Top 10 Best Discovery Kids Alarm Clock Of 2024 (Reviews)

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December 30, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

There are many different discovery kids alarm clock on the market these days. So how do you know which one is the best discovery kids alarm clock for you? You need to look at features, usability, and price to find the best options for your different needs. We’ve rounded up the top discovery kids alarm clock on the market so that you can find the perfect one. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide to help you make the best decision for your needs. So keep scrolling and check out our top 10 list.

Top Picks

1Alarm Clock for Kids Teens, 4 in 1 Galaxy Night ... Top Pick

Alarm Clock for Kids Teens, 4 in 1 Galaxy Night …

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2Alarm Clock for Kids, Kids Alarm Clock Sleep Trainer with ... Best Quality

Alarm Clock for Kids, Kids Alarm Clock Sleep Trainer with …

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3DOQUO Alarm Clock Star Projector Kids, Galaxy Night Light Projector ... Recommended

DOQUO Alarm Clock Star Projector Kids, Galaxy Night Light Projector …

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4Digital Alarm Clock for Bedrooms, Netzu Bedside Alarm Clocks with ...

Digital Alarm Clock for Bedrooms, Netzu Bedside Alarm Clocks with …

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5Reacher Small Colorful LED Digital Alarm Clock with Snooze, Simple ...

Reacher Small Colorful LED Digital Alarm Clock with Snooze, Simple …

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6Digital Alarm Clock for Bedroom - 7 Color Night Light,2 ...

Digital Alarm Clock for Bedroom – 7 Color Night Light,2 …

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7Windflyer OK to Wake Clock for Kids, Sleep Training Clock ...

Windflyer OK to Wake Clock for Kids, Sleep Training Clock …

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8PEAKEEP Smart Night Light Digital Alarm Clock with Indoor Temperature, ...

PEAKEEP Smart Night Light Digital Alarm Clock with Indoor Temperature, …

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9Wake Up Light Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker Uplayteck, Kids ...

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker Uplayteck, Kids …

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10Hatch Rest 1st Gen Baby Sound Machine, Night Light, and ...

Hatch Rest 1st Gen Baby Sound Machine, Night Light, and …

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Review of Discovery Kids Alarm Clock

Top Pick

Alarm Clock for Kids Teens, 4 in 1 Galaxy Night ...

1. Alarm Clock for Kids Teens, 4 in 1 Galaxy Night …

  • Brand: OZULER
  • Manufacturer: OZULER
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.35 Inches Width: 3.66 Inches Length: 5.31 Inches


  • 4 in 1 Projection Alarm Clock: This star galaxy projector for bedroom upgraded to 4 in 1 version with alarm clock, white noise, projection and Bluetooth speaker functions. It features dual projection lens, able to project 20 galaxy light effects with 6 color modes and 6 lighting modes. And there are 4 levels of adjustable brightness. Shining star & northern light create a relax atmosphere with sooth music, bring the starry night sky into your room and make you feel like you’re in the universe.
  • Dual Alarm Clock & Snooze Design: This bedroom clock designs with 2 alarms for your families to meet different needs. The function of snooze is specially designed for those who needs an extra 5 minutes to start a fresh day. You just need to press any button to snooze when the alarm sounds.
  • Remote Control & Auto Off Timer: The clock projector comes with a remote control that can freely turn ON/OFF the northern lights, adjust brightness, change the lighting mode, speed, music, and volume. The LED clock also has 3 auto-off timer options which you can set to turn the music off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes. No need to worry about forgetting to turn off the music while you sleep.
  • 14 White Noise and Bluetooth Speaker: The night light projector preinstalled with 14 white noise sounds such as Ocean Wave, Music Box, Water Dropping, and Piano; help you and your babies, kids, toddlers fall asleep easier. Build-in Bluetooth speaker, this aurora projector can play music via your phone, iPad or tablet through Bluetooth pairing. Moreover, the projection lights will constantly flash sync with rhythm of the music you play, creating a fun and energetic party atmosphere.
  • Adjustable Projection Angle: This star night light projector equip with a black base, allows you to adjust the night sky projector’s angle to change nebula projection angle. The maximum projection coverage of this alarm clock with projection on ceiling is 8.2 x 8.2 feet, suitable for bedroom, game room, home decor, home theater, party, etc., creating a aesthetic and romantic atmosphere. It is a perfect Christmas/birthday gift for both kids and adults.

