Can You Eat Custard While Pregnant?

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March 15, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Yes, you can eat custard while pregnant. Custard is a food made from eggs, milk, and sugar that is thickened with cornstarch or flour. It is safe to eat custard during pregnancy as long as it is cooked thoroughly.

  • Check with your doctor to make sure eating custard is safe for you and your baby during pregnancy
  • Choose a healthy custard recipe that uses fresh, organic ingredients
  • Make sure the custard is cooked thoroughly before eating it
  • Enjoy your delicious, nutritious custard!
Can You Eat Custard While Pregnant?


Can We Eat Custard During Pregnancy?

Assuming you are referring to whether or not eating custard is safe during pregnancy, the answer is yes, it should be fine. Of course, as with anything else you eat while pregnant, it is best to moderation and to check with your doctor if you have any concerns. Custard is a mixture of milk or cream and eggs, thickened with cornstarch or flour.

It can be cooked on the stovetop or in the oven. While the ingredients in custard are generally considered safe for pregnant women to consume, there are a few potential risks to be aware of. For example, raw eggs can sometimes contain bacteria like salmonella which can lead to food poisoning.

So it’s important that the custard is cooked thoroughly before eating. Also, if you are using unpasteurized milk or cream in your recipe, there is a small risk of contracting listeria – another type of food poisoning that can be particularly dangerous for pregnant women. Again, these risks can be minimized by cooking the custard thoroughly and using pasteurized dairy products.

If you have any concerns about eating custard during pregnancy, talk to your doctor or midwife before indulging.

Does Custard Have Raw Egg?

Custard is a delicious, creamy dessert that can be made in many different ways. One of the most common questions about custard is whether or not it contains raw egg. The answer to this question depends on the recipe you are using.

Some recipes for custard do call for raw eggs, while others use cooked eggs or no eggs at all. If you are using a recipe that calls for raw eggs, there is a risk of foodborne illness if the eggs are not properly cooked. However, this risk can be minimized by using fresh, high-quality eggs and taking care to cook the custard slowly and carefully.

If you are concerned about Raw Egg safety, you can also look for recipes that use cooked eggs or no eggs at all.

Can You Eat Soft-Serve Custard While Pregnant?

Yes, you can eat soft-serve custard while pregnant. However, it is important to check with your healthcare provider first to make sure that the custard is pasteurized and does not contain raw eggs. Raw eggs can pose a risk of salmonella infection, which can be dangerous for both you and your baby.

Pasteurized eggs are safe to eat during pregnancy. If you are craving custard but want to avoid the risk altogether, there are some recipes online for eggless custard that you can make at home.

Is Custard Good for Morning Sickness?

Assuming you are referring to the dessert known as custard, the answer is no, custard is not good for morning sickness. Morning sickness is caused by an increase in the hormone progesterone and can be exacerbated by a number of other factors such as strong smells, certain foods, and stress. While there is no cure for morning sickness, there are a few things you can do to try and ease the symptoms including eating small meals throughout the day, avoidingtrigger foods, and getting plenty of rest.

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Can I Eat Custard When Pregnant Nhs

Custard is a delicious dessert that can be enjoyed by everyone, including pregnant women. Although there are some risks to consider when eating custard during pregnancy, these are generally low and can be easily avoided by following a few simple guidelines. As custard contains eggs, there is a small risk of Salmonella bacteria contamination.

However, this risk can be greatly reduced by using pasteurized eggs in your custard recipe, or by avoiding raw egg altogether. If you do choose to use raw eggs in your custard, make sure they are fresh and from a reputable source. Another potential concern with eating custard during pregnancy is the high sugar content.

Too much sugar can lead to weight gain and other health problems during pregnancy. To avoid this, opt for lower-sugar varieties of custard or make your own at home using natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. Overall, as long as you take precautions against foodborne illness and excess sugar intake, enjoying some creamy custard while pregnant is perfectly safe!


Yes, you can eat custard while pregnant! Custard is a food made from eggs and milk that is thickened with flour or cornstarch. It is usually flavored with vanilla, but can also be made with fruit or chocolate.

Custard is safe to eat during pregnancy as long as it is cooked thoroughly.

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