Mixed-Media Valentine's Day Cards and History

Mixed-Media Valentine's Day Cards and History

Oh, Valentine's Day. It's a day of love; a day of gift giving and receiving; and it's the day where my son vividly says "I ain't kissing no girl- no way!" It is also one of the biggest card-selling holidays of the entire year. How and when did the Valentine's Day card come into play? BTW- Who was this Saint Valentine?

One of my favorite lessons {when I was a teacher} was to teach my 4th grade computer class how to properly search the Internet via search engines such as Google and Yahoo and find valid information. (Because, well, the Internet is full of a lot of useless knowledge.) Anyhow, one unit plan on Internet research was dedicated to Catholic Saints {side note: I taught at a catholic school for years}.  I learned so many fascinating facts about Saints- one in particular was Saint Valentine.

Who is Saint Valentine? There are many beliefs as to who St. Valentine really is. The most popular belief says that he was a priest who served in Rome during a time when it was illegal for soldiers to marry under the reign of Claudius. He would then secretly perform wedding services uniting the two love birds in marriage. He was beaten, stoned and beheaded (not very pleasant- huh?) and died around the year 270.

The first Valentine's Day card was sent in the 1400's which then became popular during the 1700's. Mass production of Valentine's Day Cards started as early as the 1800's.

There are numerous ways in which to make a Valentine's Day Card. This year my children painted with acrylic paint using a brayer, and then applied tissue paper hearts with decoupage paste.

They then typed a message for their father on the computer and printed it onto a sheet of vellum paper. Mom trimmed all the paper down to size and punched a few holes into the top where they practiced tying bows to their special message on vellum to the front of the card.
Mixed-Media Hearts
My Daughter's Desin

They decorated the inside as well and wrote him a special message.

Interesting Web sites to check out (also where I got some of my info from):
History of Valentine's Day
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The History of The Valentine's Day Card

How did you make a Valentine's Day Card this year?


  1. That is really cool!! They did a good job. I've pinned it.


    1. Thank you so much- it is ever so appreciated friend!

  2. Yikes.. Bummer about Saint Valentine!
    Nice job on your kids Valentines for dad though!

  3. Yikes, I never thought of making cards for my husband from our kids. Better get hopping! Ours will not be as awesome as yours though. I don't even know what vellum paper is!

    I'm a new fb follower from ttt hop (via personal account). It would be great if you could stop by my page when you get the chance :) My Baby Sleep Guide



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