8 Tips For Revamping Your Baby’s Nursery

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March 28, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

The excitement for the little one’s arrival is perhaps the most amazing feeling in the world. But with this bundle of joy comes great responsibilities. 

After all, bringing a small kicking and breathing human into this world is no cakewalk, let alone raising and nurturing the baby into a well-rounded person. 

Is it better for the baby to sleep in a cot or a crib? What kind of clothes should you buy for the baby? If you’re going through a tough time worrying about all these questions, remember, it’s completely normal and it only shows how caring you are as a parent.

Here’s a list of 8 tips to make sure that your baby gets the best nursery:

1. Determine A Theme

This is the first step because having a particular theme in mind acts as a starting point for all the preparations. The theme will also help everything look coordinated, clean, and intentional. You can find many such beautiful themes by searching online or reading decor magazines. 

Not only will a theme give a cohesive look but also makes a lot of other plans easier. It’s almost like a blueprint. When you have a blueprint etched in your mind, you’ll know exactly what to do and not waste any precious time. 

When deciding the theme, go for one which can be altered as the child grows up. For example, you can start with a space theme in the beginning, and when the child’s interests start to alter you can convert it into a rocket adventure theme, or a fairyland theme.

2. Reserve A Space

Along with the blueprint of the theme, you need to be sure about how much space you want to dedicate to this nursery.

The space for your nursery can be as big as that of a room, or as small as a comfortable and safe corner in your bedroom. It all depends on the amount of space available in your house. Your baby can still have a good childhood in a small nursery. 

Since you’ll only have 9 months to make all the arrangements, you can start small. However, once the baby arrives, you can start to plan the construction of a whole new room. As the baby starts to grow up, little by little you can furnish the existing space into an entire nursery by adding wallpapers, furniture, and other decorations.

With the construction of the new room, you can eventually move out of the nursery and let the toddler have the nursery all to themselves.

3. Placing Of The Windows

This is one tip that a lot of people overlook but is one of the most important. Place the windows in such a way that’ll allow enough sunlight to enter the nursery. 

However, do install window guards to prevent any kind of mishap. Toddlers, being super active, shouldn’t be allowed near open windows. Also, invest in blackout curtains to block the sunlight when necessary as babies need to sleep even during the day.

4. Crib Selection

When talking about furniture, the first item you need to invest in is a convertible crib. This crib can be considered a long-term investment as the baby will grow. A convertible crib is more sustainable than purchasing a new cot or full-size bed as it gives you the flexibility to convert it into a bigger cot and saves you money.

For example, you can install removable side rails, so that you can remove them one by one as the child learns to get out of bed on their own. When transitioning the bedding and other bed decors, make sure to involve the little one in the decisions. That way, even after changing the features, the toddler will still feel a sense of familiarity.

Also, since the baby will spend most of its time in this crib, try to go for a comfortable and safer crib instead of a fashionable one. 

5. Pick Out The Color Palette

Picking the color scheme of the nursery is more crucial than it seems. While deciding on the makeover of your baby’s nursery, keep in mind that the baby will be spending the next 6-7 years in this space, and everything here will influence the baby’s emotional growth.

Don’t let your past experiences overshadow your decisions. Just because in the past you’ve seen kids interacting positively with bold colors doesn’t necessarily mean you should paint the nursery in bold colors as well. Different colors impact babies differently which is why you should always depend on a professional. If you’re looking for options, San Diego stucco constructors provide some of the best services in this aspect.  

6. The Changing Table

When all other important things have been decided, you can now start thinking about all the extra furniture pieces that’ll make the nursery more convenient not only for your baby but also for you as a parent.

One such item you can consider purchasing is a changing table. Changing diapers is a menial yet inevitable task. A changing table will ensure that you have a comfortable place to lay the baby on, as well as a storage area to keep all the essentials in one place.

7. Adjust The Lighting

The lighting of the nursery should be set up after consulting with specialists. Babies engage in various activities throughout the day and the lighting of the nursery should be adjusted accordingly. Try to invest in fewer interchangeable lights rather than multiple different ones.

8. Room Heating Technology

No matter if your nursery is small or big, do ensure that your baby doesn’t feel cold there. Babies need a lot of warmth during their infancy and you cannot neglect this absolute requirement. Keeping the baby warm is essential to ward off sicknesses. The baby’s safety should be your number one priority.


Apart from the factors mentioned above, you can also incorporate a lot of different kinds of changes into the nursery. For example, installing round-cornered furniture, and investing in sustainable mattresses.

Bringing a baby into the world does demand a lot of effort, but becoming a parent is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. By following these 8 tips, we believe you’ll be able to build the coziest nursery for your baby and revamp it as the baby grows.

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