Animal Alphabet Art- L is for Lion

The "intended" L is for Lion- see below for my daughter's rendition

Make a lion out of the letter "L" for your animal alphabet book.

What you need:
  • White paper 12x18"
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Brown paint
  • Small paper dessert plate
  • Kid friendly Scissors
  • Paintbrushes

What to do:
Prep: to make the Lion's body, trace a large L on a sheet of yellow paper along with 4 smaller L for the lion's legs. If your preschooler is old enough, have him cut it out by himself. Cut an oval face out for the lion's face.
L is for lion pieces
L is for lion pieces

1. Paint the lion's mane brown (paper plate) and set aside to dry.

2. Glue the L on to the L page on the Animal Alphabet Book.

3. Draw the lion's face onto the yellow oval and glue on top of the lion's mane.

4. Cut slits into the lion's mane giving it a furry look and feel.

5. Glue the completed lion's head to the top of the L.

6. Glue on the L legs.

Add details if desired.

Animal Alphabet Art- L is for Lion
Animal Alphabet Art- L is for Lion
I had to keep my daughter's version up here for giggles.......... everything I learned about the Freudian is so true.................... Sorry- but I sooooooo did not see it at first! But know it's all I see.


  1. Alright, Aimee. This pic is officially AWESOME. It is clear that your daughter envisions a tail in this image. He must have done something wrong since he's walking with it between his legs. Good job and great creativity from your little girl! :)


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