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Best Quality

Alarm Clock for Kids, Kids Alarm Clock Sleep Trainer with ...

2. Alarm Clock for Kids, Kids Alarm Clock Sleep Trainer with …

  • Brand: Mulukiss
  • Manufacturer: Shenzhen honggao IntelligentTechnology Co .,Ltd
  • Color: Alarm Clock
  • Dimensions: Height: 4.72 Inches Width: 1.5 Inches Length: 4.72 Inches


  • 【Dual Alarms & Sunrise Simulated Wake-Up Light】: This is a cute and practical sleep assist alarm clock. There are 2 independent alarm settings, 9 wake-up light colors and 14 ringtones to choose from. The light will gradually brighten 10 minutes before the alarm rings and the ringtone will become louder and louder when the alarm clock goes off, starting a pleasant day.
  • 【Rechargeable Time Training Clock】: The icon settings of the moon and sun are customizable; they will switch automatically at the time you set. In addition to the function of an alarm clock, there is also a function of a sleep timer. Let the children to know and understand time in a more interesting way, and train them to get up or go to bed at a specific time during the day/night. Children can also sleep for extra 5 minutes by pressing the “Snooze” button.
  • 【Portable Bluetooth Music Player】: It’s not just an alarm clock, it can also be a Bluetooth music player. Press “M” to enter Bluetooth mode, the song can be easily switch when connected this portable Bluetooth speaker. Sleep timer can be set for 30/60/90 minutes to automatically stop music and lights. Children can fall asleep with music without disturbing their nighttime sleep.  When connected to a smartphone, it will synchronize the phone’s time automatically.
  • 【Sleep Sound Machine】: The sounds can be used not only for alarm clock, but also for bedtime meditation. There are 14 soothing sounds, including nature sounds and music. The nature sounds are designed to imitate the natural environment. The sounds of raindrops, ocean waves, water flows, bonfires, birdsong, etc., make you feel as if you are in nature, relaxed and calm, which is conducive to midday naps or nighttime sleep.
  • 【Night Light & Atmosphere Light】: Including 9 colors of light + 4 dynamic light modes + 3 levels of brightness, it can be both a bedside lamp and atmosphere lamp. When you press the ☀ button to turn it on, it will become a bedside lamp, and the brightness can be adjusted. The soft and warm light at night can make you feel safe while sleeping. There are 4 dynamic light modes to choose, which can create a party atmosphere and make playing with friends more enjoyable.

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DOQUO Alarm Clock Star Projector Kids, Galaxy Night Light Projector ...

3. DOQUO Alarm Clock Star Projector Kids, Galaxy Night Light Projector …

  • Brand: DOQUO
  • Manufacturer: DOQUO
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.1 Inches Width: 3.1 Inches Length: 4.7 Inches


