Google+ Weekend Hop- Week 6- NEW Rules

Hello and welcome to the 
Google+ Weekend Hop 
Google+ Weekend Hop
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Rules are simple- PLEASE READ:
1. Please take a moment to add the Google+ Widget to your blog. It only takes a moment. Need directions how? Read Adding the Google+ Badge to your Blog.
2. Add the 2 Hostesses on Google+. We will gladly add you back!
3. Link up your Blog and NOT directly to your Google+ Page. Okay- so after a few weeks and getting feedback about how Google+ works for other bloggers, it seems as though following another via a business Google+ page directly from another ones blog is not as easy as a personal one (example- when you try to add someone to your circles from your business page it defaults to your personal page- hence it makes it harder for someone to add you back correctly). Also- I have noticed that about half of the blogs that link up DO NOT use a business page and the other half do. If you use a personal Google+ Page for your blog, please make sure that others can add you to their circles. I have been to some that require them to add you first. That is very frustrating in a hop like this especially if you do not follow others first!

So what does this mean? For now we will have to switch it and link up your Google+ Page.
I have sent Google countless emails about this- hopefully it will become easier!

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this!

4. Leave a comment and follow back!

That's it! Check back every Friday and enjoy meeting new bloggers all weekend long.

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