Textured Rainbow Shamrock Kids Craft

Textured Rainbow Shamrock Kids Craft
Made with colored rice

Make a Textured Rainbow Shamrock Craft using colored rice for St. Patrick's Day. We talked about rainbows and color theory using primary colored (red, yellow and blue) transparency film.

Classified: Easy and is great for preschooler and Kindergarten children.

What you need:

  • Rice 
  • Food coloring
  • Glue
  • Green construction paper
  • Marker
What to do:
Prep. To color the rice: we separated 6 cups of rice and stirred food coloring into each one. I found that the gel food coloring works the best (and use them in ALL of my food coloring crafts). Make sure not to add too much food coloring as to where the rice is soaked. Spread out and dry each colored rice onto a sheet of wax paper (one for each color).
colored rice onto a sheet of wax paper

Want an easy shamrock template? Draw a heart and tracing it three times is the easiest way to make a one!

1. Talk about color using the optional colored transparency sheets. I used these a lot when talking about color theory with students from preschoolers all the way to 6th grade! Cut them down into squares or make them into "sun" glasses. Talk about each primary color individually and allow  your child to look through each one and see the world as that color. Then discuss secondary colors by "mixing" the two primary sheets together. Have them look through it again as the secondary color (orange, green and purple). Have an open-ended discussion about color!
Discovering ColorsLearning about colors

2. Use the shamrock stencil and have your child trace it onto a green sheet of paper.

3. Using white glue, have your child trace the outline of the shamrock. Sprinkle on the red rice. Repeat this step each time until all the colors of the rainbow have been applied. This is great way to practice fine-motor skills and listening skills {not to mention patience}!
Creating a rainbow shamrock

4. Allow to dry overnight and shake off any access rice! That's it!

Please note: we decided to outline ours with colored glue.

But.... we do like to have fun! After our lesson my oldest thought it was so much fun and wanted to freely create a rainbow textured shamrock of his own. Crafts that have ended results are a great learning tool- but you really have to embrace the creative moments that happen along the way!
Shamrock art
5 year old textured rainbow rice fun!

Rice art
3 year old "My Bed" open-ended rice art. (I think she was tired when she created this!)


  1. I love those! We'll have to try it. We even have some rainbow rice already made up!

  2. This is awesome Aimee!! So colorful :)

  3. What a great idea. Will have to try that with my little one.

  4. Was planning on making something like this with my little guy. These turned out looking really great!

  5. I've never thought about dying rice before for crafting. Fun idea and the Shamrocks turned out so cute!

  6. Very cute. We are going to try this! Thanks.


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