  • Alarm Clock with Dual Alarm Clock & Snooze Function: There are 2 alarms for heavy sleepers on the digital clock, which allows you to set two different wake-up times. The alarm clock with snooze function can let you sleep more 5 mins, and you just need to press any buttons to snooze when the alarm clock sounds.
  • Alarm Clock with Remote Control & Battery Backup : This digital clock comes with remote control. It enables you to quickly silence the alarm clock from across the room in the dark. The digital alarm clock for bedroom is built-in rechargeable battery with 2200mAh capacity, let you say goodbye to annoying power cord!
  • Bluetooth Speaker and White Noise Machine on Alarm Clock : The alarm clock with bluetooth speaker can connect to your device and play your favorite musics. The sound machine for digital clock has 14 soothing sounds and 3 auto-off timer of 15, 30, or 60 mins. So our DOQUO alarm clock can create a comfortable space for you to rest, work or do yoga.
  • Star Projector of the Alarm Clock : The digital clock with galaxy projection can project galaxy light effects with 6 color modes and 6 lighting modes. The lights will flash with the music when you use the bluetooth speaker of the alarm clock. Turn on the alarm clock projection bluetooth speaker, and then let you fall asleep peacefully.
  • Perfect Gifts for Family : This DOQUO alarm clock is a perfect holiday gift for your family. The dual alarm of the digital clock can let your family never be late for work or school; The galaxy projector on the alarm clock will decorate your kids bedroom and let them enjoy a good time; The digital clock with sound machine will let you relax and sleep better. So buy a DOQUO 4 in 1 alarm clock for your family now!

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Digital Alarm Clock for Bedrooms, Netzu Bedside Alarm Clocks with ...

4. Digital Alarm Clock for Bedrooms, Netzu Bedside Alarm Clocks with …

  • Brand: Netzu
  • Manufacturer: Netzu
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.6 Inches Width: 3.3 Inches Length: 6.89 Inches


  • Digital Alarm Clock with Night Light – When you wake up at night, just press the top of the alarm clock to find the light. Perfect for kids, they can choose the color and then it lights up the room just enough that they’re not scared.
  • Digital Clock with Large Display – The 7.5″ LED digital display helps you check the time clearly. The numbers are 2‘’ tall, you can see clearly even from a distance.
  • 0%-100% Full Range Brightness Dimmer – You can adjust the brightness to a comfortable level as needed. It can be adjusted to the brightest during the day for easy reading, also can be extremely dim during the night. We have upgrade the display, you can see it clear without hurting your eyes.
  • Dual Alarm Clock & Snooze Function – Dual alarm allows you to set two different wake-up times to ensure you are never late for work. The alarm buzzer volume is adjustable. The snooze function can give you 9 extra minutes of sleep before alerting you again.
  • Dual USB Charge Ports – Not just a night light alarm clock, the dual 5V 1A USB charging ports at the back of this digital alarm clock allow you to charge your iPhone, Android phones, and other smart devices at the same time.
  • Easy to Setup & 12/24H Format It’s easy to set the time, alarm and switch 12/24 hour display.
  • Best Gifts for Kids and Seniors – The design of this alarm clock is compact and sleek, the warm night light makes it the best gift for kids, boys, girls and seniors. A Perfect room decor alarm clock.

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Reacher Small Colorful LED Digital Alarm Clock with Snooze, Simple ...

5. Reacher Small Colorful LED Digital Alarm Clock with Snooze, Simple …

  • Brand: REACHER
  • Manufacturer: Kerchan Technology Group Limited
  • Color: Colorful Digit
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.9 Inches Width: 1.9 Inches Length: 5.6 Inches


  • Large colorful LED numbers easy to read day or night. Space-saving (5.6″ x 2.9″ x 1.9″) AC powered; battery backup saves time during power outage.
  • Get your personal comfort brightness with 0-100% dimmer slider; and enjoy a fresh morning with adjustable alarm volume from 30-85db.
  • Outlet Powered with Battery Backup : Plug in to power the clock with the included DC adapter . 2* AAA batteries ( not included ) needed for storing time and alarm settings in case of power outage. During the backup battery, the screen will go blank and alarm will not sound.
  • Easy snooze with a simple press of anywhere on the top.
  • Easy-to-use digital alarm clock. Even no need instructions to operate it.

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Digital Alarm Clock for Bedroom - 7 Color Night Light,2 ...

