Weaving Made Kid Easy

Weaving Made Kid Easy
Weaving Made Kid Easy

Need a rainy day activity that is fun, creative and a great way to work on those fine motor skills? Teaching your child to weave just may be the thing you need! My daughter (3.5 years of age) and I have spent the last few months working on this awesome activity together. In fact, the last few times that we worked on it, she got so good she needed little help from me!

Classified: Hard. This would be a great mommy and me activity for the preschool- kindergarten child. Older children may be more independent with the weaving.

What you need:
  • Yarn- of all sorts and colors.
  • A paper bowl.
  • Marker 
  • Tape
  • Scissors

What to do:
Prepping the bowl.
Prep: The paper bowl makes the perfect medium for little hands to weave! To get the bowl "prepped" you will need to measure out an odd number of notches in the bowl. I later numbered our bowl so my daughter would not get confused with our "over" and "unders". String a piece of yarn (doesn't matter what color) into a notch and wrap it around to the opposite notch. Continue until you have created a "spider web" around the entire bowl and tape into place. {My daughter wanted to paint her bowl first.}

Numbering made weaving so much easier for my 3.5 year old

1. Chose a section of the spider web where you would like to begin and tie the first piece of yarn. I started off the this activity by teaching my daughter "the concept" of weaving.

Started by Momma
2. The rest is simple {yet time consuming}. Continue with the "over" and "unders" of weaving the yarn (helping as little as possible). Want to switch colors? Simply tie the yarn you are finished working with and begin a new one color of yarn by tying it where to the next thread you are to weave with.
Weaving together

3. When the weaving is complete, and your circle is made, you can choose to leave it on the paper bowl or to take it off. I found that if you tie the last piece of yarn to each support yarn as you cut it off it holds quite nicely.
Weaving for Preschoolers
My daughter's finished product

Once you and your child have made one- make another one. Each time the weaving should become easier!


  1. This is a great activity. I have got to try this with Tabitha. I have got to pin this.

  2. these look great, they look a bit like flying saucers. I really like how you classify the difficulty - very helpful. Off to read more of your posts now.


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