Does Kendra Robinson Have A Child?

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October 25, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

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Yes, Kendra Robinson has children. She and her husband, Yung Joc, have three children together named Ja’Kori, Amir, and Chase.

Kendra Robinson is a well-known reality television star and successful criminal defense attorney, breaking the stigma around reality stars. She is married to rapper Yung Joc and together they have three children – Ja’Kori, Amir, and Chase. Kendra’s journey from being a lawyer to a reality star showcases her versatility and determination in pursuing different career paths.

Despite being in the public eye, Kendra has managed to balance her personal and professional life, while also challenging societal perceptions about reality television stars. With her legal expertise and dedication to her family, Kendra Robinson continues to make a name for herself in both the legal and entertainment industries.

Kendra Robinson’s Children

When it comes to this popular reality television star, Kendra Robinson, it’s not surprising that many fans are curious about her personal life, including whether she has any children. So, let’s dive into the topic of Kendra Robinson’s children and see what we can uncover.

Kendra Robinson And Joc Have Three Children Together – Ja’kori, Amir, And Chase.

Kendra and Joc, who is also known as Yung Joc, are proud parents to three beautiful children. They share a daughter named Ja’Kori, and two sons named Amir and Chase. These three little ones add so much joy and love to their lives.

Out Of The Eight Children, Five Belong To Kendra And Joc.

In addition to their three children together, Kendra and Joc are also parents to five other children. It is truly a big and loving family. Joc has kids from his previous relationships, and Kendra has embraced them as her own. The love and bond between them are evident, despite not being biologically related.

Kendra Robinson’s Pregnancy Speculation

Many fans have been speculating about Kendra Robinson’s pregnancy and whether she has a child. Let’s explore the truth behind the rumors.

Kendra Confirmed That She Was Pregnant At Some Point In Her Relationship With Joc.

There have been rumors circulating about Kendra Robinson’s pregnancy. She has indeed confirmed that she was pregnant at some point during her relationship with Joc. However, she made the decision not to have the child.

However, She Decided Not To Have The Child.

Despite confirming her pregnancy, Kendra Robinson made the difficult decision not to have the child. This decision was a personal one, and she chose what she believed was best for her and her relationship with Joc. While it was undoubtedly a challenging choice, Kendra’s priority was to make the decision that felt right for her.

It’s essential to respect Kendra’s decision and provide support during this time. It is crucial to remember that everyone’s circumstances and choices are unique, and it is not for us to judge or speculate about why she made this difficult decision.

As fans, it’s important to be understanding and offer positivity in any situation. We should focus on supporting Kendra Robinson and Joc as they navigate their personal lives and relationships, both on and off the screen.

Let’s celebrate Kendra’s strength and determination as a successful criminal defense attorney and real estate lawyer, breaking the stigma around reality television stars. Kendra Robinson has shown that she can excel in her career while managing the challenges of personal life in the public eye.

Joc And Kendra’s Kids

Kendra Robinson and Joc share three kids together – Ja’Kori (daughter), Amir (son), and Chase (son). Let’s take a closer look at their beautiful family.

Joc And Kendra Share Three Kids Together:

  • Ja’Kori: Their eldest daughter, Ja’Kori, brings joy and laughter to their lives.
  • Amir: Amir, their son, is full of energy and keeps the family entertained.
  • Chase: The youngest member of their family, Chase, completes their loving household.

Joc’s Other Children:

Aside from their three children together, Joc has other children from previous relationships. Although the names of his twins are not provided, he has six other kids:

Kid’s Name
Twin 1 (name not provided)
Twin 2 (name not provided)

Joc and Kendra have a beautiful blended family, consisting of three kids they share together – Ja’Kori, Amir, and Chase. Additionally, Joc has six other children from previous relationships named Amoni, Cadence, Eden, Allon, Camora, and twins.

Does Kendra Robinson Have A Child?


Frequently Asked Questions For Does Kendra Robinson Have A Child?

How Old Is Kendra Robinson?

Kendra Robinson’s age is currently unknown.

Is Kendra Robinson Still Married?

No, Kendra Robinson is not still married.

What Is Joc’s Wife Kendra’s Maiden Name?

Kendra Robinson’s maiden name is not publicly available.

What Does Kendra Robinson Do For A Living?

Kendra Robinson is a successful criminal defense attorney and real estate lawyer, breaking the stigma around reality television stars.

Does Kendra Robinson Have Any Children?

Kendra Robinson and Joc have three children together – Ja’Kori, Amir, and Chase.

How Many Children Do Kendra Robinson And Joc Have Together?

Kendra Robinson and Joc share three kids together – a daughter named Ja’Kori, and two sons, Amir and Chase.


Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc have a blended family with a total of eight children. Of those eight, three children are from their relationship together, named Ja’Kori, Amir, and Chase. Kendra confirmed that she was pregnant at one point but chose not to have the child.

Despite the challenges, Kendra and Joc remain happily married and Kendra has embraced her role as a stepmother to Joc’s other children. As a successful lawyer, Kendra is breaking stereotypes and proving that reality television stars can excel in other professions.

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