6. Digital Alarm Clock for Bedroom – 7 Color Night Light,2 …

  • Brand: Mesqool
  • Manufacturer: Mesqool E-commerce Co.,ltd
  • Color: Blue Digits
  • Dimensions: Height: 1.5 Inches Width: 3.0 Inches Length: 6.0 Inches Weight: 0.5070632026 Pounds `


  • 【 ???? ?? ??? ????? ????? ,Even Kids and Grandma Can Set it】 buttons with clear marks are intuitive for setup without annoying hold or repeat press.Simply press the obvious red sticked up ALARM PAUSE button to turn off alarm by feel without opening eyes in the morning. bigger snooze button than average with light facility is added bonus,to get extra 9 minutes sleep you can pause alarm very quickly by pressing SNOOZE button without opening eyes in the morning.
  • 【Attractive Soothing ????? ????? ????? ????? with 7 Colored Options】Simply tap the large NIGHT LIGHT button to switch 7 colors in turn,perfectly as kids’,teens’or seniors’ all night companion for bedroom nightstand nightlight without turning on lamp.while,the option to turn off nightlight is useful for someone who prefers total darkness.
  • 【7.5”Large Number Alarm Clock & 0%-100% Full Range Brightness Dimmer】Highly visible time readout on the display you can view from a far distance without putting your glasses on.especially for kids,teens,boys or girls,the elderly,also for those with vision issues to overcome blurry eyes.set the brightness to your comfortable level – all the way from exceedingly bright to exceedingly dim.and sleep without disturbing glare,simply push the dimmer slider to adjust the brightness.
  • 【 ???? ?? ???????? ????? ????? / Battery Backup Settings】Package includes AC adapter to power on the clock,2 * AAA battery is required to memorize time and alarm setting in case of power failure,also it is able to trigger an alarm even power outages even display goes black without worrying getting up late.
  • 【Dual USB Ports for Cellphone Charging】This ?????????? ????? allows two devices cellphone or tablet pc to be charged at same time.simple connected with usb port before you go to bed,it will be fully charged when you wake up in the morning.
  • 【Adjustable ???? ????? ????? ??? ????? ????????】wake up the heavey sleepers with loudest alarm volume equal to 80 DB.buzzer sound is soothing instead of obnoxious harsing sounds.alarm starts slower and softer and then increases gradually until it reaches its maximum so you can wake up more gently.
  • 【12Hours & 24 Hours Time Format & Warranty Service】 this clock is designed with a slider to switch 12H or 24H time some of Americans complained average Clock only has 12 Hour format and can not ignore some of them are used to 24 Hour Time Format. ???-???? ????????,??-??? ????? ????, ?? ????? ???????? ??????? ???????? by contacting us seller by support email

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Windflyer OK to Wake Clock for Kids, Sleep Training Clock ...

7. Windflyer OK to Wake Clock for Kids, Sleep Training Clock …

  • Brand: Windflyer
  • Manufacturer: Windflyer
  • Color: Blue
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.49999999439 Inches Width: 1.49999999847 Inches Length: 4.59842519216 Inches


  • Sleep Training Not Just for Kids – Little Teddi features lively facial expressions and different light colors to signal a cycle of “sleep-play(optional)-wake”. It’s very easy for kids to notice and follow. So you can get your sleep back.
  • All-in-one Sleep Tool – This kids clock features 4 sleep modes so you can decide whether sound and/or light will kick in automatically at night. Choose from 4 sleep sounds and 5 night light colors to create a soothing environment for sleep. Night light brightness is adjustable. Face expressions and the LCD display are fully dimmable.
  • Multifunctional – More than an OK to wake clcok, Little Teddi is also a sound alarm clock and nap timer. Whatever features you need, this toddler clock has got you covered for years of using. It also saves your room space and decreases the risk of too many cords.
  • Child-lock and Settings Preserved – You need to long-press the lock button to unlock the panel, so it will be helpful to prevent curious little hands. The built-in battery is used to preserve memory settings in case of power outage. No need to reset it unless you want to.
  • No Risk for Children and You – Comprised of child safe ABS and silicone, this kids wake up clock is FCC, CE, RoHS approved. In addition, we provide a 1-year warranty service, and a reply-within-24hr promise – We are always here to help.

