10 Facts About Babies Born In January

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Kids born in January are mainly called winter babies because of the weather during that month. Babies of this month show various qualities that you may not find in other people.

If you want to know some facts about babies born in January, you don’t have to look any further. Here is everything you need to know about winter babies.

1. They May Be Capricorn Or Aquarius

Every birth month is associated with one or two zodiac signs. Many people believe in these signs, especially when it comes to determining someone’s personality. Your baby may be Capricorn if they were born before 20th January.
Meanwhile, babies born after 20th January mainly belong to the Aquarius sign. Capricorn kids are known for being hardworking and ambitious. They are also realistic about life.

Aquarius kids tend to be quirky and smart. Your baby will also turn out to be more independent in the future if their sign is Aquarius.

2. The Birthstone Of Babies Born In January Is Garnet

January babies are associated with snow and ice because of their birth during the winter season. However, the birthstone of this month is completely opposite. Garnet is deep red and signifies the importance of friendship and love.
Trust is another quality that your baby will excel in. Your kid will be a great friend to others. They may also have a personality that will make it easy for other people to trust your child.

Of course, the inheritance of these qualities may vary from one baby to another. Upbringing plays an important role in this category.

3. Most January Babies Are Doctors

The career choice of every person varies, depending on their dreams, financial situation, and much more. This is why you may not believe that birth month also affects a person’s career choice. A study was conducted in the UK about the professions of people born in different months.

Its results showed that most babies born in January tend to become doctors more than kids of other months. Another career choice of this month is a debt collector. So be invested in your kid’s education if you want them to choose a reputable job.

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4. A Kid Born In January Is Highly Smart

Some people have to work very hard to improve their grades and study well. Meanwhile, others are born naturally smart. Babies born in January fall in the latter category, as per various scientists.

A study of 21,000 kids was conducted in the past that showed winter babies have higher intelligence than other kids. Children born in January are also longer at birth. This is why such babies grow up to be taller and heavier.

5. Many Famous Personalities Are Born In January

Every parent wants their baby to become successful and famous when they grow up. Kids born in January have a better chance at that because most famous personalities have their birthdays in January. This is mainly true for kids with Aquarius signs, as per a study.

Some examples of famous January-born Hollywood stars include Liam Hemsworth, Zayn Malik, Alicia Keyes, and more. Your kid may excel in the showbiz business because of their zodiac sign and acting skills.

This is why avoid discouraging your kid from becoming an actor or model, especially if their birthday is in January.

6. A January Baby Is Better At Sports Activities Than Other Babies

Being good at sports or having a passion for different games is a great thing. This is because participating in such activities will help you remain fit, and you may even get a scholarship to a reputable institute.

Australian researchers have shown that 33% more babies born in January are playing for their national football league. Another study about hockey players also showed that 36% of people selected for the NHL from 1980 to 2007 were born between January to March.

This is why being born at the wrong time can affect your chances of playing professional or recreational sports.

7. A Baby Born In January May Become A CEO

One of the top facts about babies born in January is that they have high leadership potential. Your kid may work well with a team in the future. They may also participate in activities that cause them to influence or lead other people.

This is why the chances of your baby becoming a CEO are high if they are a January baby. Research about age and career success also confirmed this in 2012. So encourage your kid when they try to gain a leadership role in school and college activities.

However, your baby will get competition from some other kids. Babies of five different months have the potential to have a career as a leader. These include January, March, April, October, and November.

8. January Babies Are Less Irritating

All parents wish for their babies to be less fussy so that they can raise them more easily. You may be lucky enough if your kid is born in January. Kids of this month are less irritable than babies born in other months.

This fact has been confirmed by a European study about how the birth month affects your baby’s personality. If your kid cries less or sleeps without waking up in the middle of the night, you should be grateful for their birth month.

Remember, many other factors also affect the mood of a baby, such as their clothes, sleeping space, and surrounding atmosphere.

9. A Baby Born In January Is At Risk Of Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorder

Every parent wants their kid to be born without any health complications. However, that wish may be affected by a baby’s birth month. Some researchers have found that kids born in January have a higher risk of being schizophrenic or bipolar.

These two are serious disorders that affect the personality of a person. The silver lining is that if your baby has one of these health conditions, they can still live a normal, satisfying life by getting long-term treatment.

Of course, the results of the study are not accurate for all babies. More research needs to be conducted to determine the cause of these disorders. So you should not worry excessively before the birth of your newborn.

10. Most January Babies Are Left Hand Dominant

Being left-hand dominant means that the person uses their left hand for major tasks such as writing, eating, and more. A 2014 survey showed that many people born in winter months are left-handed. It also indicated that most of these individuals were men.

So if you gave birth to a son in January, the baby may be left-handed. Some researchers suggest that the dominancy may be affected by light exposure to the baby in the mother’s womb.

Many people also relate this fact to religious superstitions. The actual cause behind the dominancy of the right or left hand is yet to be determined.

Final Words

These are the top ten facts about babies born in January. Such kids have a charming personality and high intelligence. Many babies of this month are also more creative.

Various factors affect a baby’s mood and personality overall, such as the time they spend in a mother’s womb, light exposure, health conditions, and much more. So you should consider all things before expecting your baby to have specific traits.

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