Animal Alphabet Art- E is for Elephant

Animal Alphabet Art- E is for Elephant
Animal Alphabet Art- E is for Elephant by a 3 year old

Make an Elephant Kids Craft out of the letter E, water color paints and a dash of salt for texture!

What you need:

What to do:
Please note: The E templates are easy enough for your older preschooler to cut out if necessary.

1. Have your preschooler paint all parts of the elephant with watercolors, adding salt as they go to give the elephant a rough texture. Allow to dry.
Painting with watercolors and salt

2. Once dry shake off any excess salt and have your preschooler cut out. Arrange accordingly and glue together.

3. Draw on the face with a marker and use yarn to glue on a tail.

E is for Elephant Kids Craft
E is for Elephant Kids Craft created by 21 month old

I'd like to think that I was a pioneer of the elephant craft. I found E to be a very difficult letter (I know- it's crazy that I thought Q and U were easier!) After we created this craft I Googled it and wanted to share with you other versions of E is for Elephant crafts:

No Time for Flashcards
Meet the Dubiens


  1. We are planning to do this craft today! Love how yours turned out. The tail made out of yarn is a nice touch!

  2. so excited to have found you on pinterest and through the blog entourage crazed fan weekend blog hop. Your "stuff" looks perfect for my 5, 4, 1 year old!

    I blog at www.gigglesandgrimaces.com


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