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Bicycling Exercise – Pedal Power Your Way To Fitness With Fun

Are you a novice or an athlete? You will enjoy bicycling. Bicycling for exercise and fitness has enjoyed huge interest and popularity over the years. Bicycling has held its own territory for fitness or relaxation despite the advent of advanced gymnasiums, aerobics, and martial arts. It’s popularity cuts across ages and fitness levels. Bicycling can be enjoyed in groups or solo. You can ride it on the roads or use a stationary bicycle. Your body will enjoy this aerobic workout.

Bicycling is very effective for weight control and building muscles. The four large muscles in front of our thighs become strong, hard and toned with bicycling. They are known as quadriceps. It also develops the shin and calf muscles. The heart circulation improves tremendously. Lower back becomes stronger than ever before. What more it’s very easy for your knees and joints and no wear tear experienced as in running and jogging. The surprising fact is people with hip joint and knee replacements are also enjoying this as an exercise. You can train at leisure or at intense levels. Power pedaling for 60 minutes at a brisk pace of 14 miles per hour will help in burning 700 calories. Burning calories while cycling is much more than other forms of exercise for the same amount of time. Fatigue does not set in and you can go on and on cycling. Bicycling in hilly terrain boosts your stamina and endurance levels.

Certain precautions need to be taken while bicycling. Always start slowly but surely and have a disciplined routine. Once you are accustomed you can start increasing the intensity by cycling on hilly and rough terrains. The right posture is critical and neck and shoulder must be relaxed with a straight back. Do not wear loose-fitting clothes and dress for safety and comfort. Padded seat adds to the comfort. Gloves reduce pressure on the palms and protect if you have a fall. A fitting helmet is mandatory and only the one with proper certification and approvals need to be worn. Always carry a water bottle and keep yourself hydrated.

Bicycling is in existence since the early 1800’s. Apart from the health and fitness benefits, it is totally pollution free and great help to the environment. Start cycling to work or running errands. Bicycling is very addictive and it is one of the exercises where you have fun, enjoyment and health benefits and makes you go on and on. Don’t delay, make a start right away. Bicycle and Pedal Power your Way to Fitness with Fun.