How Behavioural Intervention Programs Can Benefit Children And Their Parents

May 29, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Taking care of their children is the number one priority in the lives of a parent. Seeing them develop from birth on to that magic moment when they utter their first words and then start to toddle about and grow live in the memory forever. In no time at all, it is time to consider their schooling as they begin making friends with other little playmates.

However, sometimes not all is plain sailing. Parents might notice that as their child continues to develop it has a limited attention span and suffers from mood swings as not much seems to be resonating. This is a time when it is good to seek expert advice from qualified clinicians who can often assist in providing intensive behavioural intervention

The EIBI, or Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention, is delivered by a support group with qualified clinicians who know exactly how to assist children between the ages in the early years in helping to prevent poor outcomes in later life. The typical programs last between 12 and 25 hours of therapy a week, which can be sometimes in the home, at preschool, or at the clinic where they are based. The programs are overseen by a designated manager and the involvement of a small team of practitioners.

The continual development of the child is closely monitored throughout as targets are set at regular meetings where parents coaching takes place, which will provide them with the skills so that they can play a huge part in naturally providing assistance and training for their kids in ensuring that behaviour improves by creating the right environment, and understanding how it improves through positive feedback and language while accepting and learning how to reinforce discipline in a measured way so that significant changes will occur. One way to help in the process might be to encourage a child to learn music.

It is important that any Australian parents worried about their child’s development and behaviour to contact professionals who will show compassion and understanding. There is no need to be worried about the financial implications as successful applicants will have their costs covered by the Australian Government through NDIS.

The skilled, qualified team will use the techniques which have been based on the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), allowing them to achieve the best results through experience and their accrued knowledge to deliver the best results so that each child and parent are provided with the best opportunity to see improvements that can be carried forward as the years progress. A fascinating visit to the royal mint, may create interest and a passion to follow.

EIBI can be a huge help to children with autism as it encourages social interaction and behaviours, as well as developing their aptitude for language and communication, while also promoting playing and having fun with others.

Every child deserves the opportunity to be able to progress and enjoy the same social skills as their peers. Parenting isn’t always easy, so getting help at times is a sensible course of action.

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