Easy Milk Carton Bunny Easter Basket Craft

Easy Milk Carton Bunny Easter Basket Craft
Easy Milk Carton Bunny Easter Basket Craft

Short on time and supplies? Looking to create an easy Easter basket for a class. Using only a few materials, you can make an Easy Milk Carton Bunny Easter Basket Craft within a few minutes!

Classified: Easy and is great for pre-K and up!

What you need:
  • A half-gallon milk carton
  • Cotton Balls
  • Crayons, markers, glitter glue, stickers, etc. to decorate
  • Bunny Face Template
  • Scissors and glue

What to do:
Prep: Clean the half-gallon milk carton. With a ruler, measure about 6" from the bottom and draw a line going around the entire carton. On one side, place the ruler in the center vertically and trace either side. Repeat for the opposite side and cut around. The "rulered" strips will join together and create the baskets handle.
Two sides will look like this. Cut on the lines.

1. Have your young child glue cotton balls on three sides of the carton.

2. Print out the bunny template. Have your child draw a face, decorate and cut the bunny head out.

3. Glue to the front of the basket (side with no cotton balls).

4. Join the handles in the center and tape or staple together. Decorate handle is desired.

5. Fill with goodies and enjoy!


  1. So cute! I remember making these when I was a kid, and it makes me so happy to see them here on your blog, Aimee.

  2. Very Cute! And a blog makeover- how fun!


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