Kids Craft- "Bee" My Valentine Card

Kids Craft-
Kids Craft- "Bee" My Valentine Card
My children absolutely loved creating this Bee card. We incorporated marble paining, cutting, and writing to make the perfect "Bee" My Valentine Card Kids Craft! We used yellow paper to create the bee; however, you can use Valentine's Day colors such as red and pink to give your bee a love bug touch ;-)

Classified: Medium. There are a lot of steps. My preschooler (age 3.5) and my Kindergartener did this with ease. I even had my toddler (age 21 months) join in on the fun.

What you need:
  • Yellow (or red or pink), white, and black construction paper.
  • This FREE Bee template for you to use as a tracer or print directly onto the construction paper.
  • Translucent velum
  • Glue
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Box with lid and marbles
  • Black paint

What to do:
Prep: print this free bee template and have your kids cut out the bee shapes. Use your judgment; some shapes are harder than others. Cut the translucent velum into a large heart to make the bee's wings.

1. In a box with a lid, place the bee body and some marbles. Add black around the edges. Close the box and give it a shake, shake, shake! When finished, set aside to dry.
Marble Painting

2. Fold the bee body in to make the two smaller ends meet in the middle of the bee body. Have your child/students write a special message.My Kindergartner wrote "I Love You" while my 3.5 year old copied what I wrote. My 21 month old scribbled ;-)
Valentine's Day Card

3. To make the bee's eyes, I folded a sheet of white paper in half and drew a half of a heart. I then had my children cut it out and unfold it. We then talked about symmetry as they drew the bee's details in. Glue eyes onto head and draw on face.
From left to right: 21 month old, 5 year old, 3.5 year old Bee My Valentine's

4. Glue the head, legs, arms and stinger to the bee's body accordingly. Glue the wings (velum heart) to the back of the bee. We cut thin strips of black construction paper and wrapped it around a pencil to make the bee's antenna. 

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  1. I am unable to open up the template...it says it is no longer available at that location?!?!?


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