Can I Go To The Zoo While Pregnant?

Yes, it is generally safe to go to the zoo while pregnant. However, some considerations should be taken into account before doing so. For example, you may want to avoid areas where there are large animals (such as elephants and lions), as those could potentially cause harm if they were to become agitated or startle you.

Additionally, it’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day in order to stay hydrated and prevent heat exhaustion. You will also want to wear comfortable clothing and shoes during your visit since walking around a zoo can be tiring for someone who is expecting a baby. Finally, if you feel any discomfort or fatigue while at the zoo, it is best practice to take a break or leave altogether instead of pushing through it.

  • Research the zoo before you go: Before going to the zoo, check out their website for any information about new rules or regulations due to COVID-19
  • Also read reviews from other pregnant women who have gone and ask your doctor if they think it is safe for you to attend a public place such as a zoo while pregnant
  • Pack accordingly: Make sure to pack lots of water and snacks so that you can stay hydrated and energized during your visit
  • Also bring comfortable clothes, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and anything else necessary depending on the weather forecast for the day of your visit
  • Additionally, consider bringing an umbrella or jacket in case of rain or cold temperatures respectively
  • Wear comfortable shoes: Wearing comfortable shoes is important when visiting a zoo while pregnant because walking long distances may be difficult with extra weight on your feet/ankles/legs as well as having increased fatigue levels due to pregnancy hormones
  • Consider wearing supportive sneakers or sandals that provide cushioning and support during long walks at the zoo! 4
  • Plan ahead: Map out where you want to go within the park beforehand so that you don’t end up spending too much time standing in line for rides or attractions which could cause discomfort due to being pregnant
  • Try planning when are good times throughout the day (morning vs afternoon) where lines will likely be shorter than usual – this way you can ensure a more enjoyable time at the park without missing out on all its attractions!

No Pregnant Women Allowed at the Zoo

Animals to Avoid When Pregnant Nhs

It is important for pregnant women to be aware of animals that can pose a risk to them. The NHS advises avoiding contact with cats, rodents and rabbits as they could potentially carry diseases such as toxoplasmosis which can cause severe harm to an unborn baby. Avoiding contact with reptiles such as snakes and lizards is also recommended due to the risk of salmonella infection, while horses may pass on infections from their saliva or faeces.

Can I Go To The Zoo While Pregnant?


What Animals Should You Stay Away from When Pregnant?

If you are pregnant, it is important to be aware of the animals that can potentially carry diseases or parasites which could put your unborn baby at risk. You should avoid contact with cats, especially stray cats, as they may carry toxoplasmosis which can cause serious birth defects and even miscarriage. Additionally, stay away from sick or injured wildlife such as skunks, raccoons and bats since they may have rabies and other illnesses that can be harmful to a developing fetus.

It is also wise to keep a safe distance from large mammals such as deer and cows because their size makes them unpredictable. Finally, avoid handling rodents like rats and mice due to the fact that they may transmit hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). In order to stay safe during pregnancy it is best to remain cautious when in close proximity of any animal.

What Animals Can I Be around While Pregnant?

Pregnant women should avoid contact with animals that may carry parasites or infections, such as cats and rodents. However, many other domesticated animals, such as dogs and horses, can be safely handled during pregnancy. As long as you take some precautions, it is generally safe to interact with these types of animals while pregnant.

When interacting with any animal during pregnancy it’s important to always wash your hands after petting them and practice good hygiene. Additionally, avoiding contact with an animal’s feces is also recommended in order to prevent the risk of infection from parasites or bacteria.

Is It Safe to Be around Animals While Pregnant?

Yes, it is generally safe to be around animals while pregnant. However, you should take extra precautions to protect yourself and your unborn baby from any potential risks. For instance, pregnant women should avoid contact with cats due to the risk of toxoplasmosis—a parasitic infection that can cause serious health problems for both mother and baby.

Additionally, wash your hands frequently when interacting with any type of animal or petting them in order to reduce the chances of contracting a bacterial or viral infection. Lastly, make sure that you are up-to-date on all recommended vaccinations so as not to put yourself at an increased risk for zoonotic diseases (diseases which can be spread between animals and humans).


In conclusion, pregnant women should be able to go to the zoo, as long as they take necessary precautions such as wearing comfortable and cool clothing, using sunscreen, drinking plenty of water and avoiding certain areas. Pregnant women can also enjoy zoos in a virtual setting if they are unable to visit in person. However, it is important for pregnant women to consult with their healthcare provider before visiting any public space.

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