Easy Toddler Snail Craft

Easy Toddler Snail Craft

My little man is approaching his two-year old birthday and is completely all BOY! "What are little boys made of? Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails." In honor of my little man- and as we transition into spring, we celebrated everything snail and created this Easy Toddler Snail Craft!

Classified: So easy even a 2-year old can do it!

What you need:
  • Paper dessert bowl
  • Gray or brown paint
  • White glue
  • Brown construction paper 
  • Crayons

Suggested Book:

Suggested Web site:  Ilovetoknowkids.com

What to do:

Prep: Use the bowl as a guide to draw a very simple snail body and head that is in proportion to the shell (bowl) onto the brown construction paper.
 kids snail craft

1.Talk about snails and read Abigail the Snail or similar board book about snails.

2. Have your toddler paint the bowl either brown or grey. To give it an iridescent look mix the paint with white glue and allow to dry.

3. While the bowl is drying, have your toddler draw in as much detail as he or she can (help if you want to!)
toddler drawing a snail

4. Cut snail body out and glue to the shell!

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