Child Room Decorations: Blending Fun and Functionality for the Perfect Space

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March 28, 2024 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Furniture that serves multiple functions is always smart in children’s rooms, and Marie Flanigan has created this multifunctional daybed to serve multiple roles: feedings at bedtime, reading time and sleepovers! Plus it comes complete with floral wallpaper and neutral tones to complete the picture!

An earth-inspired wallpaper brings soothing style to any child room, whether its trailing floral mural, wood motif, or forest scene is it. Plus, decorative accents like wreaths and garlands add additional fun and playfulness! And you can even go full out with a dinosaur skeletons decoration.

Bold Floral Wallpaper

Floral patterns create an exquisite accent wall for any room, whether that means using Ghislaine Vinas’ nursery in lilac hues or opt for more classic pink tones for this baby girl’s bedroom. Floral wallpaper elevates interior design by marrying natural aesthetics with sophisticated style.

Bold botanical prints make an excellent choice for children’s rooms as they won’t quickly date like other styles, like primary colors or polka dots. Plus, they pair nicely with other decor pieces, like geometric-patterned rugs from Nubie Kids or playful animal heads from Smallable!

Furniture designed for children’s rooms should always be flexible, as their needs change quickly as they outgrow cribs or toddler beds. Marie Flanigan utilized an adaptable daybed as part of her daughter’s room; not only is it cozy for reading and napping sessions but can be easily converted to become a twin bed with a trundle for sleepovers when it’s time.

Woodland Theme

Woodland nursery decor is a popular and gender-neutral choice that’s both soothing and inspiring. Flower wallpaper and animal portraits add feminine details, while natural touches such as wood accents, twig letters and greenery create a welcoming space for baby to grow up in.

An adventurous bedroom themed after nature will certainly encourage outdoor pursuits for boys or girls of either gender. Bring natural elements like teepees and wood furniture to make sure that your little explorer feels safe when exploring their environment.

Woodland-themed baby showers make an excellent way to announce or not find out the gender of their child, with its rustic elements like curious foxes and owls, colorful mushrooms, and inviting atmosphere making for an entertaining woodland-themed celebration.

Simple IKEA Picture Ledges

Preparing your child’s room is an exciting journey and while you want the space to look gorgeous, safety must always come first. Ikea hacks provide an easy solution for creating functional yet attractive child room designs using affordable furniture solutions from the store.

Here, a mosslanda picture ledge has been used as an attractive display shelf, painted to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings for a minimalist yet stylish aesthetic. Ideal for showing off photos, postcards or favourite quotes!

If your wall space doesn’t allow for full shelving units, use several RIBBA picture ledges as hallway storage solutions. Screw hooks into each ledge so you have somewhere to hang hats, umbrellas or coats and make an attractive feature in your hallway; additionally it makes an excellent place to organisejewellery – make it more personal by attaching decorative knobs onto each hook for extra personalisation!

Feather Wallpaper

Children’s room wallpaper can help transform the appearance of any child’s bedroom. There is an array of themes from nature, space and cartoon characters available. Some wallpapers also contain educational patterns which help children learn alphabet letters or their name.

Feather wallpaper designs are becoming an increasingly popular trend and can add drama and flair to any room. From bold primary hues in fine lined illustrations to subtler hues with asymmetrical feather motifs, feather wallpaper designs add excitement and personality.

Some designs feature ordered patterns with geometric outlines for an aesthetically pleasing effect, making them great for living rooms as well as bedrooms and feature walls. Others have more random patterns that would work better in nurseries. When making your selection, take your child’s age and preferences into account – otherwise it may become hard for them to enjoy that space!

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