St. Patrick's Day Art and Craft Ideas for Kids

St. Patrick's Day Craft for Baby- Create a fun St. Patrick's Day craft with your baby (and older)! My 10 month old had a blast through self-exploration with paints and different textures.

Clover Color Theory Lesson- Teach children the basics of color theory by adding a tint (white) to green and painting multiple clovers!

St. Patrick's Day Pot 'O Gold Rainbow Craft- What's the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow? Have your 5-8 year old create their own rainbow using a stippling technique with paint and a Q-tip (or the end of a paintbrush). Allow them to be creative with their rainbow and what is inside of their pot of gold.

St. Patrick's Day Flag & the Principles of Art- Using the Flag of Ireland, design a St. Patrick's Day Emblem using the traditional icons: clover, snakes, leprechaun, horse shoe, etc. and the traditional colors: orange, green and white. In this lesson, there will be an emphasis on the Principles of Art.

Textured Rainbow Shamrock Kids Craft

Make a Textured Rainbow Shamrock Craft using colored rice for St. Patrick's Day. We talked about rainbows and color theory using primary colored (red, yellow and blue) transparency film.

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  1. These are so cute. Will have to try them with my little one.


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