It’s similar to the casual English term “mom.”


Another word for “mom” in French is “mère.” Unlike “maman,” this term is more formal and generally used in a respectful or distant context, similar to the English word “mother.”


Some French speakers also use “mama” to refer to their mothers. This term is less commonly used compared to “maman” but still holds the same meaning as “mom” or “mama” in English.

Overall, the French language offers different words to express endearing and respectful ways of addressing mothers, giving speakers various options to cater to their specific context and emotions.

Pronunciation Of Mom In French

Learning how to say “mom” in French is a delightful experience as the language offers various charming terms to express this endearing relationship. Let’s explore the different pronunciations:

La Méré

“La Méré” is a formal and elegant way to refer to “mom” in French. This term carries a sense of respect and sophistication in its pronunciation.


“Maman” is a widely used and affectionate term for “mom” in French. It is a sweet and loving way to address one’s mother, commonly heard in everyday conversations.


“Mama” is a more informal and intimate term for “mom” in French. It conveys a sense of closeness and warmth, often used in a relaxed setting between family members.

Conversational Way Of Addressing Mom In French

In French, a conversational way to address your mom is by saying “maman,” which is similar to “mom” in English. It’s a warm and affectionate term used to refer to mothers in a casual manner.


Maman is the informal French term for mom. It is commonly used in conversations to address one’s mother.


La Mére or la mama are formal ways to refer to mother in French. However, maman is more commonly used in everyday speech.

In French, maman is pronounced as mamahn, resembling the English word ‘mom’.


Saying oui to using maman to address your mom when speaking French!

Other Ways To Refer To Parents In French

In French, “maman” is a casual term for Mom, while “mère” is a more formal term for mother. The slang for mother includes “maman,” “mère,” “père,” and “papa. “

Maman And Papa

In French, maman is the equivalent of “mom” or “mum” in English. It is an informal and affectionate term used to refer to one’s mother. On the other hand, papa is the term for “dad” in French. Both maman and papa are widely used in the French language to address or refer to parents.

Translations Of Mom In French

In French, “mom” is translated as “maman. ” It’s the informal way of addressing one’s mother, just like the English word ‘mom. ‘ Similarly, “mother” in French is translated as “mère,” which is a more formal term. Both words are commonly used in everyday conversation.

Bonjour, Maman

Bonjour, maman, or simply “hello, mom” in English, is a common and affectionate way to greet your mother in French. The word “bonjour” translates to “hello” or “good day” and is used as a common greeting in French-speaking countries. Adding “maman” after “bonjour” is a warm and endearing way to address your mom.

Ma Mère

Another way to say “mom” in French is “ma mère,” which directly translates to “my mother” in English. In French, possessive pronouns like “my” are gender-specific, so “ma” is used for feminine nouns like “mère.” Using “ma mère” is a more formal and respectful way to refer to your mother.

Je Suis La Mère De Ces Cinq Enfants

“Je suis la mère de ces cinq enfants” translates to “I am the mother of these five children” in English. This phrase can be used to introduce yourself as a mother or to emphasize your role as a mother. It showcases the importance and pride that comes with being a mom.

There are various ways to say “mom” in French, depending on the context and level of formality. Whether it’s the warm and affectionate “bonjour, maman,” the respectful “ma mère,” or proudly declaring “je suis la mère de ces cinq enfants,” each phrase captures the love and significance of the maternal bond.

Learning French Vocabulary For Family Members

When learning a new language, it’s essential to start with the basics, including how to refer to family members. In French, there are several different terms for each family member, depending on the level of formality. In this section, we will explore some common vocabulary words for family members in French, focusing on the terms for “mom.”


One of the most common ways to say “mom” in French is maman. It is pronounced as “ma-mahn” and is a conversational and affectionate way to refer to one’s mother. Similar to the English word “mom,” maman is familiar and often used in everyday conversations.


Just as maman is the informal term for “mom,” papa is the equivalent for “dad” in French. It is pronounced as “pa-pa” and is a casual and endearing way to address one’s father. Papa is often used by children and families in a familiar setting.


Mamie is the French term for “grandma.” It is pronounced as “ma-mee.” The term mamie carries a sense of warmth and affection and is often used by grandchildren to refer to their grandmothers.


Similar to mamie, papi is the French term for “grandpa.” It is pronounced as “pa-pee.” Papi is an endearing and familiar term used by grandchildren to address their grandfathers.


Tonton is the French term for “uncle.” It is pronounced as “ton-ton.” The word tonton carries a sense of closeness and familiarity and is commonly used by nieces and nephews to refer to their uncles.


Similarly, tata is the French term for “aunt.” It is pronounced as “ta-ta.” Similar to tonton, the term tata is a familiar and affectionate way for nieces and nephews to address their aunts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do The French Call Their Mother?

In French, the word for mother is “maman. “

What Is The French Slang For Mother?

The French slang for mother is “maman. “

What Is The French Nickname For Mother?

The French nickname for mother is “maman. ” It is the informal and conversational way of addressing one’s mother.

What Does Maman Mean?

Maman means “mom” in French, used informally to address one’s mother. It is a common term in French-speaking regions.

How Do You Say “mom” In French?

In French, “mom” is pronounced as “maman,” which is a feminine noun.


In French, the term for “mom” is “maman,” which is the informal way of addressing your mother. It’s a conversational and endearing term, much like the English word “mom. ” So, when addressing your mother in French, you can use the affectionate term “maman” to show your love and respect.

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