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PEAKEEP Smart Night Light Digital Alarm Clock with Indoor Temperature, ...

8. PEAKEEP Smart Night Light Digital Alarm Clock with Indoor Temperature, …

  • Brand: Peakeep
  • Manufacturer: Peakeep
  • Color: Mint
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.0 Inches Width: 2.0 Inches Length: 5.25 Inches Weight: 0.418 Pounds `


  • The Peakeep smart night light digital alarm clock measures 5 1/4 (L) * 2 (W) * 3 (H) inches, small and light. The small clock face is utilized HD LCD screen, can be read easily.
  • The clock features a built-in ambient light sensor. When it is in darkness, it triggers a soft nightlight to illuminate the display automatically after the switch is flipped to “LOW” or “HIGH”. Night light can be togged to OFF option also.
  • This alarm clock has a gradually faster beep noise which continues for 90 seconds. Before the alarm stops itself, top snooze button can be continually pressed to get an extra 8-minute nap.
  • There is an indoor temperature gauge monitor in this digital alarm clock, temperature range is 15.8 to 122 Fahrenheit (-9 to 50 Celsius) with tolerance +-1.8 Fahrenheit (+-1 Celsius), allows you keep an eye on indoor temperature conditions.
  • It is an easy cordless battery operated alarm clock, powered by 3 AAA batteries (not provided), features large clear display, smart low night light, 12-hour / 24-hour, indoor temperature, easy for kids, teens to use, basic bedroom bedside table desk gift alarm clock.

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Wake Up Light Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker Uplayteck, Kids ...

9. Wake Up Light Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker Uplayteck, Kids …

  • Brand: Uplayteck
  • Manufacturer: Uplayteck
  • Dimensions: Height: 4.7 Inches Width: 1.5 Inches Length: 4.9 Inches Weight: 0.7605948039 Pounds `


  • ⏰【Wake-up Light Alarm Clock】The musical sleep lamp is a multi-function wireless speaker that combines Wake-up Alarm Clock, Colorful Lights and Bluetooth Speaker in one. There are 5 color light modes, let you enjoy the dazzling lights with your mood. Adjust 4 brightness to protect your eyes, and accompany you to sleep peacefully. 3 natural sounds settings such as bird, didi, a gentle waterfall, which generate a good mood, let you as well as your kids wake up in the calling of nature.
  • ⏰【Digital Clock with Bluetooth Speaker】The alarm clock is equipped with advanced bluetooth V5.0 technology, enables a maximum connect distance of 393.7 inch/ 10m, pumping out crisp treble, detailed mid and resonating bass. Simple paring with smart phone, iPad, laptop, PC and all bluetooth-enabled devices, play HiFi music or audio book as a normal music player. (Long press “M” and “☼” button to turn on Bluetooth)
  • ⏰【Table Lamp with Night Mode】The convertible illusion lights of night lamp make you fall asleep and wake up with soft light, let you be as free as you are in the nature. From 10pm~7am, the disturbance free mode is enabled by default, all beeps on the device are muted.(except alarm clock function) Viewing current time clearly in dark via large LCD display. It also helps you with a warm and quiet sleeping while lighting for you.
  • ⏰【Touch Wake Up】 Bedroom alarm clock adopts energy conservation design, If you have turned on the Acoustic Control, you can wake the night light up by tapping the clock or table, and it will be off automatically in 30 min. (Note: Long press “-” and “☼” to activate the Acoustic Control mode)
  • ⏰【Long-time Working & Gift Idea】Adopting 2000mAh Built-in environmental usb rechargeable battery, it supports music playing up to 10h, supports super long standby time up to 160 hours. Multi functional creative and modern design make it the best gift choice on any occasions, such as used for Yoga music player, in friends party, go camping outside with family and friends. It is also a nice decorative light clock for kid’s room, living room, office and study.

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Hatch Rest 1st Gen Baby Sound Machine, Night Light, and ...

