Puffy Paint Textured Easter Egg Kids Craft

Puffy Paint Textured Easter Egg Kids Craft
Puffy Paint Textured Easter Egg Kids Craft

What would Easter be without the colorful, decorative eggs? Create a Puffy Paint Easter Egg Kids Craft out of homemade puffy paint and water colors! Makes a really fun and messy craft for preschoolers and up!

Classified: Incredibly EASY

What you need:
  • White glue
  • Shaving cream
  • Watercolor Paint
  • Paintbrushes and sponge brushes
  • Cardboard (we used cereal boxes)
  • SMOCKS!!!!!!!!
  • Scissors

What to do:
Prep: Mix 1 part white glue to one part shaving cream (no exact science here) for the puffy paint. Cut some cardboard into egg shapes.

1. "Paint" the cardboard egg with the puffy paint mixture and allow to dry (usually within 24 hours).

2. Decorate the Puffy Paint Easter Egg with water color paint once it is dry. {We added glitter glue as well} The "puffy paint" mixture may become moist again with the water color- but it is very manageable to work with and is easy to paint on top. We experimented both ways. Feel free to add the paint while the puffy paint is wet for a different effect.

3. Dry and hang!


  1. That came out so cute. Love the puffy paint idea, will have to try this with my daughter!

  2. Well this looks WAY more doable than what I originally thought this was going to be. See, a couple of nights ago we painted Easter eggs at my in-laws' house, and they had purchased a "puffy paint" egg decorating kit. It came with the usual egg dyes and three little puffy paint squeeze pens.

    Whoever invented that kit needs to have his head examined. I tried doing a "simple design," pictured on the box, and the paint gooshed out all over the place, leaving me smeared with purple goo. Then my son tried to draw Grandpa on an egg with the white (for the hair and mustache), and when he turned the pen upside down, he inadvertently squeezed the entire contents onto the top of the egg in what appeared to be a volcano of egg spooge. It was horrendous.

    Needless to say, my 2-year-old was a complete disaster with the paint. She ended up covered in it, and I don't think she even got any on the eggs. I'm thinking of writing the company... LOL

    So anyway, your craft idea here looks MUCH better! :-)

    Have a fabulous Easter!
    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood


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