Flower Card Tutorial Using MyMemories Software

Flower Card Tutorial and two freebies!
Using MyMemories Software to Customize your Flower Card

What you need:

What to do: 
  1. Download the template file and install it into your MyMemories software by following the prompts it gives you.
  2. Using MyMemories Suite, choose Create Album From Designer Template and find your project that you downloaded.
  3. Now you can print and enjoy the provided template, or customize it with your own papers and embellishments.


  • You can right-click on the white guide and lock it in place to keep it from moving while you are working. Make sure this is the top layer of your project before printing.
  • Instead of adding the paper as a background paper, you can add it as an embellishment so that you can move the paper to where you would like it.  This is very useful when using papers with circles or stripes, so you can decide which part of the paper you want to use.
  • Once it is added as an embellishment, you can now select the paper and move it into the position the way that you want it.  

Just SAVE and PRINT on cardstock !

Flower Card Tutorial
How to Assemble your Flower Card

1.  Print your creation onto cardstock paper.
Digital Scrapbook
2.  Take your card template page and fold at all fold lines.  A bone folder helps make the creases nice and crisp to help your finished card to look nicer.
Digital Scrapbooking Project

 3.  There should be a total of 9 folds when you are done.
Flower Card Tutorial

4.  Cut out your card.
MyMemories Digital Scrapbook project

5.  Turn your card over so that the printed side is down and pinch the sides of each petal together until all 6 petals are standing straight up.  
Free Scrapbook Project
 Digital Flower Scrapbook 

6.  Gently push all the petals in one direction until they lay flat.

7.  You now have a flower card!
MyMemories Digital Scrapbook Freebie

8.  Tie a ribbon (not included) or something of its equivalence around the card to hold it shut.
Flower Card Tutorial Using MyMemories Software

9.  Embellish as desired.  This card was embellished with a circle cut out from a piece of digital background paper.
Flower Card Tutorial

Tutorial Using MyMemories Software
  This tutorial was generously shared by MyMemories Digital Scrapbook Software!


  1. Aww, how cute...it'd be a great addition to Mothers Day gifts:) Thanks for sharing:)


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