"Sam I Am" Dr. Seuss Kids Craft

"Sam I am" Dr. Seuss Kids Craft

I have to say that after having children, one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books became "Green Eggs and Ham" with the persistent character Sam I Am.  Why? It's kind of silly actually. I have extremely picky eaters in my home- children of which say they do not like something before they actually try it! Whenever I read this story to them I always ask "hmmmm.... that's funny- why don't you think he liked green eggs and ham?" A light bulb would then go off in their little heads "Oh- he didn't like it because he had never had it before!" Then when I try to introduce new food to them I always refer back to Green Eggs and Ham.

Even through all of Dr. Theodore Seuss's admired zaniness- my children understood his message!

This craft was really fun to do. We wanted to bring the character Sam I Am to life- yet make it easy enough for a preschooler and/or a Kindergartner to accomplish! Get your little ones hands and feet ready for this craft!

Classified: Easy and is great for preschool- Kindergarten!

What you need:
  • Red and white paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Yellow, green and white paper
  • Scissors
  • Green crayons, markers, pencils, paint etc.
  • Hands and feet!
  • The Book: Green Eggs and Ham:

What to do:
Prep: Read your child(ren)/class Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss! Discuss the moral behind the story. Ask them about foods that they don't like or have never tried!

1. Sam I Am's face consists of two white hands and 1 one foot onto one yellow sheet of paper. Paint both of your child's hands white and print them one on top of the other.
Sam I Am Dr. Seuss Hand Craft
2 hands to create his face

Paint your child's foot white and print it in between to create his chin. Allow to dry.

2.  While Sam I Am's face is drying, have your child illustrate the green eggs and ham using only green art materials onto a sheet of white paper. Cut around their drawing in the shape of a plate.
Illustrating by observation
Illustrating by observation

3. Have your child trace his hand onto white paper and have them cut out a strip of white paper and fold it into an accordion. Glue together the hand, plate and the accordion arm.

4. Back to Sam I Am's hat! Paint one of your child's feet red and stamp it upside down on top of the white hands. Again, allow this to dry.

5. Once all pieces are dry, either you (depending on the age of your child/students) or your child trace around and add details to Sam I Am's face. I demonstrated how to draw the body and facial features, as well as had the book within reach for them to look at.
Dr. Seuss Craft
Adding Details

6. Have your preschooler trace and cut out his hand and glue it to a 1" wide white strip of paper. Fold it accordian style and glue the plate of green eggs and ham to the hand. Glue next to the Sam I Am hand and footprint portrait.

Optional: Cut out and glue all pieces onto a green sheet of paper!


  1. This is so cute! And I love the fact that Dr. Seuss' b.day is coming up - how appropriate!

  2. Love it! Such a clever craft and a great way to bring the book to life.

  3. This is a very cute craft. I invite you to share it with my readers to help us celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. I hope you stop by to join the linky!


  4. Another great idea for handprint and footprints!! You have reminded me that I need to read this book to my daughter, and now we have fun activity to go along with it!

  5. Good idea! And in line with dr. Seuss' "no straight or colored in the lines" style. :)

  6. What a cute craft! I never would have paired handprints with Dr. Seuss, but you've done it beautifully!

  7. Super Creative Aimee! Anytime you make something w/handprints or footprints, feel free to share it on my FB page :)

  8. Super Cute!! You are one creative lady! That is a favorite book at our house too.


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