Are You Planning To Congratulate New Parents? Do It With A Baby Gift Basket

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April 22, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Do you have a friend or friends who are expecting a new addition to their family? This refers, of course, to a baby. There are a number of ways that soon-to-be parent(s) and their friends and family celebrate such a momentous occasion. Frequently, a baby shower is thrown for the mom-to-be. Sometimes the baby shower combines couples and both parents, which does tend to change the party activities a bit – but that’s okay. Regardless of how the celebration will take place, there is the question of a gift. What do you give new parents?

Deciding on the choice of a baby gift basket for new parents guarantees you a smile from the recipient(s) and that your gift will always be remembered.

Of course, you may assume that since it’s a gift basket, even though it’s “for the baby”, it will actually be for the parent(s). Not so fast. There are gift baskets available – or you can create one yourself – that can be geared toward the baby’s wants and needs.

Let’s explore the topic of gift baskets and then look at some gift basket ideas for new parents/new babies.

Giving Gift Baskets For Celebratory Occasions

Why do we give gift baskets in the first place? As just mentioned, they are guaranteed to make the recipient smile and, due to their very nature, will assuredly be a memorable gift – if not the most fondly remembered for a very long time.

Gift baskets offer the following benefits:

  • They are perfect for a person who is difficult to buy for.
  • They allow you to express your feelings for the recipient in a unique and personal way.
  • They save time and money. Rather than having to buy a collection of gifts, which will run up your gift budget, everything is contained in one price. This also saves a lot of time because you don’t have to run all over town, or hit numerous websites, just to get the right collection of presents together.
  • They are easy to order and have delivered.
  • Perfect for the holidays and every other kind of celebration or occasion, they can contain sweet treats, delicious goodies, wine, personalized gifts, and just about anything else.
  • If one gift is good, many are better. Gift baskets contain a collection of gifts which is way more fun than opening just one little present.
  • With rare exceptions, people will usually share a gift basket with someone else. So, by giving a gift basket, you encourage people to get together.
  • Some items in a gift basket may be regifted if the recipient can’t use something or if it came in a decorative container.
  • Because you don’t always have the right words with which to express a feeling or message, gift baskets offer the opportunity to say just about anything perfectly.
  • Contents customization is offered by some websites and/or services. While many gift baskets offer a description of what’s already in the basket, and that’s the way you purchase it, you may have the option to customize the contents, too.
  • Dietary specialization is available where many gift baskets are concerned. Some examples would be kosher gift baskets, nondairy (dairy free) gift baskets, and more.

Just a Little Bit Of Gift Basket Trivia

Next time you’re at a party, and the topic of gift baskets comes up, here’s a little trivia tidbit to share with others at the event:

Back in 1913, the first commercial gift basket idea appeared in Women’s Home Companion magazine. It was featured in an article called “Baskets for the New Baby”. It suggested arranging baby items that were purchased and gathered by the gift giver and placing them in a beautifully arranged basket for mother and baby.

Gift Baskets – Buy One or Make One

There are many online sites that provide gift baskets of all different types and sizes. Many are geared toward the recipient themselves, while others may be geared toward the holiday or occasion. Some combine both.

There are gift baskets that include wine, coffee, or other beverages more frequently associated with adults. There are gift baskets geared toward children, with plush animals, candy, etc. There are gift baskets that are nutritional and healthy, with fruit, granola bars, and other treats considered “good for you”. If you can name an activity or a food item, chances are, there is a gift basket that it will be included in or specifically designed for.

On the outside chance that you can’t find the exact gift basket you’re looking for; however, you can always make one. Pretty baskets and cellophane can be purchased relatively cheaply, and all you have to do is fill the basket with the exact items you know the recipient will appreciate.

You may lean more toward purchasing a gift basket from an online source because shipping may be included for free. If you’re not planning on dropping the gift basket off at the door of the recipient or bringing it with you to a celebration, free shipping is a great bonus when purchasing a gift basket online.

