4 Things To Expect at an in-Person Bra Fitting

Last Updated on June 4, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers

An in-person fitting by a professional who really understands the product can do wonders for your understanding of your bra size and the most flattering styles for your figure. If you have never been for a fitting appointment before, there are a few things to understand, but if you’re prepared, it can be a great way to find your most comfortable and suitable options for a variety of occasions.

What You Can Expect at Your Appointment

Some stores do offer in-person fittings on a walk-in basis during certain hours, others require you literally make an appointment because the staff that is trained to do a fitting correctly are only available on a limited basis. Call ahead to ask once you have decided on a store for your fitting. Before you go to it, prepare yourself by understanding a few things about these fittings.

  1. You will have to take your top off
  2. The best bra to wear is the one that currently fits you best
  3. It will take longer than you think
  4. This will involve a frank conversation about your body shape

Professionals need to be able to address issues like your bust shape along with the size to recommend the most comfortable wireless bras for your body type, so this is more like a consultation than just a fitting. If you go in with an open mind and you’re ready to have the conversation, you can find your perfect fit options pretty quickly, and then you’ll know the measurements when it’s time to shop, whether you’re in the store or at home placing orders online.

Measuring Your Band and Cup Size

Finding the right size is about accurate band measurement and a solid calculation of the cup size, but that can be more complicated than it seems. Measuring your band size should be easy enough, but cup measurements are based on an over-bust measurement that requires finding the fullest place on your chest, and different body shapes can wind up having that at different relative places with the same measurement.

A bra meant for one body type on another results in a feeling like the cup size too big but band fits because the anticipated point of fullness is not the actual one. This is why understanding both your size and shape is important. This issue can also be the result of needing a half-size, and changing the bra style you wear can sometimes help with that. The best solution there is to find a company that works in half-cup sizes, though.

Determining the Best Bra Type for Your Shape

Depending on what guide you consult, there are anywhere between six and a dozen bust shapes that determine how well certain bra styles fit you even when they are sized correctly. A few of them are universally recognized, like teardrop, and others look like fine variations on well-recognized labels. Navigating the styles that match with your body type is something you can get help with when you go to your fitting, but it is also something you can explore on your own with a bra fit quiz designed to match you to your most flattering and comfortable options.

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