10. Hatch Rest 1st Gen Baby Sound Machine, Night Light, and …

  • Brand: Hatch
  • Manufacturer: Hatch Baby
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.46062991875 Inches Width: 1.574803148 Inches Length: 1.574803148 Inches Weight: 1.0 Pounds `


  • All-In-One: Rest combines night light, sound machine, and time-to-rise alarm in one smart bedside device. Customize color, brightness, sound, and volume level and create the perfect sleep environment in your child’s room.
  • Soothing Sounds: 11 crystal clear, high quality sounds including Crickets, Rain, White Noise, Birds, Wind, Ocean, Water Stream, Dryer & 3 classic lullabies.
  • Custom Colors: Set the mood with custom hues. Colors help teach kids when it’s ok to wake up and get out of bed. More sleep for everyone!
  • Grows with Your Child: Soft light and white noise for newborn feeding sessions, comforting night light for a preschooler, sleep training for older children! Includes toddler lock feature and stays cool throughout the night for safety.
  • Easy to Use: Program to turn on and off automatically, tap the device’s simple touch controls, or adjust remotely with the free Hatch Sleep smartphone app, which controls all the Hatch devices in your home. Free app available in Apple Store (iOS 14 or higher) and Google Play Store (Android 7 Nougat or higher).

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Keep In Mind When Shopping discovery kids alarm clock Online

Online shopping has become increasingly popular. However, there are a few things to remember when buying discovery kids alarm clock online. First, be sure to research the discovery kids alarm clock you are interested in. Many sites provide reviews and ratings of the items. Second, be aware of the return policy of the site you buy from. Most sites have a return policy, but it is important to know the details of the policy before making a purchase.

5 Simple Questions To Ask Before Buying discovery kids alarm clock

Here are 5 simple questions to ask before making a purchase:

  • Is this a quality discovery kids alarm clock?
  • Is the price fair for the discovery kids alarm clock?
  • Do I need this discovery kids alarm clock?
  • What do other people think of the discovery kids alarm clock?
  • What are the shipping and return policies for the discovery kids alarm clock?

How To Pick The Right discovery kids alarm clock?

Here are some essential things to look for while buying discovery kids alarm clock.


When it comes to deciding whether or not to purchase discovery kids alarm clock, price is always going to be a factor. But how important is the price compared to other factors, such as quality? To make the best decision possible, consumers need to consider all aspects of discovery kids alarm clock before making a purchase. By taking the time to do this, they can be sure they are getting the most bang for their buck.

Top Features

When looking to buy discovery kids alarm clock, it is important to consider the features that come with it. Does it have the features that you need? Do the features work well together? How easy is it to use discovery kids alarm clock? These are all important factors to consider before making a purchase. If discovery kids alarm clock doesn’t have the features you need, it isn’t worth your money.

Consider The Brand

When buying discovery kids alarm clock, it is important to consider the brand value. There are many factors to consider when determining whether or not is worth purchasing. The brand can often be a good indicator of the best discovery kids alarm clock. It is important to research the brands that produce the items you are interested in and read reviews before making a final decision.

Customer Reviews

Buying discovery kids alarm clock from Amazon, it is important to consider customer reviews. The reviews can give you an idea of what other people think and whether or not they would recommend it. However, it would help if you took the reviews with a grain of salt, as some people may be more critical than others. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if this one is right for you.

Final Words

When looking for the best discovery kids alarm clock, it is essential to remember what you are looking for and your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all when finding the best one, so be sure to research and find what works best for you. We include a detailed guide with the top 10 discovery kids alarm clock reviews to help you make your decision easy. If you have any questions yet, please let us know.

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Our review is credible because we offer an in-depth and balanced analysis of the pros and cons of the discovery kids alarm clock. The author Marjorie Rogers has years of experience in their field and knows what to look for when testing out a new discovery kids alarm clock. Plus, we’re honest about our findings – if something doesn’t work, we’ll tell you. So if you’re looking for an honest, unbiased opinion, check our reviews.

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