Gift Baskets for Baby

You can either gear your baby gift basket toward a boy, girl, or make it appropriate for either. Items included in the gift baskets actually meant for the baby can include diapers, rattles, plush toys, blankets, onesies, teething rings, and many other baby-oriented items.

Here are a couple of examples that are available online:

Pampered Boy Gift Basket

Presented in a white glossy basket, this offering includes a plush duck rattle, happy veggie rattle, baby board book, ice pack, burp cloth, bib, washcloths, two pairs of knee socks, cotton pants, sleeveless bodysuit, two short-sleeved bodysuits, and a cuddly blanket. Everything a bouncing baby boy could possibly want. Not to mention helping out his parents, too.

Welcome Home Baby Girl Large Gift Basket

Inside an oval metal basket, gifts include a board book, plush animal, bib, hooded towel, washcloths, newborn cap, socks, sleep gown, two one-piece color print bodysuits, two one-piece white bodysuits, and a cotton receiving blanket.

If you’d rather not specify boy or girl, there are a vast array of more “neutral” baby gift basket choices. Here’s one:

Babies First Wardrobe Gift Basket

In a silvery, collapsible storage cube, the following gifts are featured: Plush turtle-shaped neck-rest, hooded terrycloth robe and slippers, hooded towel, washcloths, receiving blanket, newborn cap, socks, three burp cloths, large bib, pants, footed long-sleeved sleep and play, one-piece short sleeve print with snaps, one-piece short sleeve white with snaps, one-piece sleeveless white with snaps, and a sleep gown.

Gift Baskets for New Parents

Gift baskets that are geared toward the new parents will, obviously, contain more adult themed items than would a basket created with the baby in mind. Whether it’s to a mom, a dad, or a mom and dad, think about what their preferences are where food and beverages are concerned.

Undoubtedly, at the end of a hectic day with the new baby, a glass of wine might really hit the spot. This is, of course, considering that both parents will indulge. If not, there are also nonalcoholic beverages that can be included in gift baskets.

Moet & Chandon Champagne Gift Basket

Inside a black, decorative chiller, this gift basket features chocolate covered almonds, hazelnut cream filled cookies, dark chocolate truffles, Godiva milk chocolates, and, of course, a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne.

La Terre White Zinfandel and Snax Gift Box

This congratulatory arrangement is contained within a decorative gift box and features pecan delight cookies, raspberry tarts, chocolate lace cookies, brownies, and, naturally, a bottle of La Terre White Zinfandel for the parents to share (or to be enjoyed by a single parent).


More often than not, when you order a gift basket online, you’re given the option of customization. This frequently includes a ribbon of whichever color you choose with a personalized message printed on it. If the gift is from a company – perhaps they are congratulating an employee on their new arrival – very often, the company logo can be printed on the ribbon as well as (or in lieu of) a personalized message.

Traditional and Nontraditional Contents

Depending on the occasion, dietary restrictions, the age of the recipients, and more, you may choose specific gift baskets themed toward a particular collection of items. Gift baskets can contain a vast array of items including the following:

  • Non-edibles (toys, promotional merchandise, plants, flowers, etc.)
  • Bottled, canned, or dry goods (wine, tea, soft drinks, liqueur, nuts, crackers, coffee, chocolate, champagne, etc.)
  • Perishable foods (eggs, cheese, bread, etc.)
  • Fruits (peaches, cantaloupe, raspberries, passionfruit, kiwi, pears, pineapples, strawberries, oranges, bananas, grapes, apples, and more)

Decorative containers in which the contents are beautifully arranged often include wicker baskets, metal buckets or containers, plastic bowls or containers, collapsible and cardboard gift boxes, and more.

Specialized or personalized items can include a cookie with a message on it, a balloon, a card, a ribbon (as mentioned earlier), and more.

You simply can’t go wrong with a baby-themed gift basket – whether you deliver it personally or have it shipped. Show new parents you care and that you’re excited for them with a congratulatory gift basket. Gear it toward the baby or the parents, but either way, your gift is sure to be remembered and appreciated.

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